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Oliver Hartmann Out In The Cold +1 Avenue Of Allies/Sonic 11 Music

Track Listing
· Alive Again
· Out In The Cold
· Brazen
· The Same Again
· I Will Carry
· What If I
· How Long
· The Journey
· Who Do You Think That You Are
· Listen To Your Heart
· Can You Tell Me Where Love Has Gone
· Into The Light
· Rescue in my arms (Bonus track)

Album Details
· Produced By: Oliver Hartmann & Sascha Paeth
· Running Time:
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released:
· Genre: Melodic Rock
· LabelLink:
· ArtistLink:
Artist Bio
All songs written by Oliver Hartmann

Produced & mixed by Oliver Hartmann & Sascha Paeth
Co-produced & mixed by Philip Colodetti

HARTMANN (2005) were :
Oliver Hartmann – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Armin Donderer - Bass
Bodo Schopf – Drums

Additional Musicians :
Jürgen Wüst – additional organs and keys
Ina Morgan – additional choirs
Miro Rodenberg – additional string-arrangements

Artist bio:

The history of HARTMANN began in summer 2004 when Oliver Hartmann recorded his first solo album. During this time he was already known as a highly respected singer on the international music scene since the late 90's due to four successful records with the power metal band At Vance, his participation in top sellers as Tobias Sammet's Avantasia and many other well known productions in the hard rock and metal scene. Co-produced and mixed by top producer Sascha Paeth at Gate Studios/Germany the debut album 'Out in the cold' was released in spring 2005 and reviewed as 'Album of the month' in a wide range of rock magazines all over the world. It was also elected by as 'Song of the year' and 'Ballad of the year' with the songs 'What if I' and 'Into the light'. During the following months the band played their first single shows and festivals in Germany and luckily got the chance in summer 2006 to be touring over Europe for the first time as support for rock legend Toto.

In the following years HARTMANN have released four more successful albums: “Home” (2007), “Handmade” (2008 - also available on DVD), “3” (2009), “Balance” (2012) and the current best of compilation entitled “The Best Is Yet To Come” (2013). To support these releases, the band played numerous shows as headliner and as support or special guest for Toto, House Of Lords, Mother's Finest, Y&T, The Hooters & Uriah Heep amongst others.

Press quotes from the press for “Out In The Cold” (2005):

MelodicRock Australia / A. McNeice (2005): 95/100 ("What if I" Song of the year!) …I already expect it to feature strongly in many end of year Best Of lists. Essential!

Rock Hard/ Italia/Andrea Schwarz (04/05): 8,5/10 Hartmann mette a segno un colpo da maestro…assolutamente sorprendente! (Hartmann gelingt fast ein Meisterstück…absolut hervorragend!)

This is ROCK Spain/Xavier Rullo (05/05): ..un excelente cantante con ricos matices a descrubir…uno de los temas del ano…excelente! (exzellenter Sänger mit reichhaltigen Nuancen zum Entdecken…eines der Themen des Jahres…hervorragend!)

Rock Hard France/Jee Jacquet (05/05): 8,5/10 (soundcheck #7) Mon album du mois…admiratifs, nous le sommes, sans doute aucun..un oeuvre remarquable! (Mein Album des Monats…wir bewundern es ohne einen Zweifel...ein bemerkenswertes Werk)

Metal Impact France (04/05): 10/10 La perfection n'est pas de ce monde? Pas sur... (Perfektion ist nicht von dieser Welt? Doch…)

Rock Hard Germany/ Daniel Böhm (06/05) …Songs wie das überragende "What if I", "The journey" oder das Skunk Anansie- Cover " Brassen…sollten von AORlern unbedingt angetestet werden...

Rock It! (05/05) 8,5/10 (album of the month/ soundcheck winner) …jedes der 12 Stücke ist ein absoluter Ohrwurm…so und nicht anders sollen Rockalben klingen.

Sleaze Metal Germany/ Jörg Litges(04/05): 9/10 OITC ist eine der großen Überraschungen des Jahres geworden, ich bin platt.

Powermetal Germany/ Alex Straka (04/05): …ein Sänger, der in sämtlichen Combos dieses Erdballs die Kohlen aus dem Feuer holen kann...

Rocktimes (04/05): o. W. Der Silberling hat mich der letzten Woche immer im Auto begleitet und so kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung berichten, dass jeder(!) Song ein Ohrwurm ist. OITC groovt, rockt, fetzt und bleibt haften. Mehr davon!

Rockreport Belgium/ CL (06/05): 6,5/7 …this is an album that will be mentioned many times when we'll organize our yearly poll at the end of the year...

Fireworks UK / Phil Ashcroft: (06/05): OITC is a startlingly good slice of honest melodic rock and all the better by faultless collection of songs and a killer production. A revelation!

BW&BK USA, Chris Tighe, (2005): 8,5/10 If radio programmers had just half a brain these first three tracks would be all over the airwaves!
This is what popular AOR should be…slow burners and ballads put together in a bright mix that sparkles with energy and maturity…Inspired and special are to adjectives that come to my mind here.

Hammerworld Hungary, Laszlo Cseilotei (05/05): 10/10 A masterpiece!

Rock United, Scandinavia/ Kimmo Toivonen (2005) 8/10 Hartmann takes a big leap into the elite of European rock singers with this one!