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N.O.W. Bohemian Kingdom Escape Music ESM

Track Listing
· I'm Alive
· I Feel Divine
· Don't Go Now
· Strong Enough
· Mary-Ann
· Tonight Is The Night
· Bohemian Kingdom
· Leon's Going Soft
· Cassie's Dream
· No One Can Feel It's Over

Album Details
· Produced By: Lars Chriss
· Running Time: 50
· Release Date: March 22
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Rock / AOR
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Escape Music
Artist Bio
At age six, Alec Mendonça stumbled across the Boston debut album along with some old Beatles records which changed his life forever. When he turned 14 he started playing more professionally and got a Luthier home made bass. At age 18 his grandmother bought him his first fender Jazz Bass special, even recording an album in 1996 that had some air play in Brazil but then it all came to a halt due to sickness in the family. After a hiatus of 14 years taking care of family business, Alec Mendonça was finally back to the world he loved, the music world.

N.O.W. was born then, and by joining forces with stellar Brazilian Keyboardist Jean Barros, all the basis of the songs were done in Studio 430. After 3 months Alec put down 12 songs! Alec had to travel to the studio so many times he lost count of that, sometimes spending the whole day away from home for months, but it was worth it. With the demo CD in hand, he only wanted the right vocals to do it and although Alec can sing, his voice is more of a background voice. Taking his chances, he decided to send the tapes to some people he knew through the internet and caught the attention of gifted vocalist Philip Bardowell (ex-Peter Criss, Ace Frehley from KISS, ex-Beach Boys, ex-Unruly Child) who loved the songs so much that he decided to sing the songs for Alec.

“Force of Nature” the debut in 2010 (ESM204) is indeed a force to be reckoned with and has so many twists and turns you will so easily get wrapped up in its universal appeal. The reviews were astounding with magazines praising how good the band sounded.

After 3 years in the making a new line-up was required for Alec to achieve his so sought after sound. So Alec found what seemed to be the main ingredient for his sophomore album; the guitar player Juno Moraes. Juno is all heart and melody and his licks are to die for. A new drummer was also required and this time Lars Chriss was called to mix and master the album. Lars gave the new album the punch and life it needed so bad to sound like a real winner. During the recordings of the second album Alec also lost a very close friend who was the close we can get to an Angel at the tender age of 17 due to Leukaemia, these are the times one wonders If there's a God.... and so the result was a much darker and moodier album. Alec also found the need to transmit all the rage and pain he went through after his friend's passing and wrote a song to exteriorize his feelings, this song is ''No One Can Feel It's Over''.... It also has to be said that The NOW sound has leanings towards Foreigner and Rainbow in places…no bad thing.

If you liked the first album for all the right reasons and Foreigner, Journey. We can guarantee a Magical Mystery Tour with this second instalment, full of surprises, hooks, choruses and loads of layers of guitars. NOW are back with a second album that will just set the pace again, this is a much stronger release than the debut and is bound to impress both fans old and new.

Philip Bardowell – Vocals
Alec Mendonça - Bass & Vocals
Jean Barros – Keyboards, Piano & Vocals
Juno Moraes – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars & Mandolin
Diogo Macedo – Drums

Backing Vocals: Mike Wallace, Matti Alfonzetti, Philip Bardowell, Alec Mendonça, Church Choir of Mission Viejo - California. Saxophone & Flute: Zé Canuto

Guest Musicians: Anders Loos on Bass and Lars Chriss on Drums
Produced and Mixed by: Lars Chriss Sweden
Vox Engineer: Mike Wallace at firepan Studios CA / Mastered by: Mike Lind