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Jeerk Famous Indie

Track Listing
· You Wait To Live Another Day
· Famous
· Emergency
· Beautiful Tonight
· Get Out Or Get It On
· Wasn't My Goodbye
· Go Out In Style
· On My Own
· You Learn

Album Details
· Produced By: Nikke Karlsson
· Running Time:
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: Indie/Online
· Genre: Melodic Rock
· LabelLink:
Artist Bio

JEERK is a unique concept integrating ROCK music, VISUAL effects, TAP dance and RHYTHM.

Famous is JEERK's first full-length rock album and demonstrates the group's versatility and impressive vocal ability. Reminiscent of the clean and original sound of classic rock, JEERK brings a new and authentic quality to the music scene. Based on the raw live music tradition in which they were raised, JEERK's sound is timeless.
Famous was recorded and produced by Nikke Karlsson during the winter of 2011-2012 in JEERK's studio in Gothenburg. The songs were picked from ten years of JEERK material.
Famous is available on both iTunes and Spotify.

The CUTTING EDGE uniqueness of JEERK is best experienced LIVE. A concert with JEERK is VISUAL, INTENSE, UNEXPECTED and LOUD.


JEERK was formed 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a group of multi-instrumentalists/tap-dancers. Since then, JEERK has captivated audiences all over the world with their extraordinary talent. “The JEERK Show” has been performed in Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Romania, The Dominican Republic and the US.
The members of JEERK all have a versatile background as rock musicians, tap dancers, musical theater performers, music producers and graphic artists. Their vast experience ranges from playing in garage bands to directing musical theater. Moreover, they have composed, choreographed and produced shows for product launches at corporations like Volvo, SKF, Lindab and CLAAS.

Band Line Up:
Nikke Karlsson: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Bergstig: Bass, Piano, Accordion, Back Up Vocals
Mikael Johansson: Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass
Johan Regnell: Drums, Percussion
Kristian Lindin: Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass