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Kidd Blue Big Trouble FnA Records

Track Listing
Big Trouble
Crimes Of The Heart
Crystal Tears
Restless Eyes
Hold Me
Rocket Roulette
Midnight Train
Feel Your Touch
Fatal Attraction
All I Do
Come In From The Rain
No rest For The Wicked
Mama Don't
Bye Bye Baby

Album Details
Produced By: Kidd Blue
Running Time:
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Hard Rock
LabelLink: FnA Records

Artist Bio
Kidd Blue is:

Bobby Blue - Vocals
Steve Barton - All Guitars
Mark Dubin - Drums
Robert "Sox" Canchola - Bass Guitars

The resurrection of yet another great-unknown band that was lost in the transition from the 80ís to the 90ís.

Kidd Blue, a rising San Francisco Bay area band in the late 80ís that never quite made their mark, has just agreed to release 2 cdís of never before heard material. Kidd Blue is a band with many influences, giving their music the diversity to be compared to bands such as; Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, XYZ, Hurricane, Warrant, and Southgang. This is their first release, titled ďBig TroubleĒ.

Kidd Blue gives you strong melodies, catchy vocal hooks, and great guitar playing..This is a must get for Hard Rock fans around the world!!

The Expanded Edition of Big Trouble, only available from FnA Records, gives the fan an additional EPís worth of material (extra 6 songs) of never before released material.