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Myland Tales From The Inner Planet Indie / Retroscena srl

Track Listing
Wave Of Memories
In The Rising Sun
Feel The Fire
She's Gonna Run Away
Hold On
Rising Up Again
Heart And Soul
The Last Mile
The Warfare Is Over
Out Of The Shadows
Rock Me Shake Me
Bad Love Addiction
All For One
If You Could Say The Same

Album Details
Produced By: Paolo Morbini and MYLAND
Running Time: 67
Release Date: Out Now
Released: World
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Artist Bio

Paolo Morbini (ex EVA,EXILIA,BRUNOROCK'S drummer), after a long experience made into many Milan 's area rock bands performing original material and cover repertoire from most famous rock bands of the world. Early 90's Paolo have been working in Milan for most important Musical Academy in Italy and there met brothers Stefano (keyboard) and Marco Andreasi (guitar) who were also huge Aor/melodic rock fans just like Paolo was and still is. Guido Priori (vocal) and Adalberto Rizzoli (bass) both grew up into many Milan's rock bands , were also oldest Paolo's buddies and sometime they jammed into various rock venue performing most of all songs from Toto/Journey/Survivor's stuff.

Paolo, after many years of live playing (credited around at 3.500 dates today) decided to record first debut album under "MyLand" moniker asking the other members of the band to join his project. The album was wrote, arranged, mixed and produced by Paolo Morbini, himself and was recorded and mixed into some different steps, using 4 different recording studios one at the time.
The band decided to collect on MyLand 's album their most important melodic rock musical influences, trying to capture the sounds as much as live they can concentrating their efforts on melody lines , powerful chorus/ vocals and instrumental parts as well. In the light of the fact that "MyLand" is still remains a project, all the members have actually busy with other bands on the road actually, even though Paolo has already wrote some new original material for a second MyLand album next to come. On 2007 MyLand (Paolo Morbini drums, Guido Priori vocals,Stefano Andreasi Keys and Marco Andreasi guitar), replace Adalberto Rizzoli on bass by Claudio Corazza and add guitarist Marzio Ker on studio session.

On early 2007 the band signed a deal with millanaise indie label Valery Records and have recorded their second AOR's killer album called "No man's land" out on sale on Sept. 2007, worldwide distributed by Frontiers Records .The album was mixed by Marco Barusso at Massive Studios in Milan and mastered by Kee Marcello studio in Sweden.

The album features also some great special guests ex-Europe guitarist Kee Marcello, Swedish guitarist wizard Tommy Radiactive, Impera, Paul Stanley etc.), No man's land Album, is published in Japan by the prestigious label King Records, the album contains a bonus track, where as a special guest Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto), Myland In 2010 I will perform live in various Italian and European festivals, the new album "Light Of A New Day" produced by the prestigious Label Germany, Point Music, the album out in 2011.

Myland in 2013 they released their new album "Tales from the inner planet" already 'reviewed by rock magazine of the world as Masterpiece of the genre Melodic rock!

Line Up:

Paolo Morbini - Drums
Hox Martino - guitar
Davide Faccio - Keyboards
Fabian Andrechen - Bass
Ruben Sacco - Vocals