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Angelica Thrive Frontiers Records

Track Listing
Breaking My Heart
I Am Strong
To Your Rescue
Can't Stop Love
Nothing Else You Can Break
Riding Out The Storm
Rain On My Parade
Losers In Paradise
You Will Never Win
This Kiss Is Just For You
I'm Not Waiting
Take Me To Your Heart

Album Details
Produced By: Daniel Flores
Running Time:
Release Date: November 29
Released: EU
Genre: Melodic Rock
LabelLink: Frontiers
Artist Bio
An exciting new AOR music star is born: Swedish singer Angelica Rylin (The Murder of My Sweet) has decided to pursue her childhood dream and recorded an all Melodic Rock album affair!

His Murder of My Sweet bandmate and partner in crime, Daniel Flores assisted her on the production for a superb final result. "I always wanted to record an album like this" says Angelica, "my childhood heroes were Robin Beck, Ann Wilson of Heart, Leigh Matty of Romeo's Daughter".

Some Melodic Rock songwriting luminaries worked hard to create the magic harmonies and music that will be displayed on Angelica's debut album. "Harry Hess, Daniel Flores, Robert Sall, Alessandro Del Vecchio and Anders Wigelius all contributed" continues Angelica and some excellent guitarists such as Jesper Stromblad (In Flames), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear), Per Berquist (Smash Into Pieces) also appear on the album. There is also a very special performance by keyboardist Matt Guillory (James LaBrie). Still Angelica wrote or co-wrote several songs on her record showing another side of her artistic abilities.

"This being my first solo record I now have the chance to show you another side of me. This is the next chapter, I hope you'll follow!" concludes Angelica.


Lead vocals: Angelica Rylin
Guitars: Per Bergquist
Drums and Keyboards: Daniel Flores
Bass: Johan Niemann
Soloists: Matt Guillory (12), Jesper Stromblad (2), Magnus Karlsson (1), Mats Lindfors (4, 5) Per Bergquist (3)
Backing Vocals: Anders Wigelius, Angelica Rylin, Daniel Flores

Produced and mixed by Daniel Flores