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Kane Roberts Unsung Radio Unsung Records

Track Listing
CD: Phoenix Down

· Reckless
· Walking On Shadows (Remix)
· Love Gone Wrong
· Blind
· Rain
· Alive And Well
· Walk
· I Want It Again
· In Another Life
· Rebel Heart

CD2: Unsung Radio

· Commentary #1
· City Of Pain
· I Bleed For You
· Guitar Stroke #1
· Guns Of Paradise
· Commentary #2
· One Step To Heaven
· Blue Highway
· Commentary #3
· Wrong
· Rain (Demo)
· Guitar Stroke #2
· Self Control
· Commentary #4
· In Another Life (Demo)
· Commentary #5
· I'm Waiting For You
· Louise
· Commentary #6

Album Details
· Produced By: Kane Roberts, Jim Peterik, Mike Slamer
· Running Time:
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: Indie
· Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
· LabelLink: Firefest Official
· LabelLink: Firefest Shop
Artist Bio

Kane Robert's “Unsung Radio” is a powerful new double CD set that includes the original 1999 'Phoenix Down' album - a true Kane Roberts solo album that got little exposure because it was never properly released - plus a bonus CD of 11 unreleased recordings, including several Jim Peterik co-writes that sees Kane on the top of his melodic rock game! Other featured artists include Kip Winger, Mike Slamer and Paul Simmonz and the songs range from hard rockers to hearfelt ballads. There are also bonus comments and guitar by Kane scattered in between some of the songs making this release a true rarity.

Kane Roberts' first became widely known as an integral part of Alice Cooper's much heralded comeback in the late 1980's. Alice and Kane co-wrote and performed two critically acclaimed albums (Constrictor & Raise Your Fist and Yell) and (as musical director) Kane was one of the driving forces behind the legendary "The Nightmare Returns" tour as well as the heavier (and controversial) "Raise Your Fist" tour. Known for his radical image that included a muscled physique and flame throwing gun guitar it took many of us a second look to realize his guitar, writing and vocal skills were as massive as his body. (Kanes first MCA release (recorded around this time) has recently been re-mastered and re-issued on Yesterrock records).

After leaving Alice in 1990 he, along with Desmond Child, Dianne Warren and a host of supremely talented musicians, created one of the best melodic rock albums of the '80s / 90s entitled "Saints and Sinners" (Geffen Records). Stellar writing, soaring vocals combined with shredding yet melodic guitar were the prime elements of what turned out to be a collection of songs still thought to be some of the best of the genre. (Yesterrock has recently re-mastered and re-issued this iconic release and included 4 bonus tracks as well!)

While many had thought of him as a sidekick / hired gun to Alice Cooper during his 'Constrictor' and 'Raise Your Fist and Yell' era his stage personna was hard to ignore. When 'Saints & Sinners' debuted it's hard driving melodic sound not only took many by surprise and it truly established him as a solo artist to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately the winds of change were in the air and music styles and tastes changed leaving the “Saints” sound in its wake. Shortly thereafter Kane left the spotlight, not returning until 1999 with his Phoenix Down album entitled 'Under A Wild Sky'. Unfortunately it was barely distributed and never really saw the light of day. Kane then went back into hiding until recently and is rumored to be recording all new material as of this writing (2012).

Firefest Records has now re-released the Phoenix Down CD and added a bonus disc of 11 unreleased tracks. The collection of "NEW" tracks on the bonus CD covers a wide span of Kane's career. Some tunes pre-date Kane's work with Alice while others were recorded as recently as 2004. Kane also has added insightful commentary that explains some of the events surrounding the recordings. He also added some guitar improvs that should delight guitar junkies and players alike.

Phoenix Down, "Under A Wild Sky" is an eclectic mix of melodic rockers and includes one of the heaviest solo tracks ever recorded by Kane, "Reckless". Written by Kane, Mike Slamer and the late Jimmy Tavis it features hard driving vocals and guitar and is a great way to kick off an album that slowly is becoming a true cult favorite. Reckless was also heard on the soundtrack of Rockstar starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston.