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Paul Shortino's The Cutt Sacred Place MusicWorks MWE3553

Track Listing
Sacred Place
Up To The Mountain
I Believe
Feel The Rain
Speak Your Mind
Be There
Get Down (To Get Back Up)
Love Keep On Shinnin'
Change Your Heart
Feel The Music
I Believe (Video Version)

Album Details
Produced By: Paul Shortino &
JT Garrett
Running Time: 51.26
Release Date: Out Now
Released: US
Genre: Hard Rock

Album Details & Bio

Musicians Appearing on the CD:

Musician Contributions Previous Bands
Paul Shortino Vocals, Guitar Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, Badd Boyz, Rhythm Junkies
JT Garrett Keyboards Rhythm Junkies
John Homan Drums Magnitude 9
Howard Leese Guitar Heart, Paul Rogers Band, Howard's Brigade
Jimmy Crespo Guitar Aerosmith, Rod Stuart, Flame
Sean McNabb Bass Quiet Riot, Badd Boyz, Great White,
Carlos Cavazo Guitar Quiet Riot
Chuck Wright Bass House of Lords, Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper
Dave Whiston Guitar Rick Springfield, Krnuk
Jason Boyleston Bass Paul Rogers Band
Jeff Kathon Drums Paul Rogers Band
Brad Gillies Guitar Night Ranger
Earl Miles Bass The Rhythm Junkies

Brief History of the CD

Almost three years in the making, this CD is some of Paul's finest work to date. Originally scheduled to be released as a mini-ep entitled Rough Cutt 2000 – Sneak Preview both the band and CD were renamed in the fall of 2001. Paul's decision to change the name of the newly formed Rough Cutt to Paul Shortino's THE CUTT was based on Paul's belief that since he himself was the only true original member a change of identity was need. Thus begins the new era of THE CUTT. Paul and the host of talented musicians on this album give a 150% to generate some of the finest hard rock for the new millennium.

Song Credits
Sacred Place 6:18 (Shortino, Garrett, McNabb, Crespo, Homan)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo, Acoustic-Howard Leese, Bass-Sean McNabb, Drums- John Homan

Up To The Mountain 4:44 (Shortino, Garrett, Crespo)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo and Dave Whiston, Bass-Sean McNabb, Drums- John Homan

I Believe 3:51 (Shortino, Garrett)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo and Dave Whiston, Bass-Sean McNabb, Drums- John Homan

Feel the Rain 5:49 (Shortino, Garrett)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo, Bass-Sean McNabb, Drums- John Homan

Speak Your Mind 3:53 (Shortino, Garrett, Andy Blocher)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo, Bass-Chuck Wright, Drums- John Homan

Be There 4:15 (Shortino, Garrett, Crespo)
Guitars-Howard Leese, Bass-Jason Boyleston, Drums- John Homan

Get Down (to get back up) 4:53 (Shortino, Garrett, Crespo)
Guitars-Howard Leese and Lanny Cordola, Bass-Jason Boyleston, Drums- John Homan

Love keep on Shinin' 4:50 (Shortino, Garrett)
Guitars-Howard Leese, Bass-Chuck Wright-Drums-John Homan

Change Your Heart 3:37 (Shortino, Garrett, Thomas Walch)
Guitars-Carlos Cavazo, Howard Leese, Jimmy Crespo, Bass-Paul Shortino, Drums-John Homan

Feel the Music 4:48 (Shortino, Leese, Garrett)
Howie's Brigade (Howard Leese-guitars, Jason Boyleston-bass, Jeff Kathan-drums) *

Angel: 3:49 (Shortino, Garrett, Crespo)
Guitars-Brad Gillis, Jimmy Crespo, Bass-Sean McNabb, Drums-John Homan

Bonus Track (video version)
I Believe 3:36 (Shortino, Garrett)
Guitars-Jimmy Crespo, Bass-Earl Miles, Drums-Alex Davis

Paul Shortino