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Stala & So. Play Another Round Escape Music ESM251

Track Listing
· Rock Until I'm Done
· Tokyo Delights
· The Boys And Having Fun
· Never Again
· Back Together
· Alrite Tonite
· Life Goes On
· All Alone
· All She Wrote
· For Your Love
· Rockstar
· Pamela (Bonus Track)
· Shot In The Dark (Bonus Track)

Album Details
· Produced By: Unlisted
· Running Time:
· Release Date: April 12
· Released: EU
· Genre: Hard Rock
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Escape Music
Artist Bio
Founded in 1997, Stala & So. is known for melodic rock tunes and a positive attitude.

The band has had the freedom to follow their own direction with their music and live performances while entertaining audiences and gathering lots of fans from all over the world along the way. The 70's and 80's glam rock bands, such as Sweet, T-Rex and Ziggy Stardust -era David Bowie, have had a strong influence on the band's image. Stala & So. is making music professionally and also having fun with it. The late Finnish comedian, Spede Pasanen, said: "The main thing is to have FUN!". This has been, and continues to be, the guideline for the band as well.

In the beginning of 2011 the band became familiar to the Finnish tv-viewing people by taking part in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest. They made their way to the national finals. There is also one ESC 2006 winner in the band's line up. After the Eurovision show it was time for the Finnish release of their self-written, -recorded and -produced debut album "It Is So."

On October 24th the Japanese record company, King Records, released the It Is So. album in Japan and South-East Asia. The German-based music company, Music Buy Mail, released the album in Europe and South America on September. In the fall of 2011 the band recorded five new songs and those were released as an EP, titled "Gimme Five".

The band toured in Europe with Vain (US) throughout March 2012. This was Stala & So.'s first international tour and they played in countries like Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia.
The songwriting and the pre-production for the new album began immediately after the European tour. The American top-producer, Beau Hill, contacted the band and wanted to do some co-operation. Beau Hill has produced several multi-million selling album in the hard rock history, from the bands like Ratt, Europe, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and Warrant. As a result of this fruitful co-operation with Stala & So., Beau Hill mixed the first single, Rock Until I'm Done, from the album.

"Play Another Round" is the second outing for the band, and has some great melodies.

This is Stala & So. for your listening and viewing pleasure. Enjoy the ride!

Sampsa “Stala” Astela – Lead Vocals (Kita - ex Lordi, Finland)
Nick Gore – Bass, vocals (ex Lordi, Finland)
Sami J. – Lead Guitars, Vocals
Pete Vaughn – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Hank – Drums