LaValle is:

Carsten 'The Lizard' Schulz: Lead Vocals
Eddie LaValle: Guitars
Paul Logue: Bass
Ramy Ali: Drums

Produced by: Ty Sims
Co-Produced by: Paul Logue and Eddie LaValle
Executive Producer: John Kivel
Mixed and Mastered by: Ty Sims

Songs (1min preview downloads):

01. Fading Like the Sun
02. Scared to Love
03. Don't Cry
04. One Day At a Time
05. Cry of The Wolf
06. The Lucky Ones
07. Smoke and Mirrors
08. Break Your Heart
09. Rock Your World
10. Wait to Long

LaValle is Guitar Hero Arena driven Rock!
For fans that long for the days of George Lynch being pumped through a wall of Marshall Guitar Amps,
with a tidal wave of backing vocals that is lead by a singer that commands your attention.
LaValle will satisfy such a craving, as this is what they are all about.
Straight to the point, it doesn't get much better than this.

Lead Vocalist - Carsten Schultz (Evidence One),
Bassist - Paul Logue (Edens Curse),
Drummer - Ramy Ali (Evidence One),
along with new comer to the scene, Guitarist - Eddie LaValle.

This unit, delivers an old school sound with an updated PUNCH!

"Tooth and Nail" era Dokken, mixed with a guitar blend of Vito Bratta and George Lynch influenced guitar playing.
All of which, is piled on top of a mountain sized wall of HUGE choruses.
Wrapped up nice and tight with a updated production led by Producer Ty Sims (Tango Down, Farcry, Bombay Black) at the helm and a new song written by the Martin Brothers (Vega).
With the final visual aide being supplied by renowned graphic designer Thomas Ewerhard for delivering the captivating album art.
This band and album delivers in every aspect possible for a genre die hard and cd collector. A must have piece to anyone's collection.

This is an album that will satisfy fans of the genre of old, while gaining fans of new.
Don't just take our word for it though, hear IT for yourself!!
With the first single "FADING LIKE THE SUN" below...

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