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Vindictiv Cage Of Infinity Escape Music ESM252

Track Listing
· The Chosen
· Cage of Infinity
· Down In a Black Hole
· Choices
· Astronaut
· Human Emergency
· Resistance
· Orphans
· Son Of Fate
· The Encounter
· Screaming For Answers

Album Details
· Produced By: Stefan Lindholm
· Running Time: 47
· Release Date: May 10
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Rock / AOR
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Escape Music
Artist Bio
Featuring members of Therion, Treat, Zan Clan and Last Autumn's Dream!


Every brilliant musician feels the need to push boundaries further: to progress and to find new challenges and outlets for his or her talents. Swedish guitarist Stefan Lindholm has now reached that defining moment in his career. As the founder and musical backbone of Vindictiv, he is responsible for some of the most exquisite examples of contemporary neoclassical metal.

However, the Gothenburgian constellation's newest effort "Cage of Infinity" marks a certain departure from the progressive leanings of their two previous albums, "Vindictiv" (2008 ESM164) and "Ground Zero" (2009 ESM190). This time round Vindictiv have challenged themselves to get their point across not through complexity, but through forthrightness. “I'm no longer the same person as I used to be” says Stefan “so now I am going for a simpler approach and it's more in your face”. Stefan also explains “Cage of Infinity definitely contains a lot of immediate hooks and choruses. At the same time, I think it just may be more metallic than previously. Possibly a tad Judas Priest-ish, but I'll leave that for the listener to decide!!!”.

It is indeed, albeit a new and exciting Vindictiv. Stefan's guitar playing is as stellar as ever and the core of the band is intact, featuring the exceptional talents of keyboard player Pontus Larsson and bassist Nalle Påhlsson (Therion, Treat, Zan Clan, Last Autumn's Dream). There are two new faces to the line-up: drummer Henrik Hedman is an excellent addition to the Vindictiv family tree, but the man with the biggest shoes to fill is undoubtedly the new lead singer Marco Sandron who has dared to accept the torch passed on by legendary journeyman Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, Glory,Kharma, Xsavior). Marco is the Italian ex-vocalist from multinational power metal sensations Eden's Curse and whose vocal skills have turned an apparent suicide mission into a raging triumph.

Marco's performances on "Cage of Infinity" are nothing short of spectacular, comparable even to the great Jørn Lande and marking the beginning of a new era. Vindictiv has turned over a new leaf, a more predominantly song-based one, without sacrificing any of their defining characteristics which include the usual blistering guitar solos and great vocal work.

So we have a new breed of “Vindictiv” and we are very sure that you will love the sound that has been created here. Certainly a band to watch for as they rise continuously upwards through the ranks of the rock music world…essential!

Also available: Vindictiv (ESM164) / Ground Zero (ESM190) / Cage Of Infinity (ESM252) line-up:
Marco Sandron: Vocals / Stefan Lindholm: Guitars / Pontus Larsson: Keys / Nalley Pahlsson: Bass / Henrik Hedman: Drums

Produced by: Stefan Lindholm
Mixed and Mastered by: Lars Chriss