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X-ROMANCE Release ‘Voices From The Past’ May 24 via AOR Heaven

Friday, May 24, 2019
X-ROMANCE was initially a project starting in 2015 as an offspring to the original band ROMANCE from 1988 founded by Anders "LA" Rönnblom & Thomas Widmark. In the fall of 2015, Anders was going through a box of old tapes and found the old ROMANCE recordings. He called up Thomas and because he thought that these tapes were too good to be put in a box and stored in a closet. In the following time, they went through all the tracks and re-recorded them. Widmark started to look for musicians in the Stockholm area. There were no problems to find guys who wanted be a part of this project; it was rather harder to find the right guys for the job.
X-ROMANCE consists of an experienced line-up with musicians with a lot of experience in the music industry who now have come together to deliver this fresh Melodic AOR masterpiece called “Voices From The Past”.
The album was recorded and mixed at REFLECTION SOUNDS STUDIO, Stockholm and engineered and produced by Tomas Rosenberg & Thomas Widmark. Mastered by Tomas Rosenberg, REFLECTION SOUNDS STUDIO, Stockholm
ANDREAS NOVAK - Vocals (House Of Shakira)
ANDERS LA RÖNNBLOM - Bass guitar (Killer Bee)
FREDRIK TJERNELD - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
MIKAEL DAHLIN - Lead & Rhythm Guitar (Killer Bee)
KENTA KARLBOM - Drums (Goatess)

Soundfiles in advance:

Motherlode Reload And Launch STONEFACE

In 1982 the Swedish hard rock band Motherlode was formed. Now, 2018 three of the original band members launch Stoneface.
Their debut album will be released on the 7th April. No prizes for guessing the name of the album. 
The year 1982 was the beginning of an important era of Swedish modern hard rock history. Hard rock act Motherlode was formed in 1982 by Peter Rundstroem, (bass) and Tom Nilsson, (guitars), together with lyricist Christer Hellstroem. Martin Hedberg, (drums) joined 1985, and the band was a part of the Swedish hard rock scene in various settings until the final break-up in 2014, with Sonny Larsson as well as Per Englund as the bands lead vocalists.
Motherlode released The Sanctuary 1987, with producer Kit Woolven and Magnum keyboardist Mark Stanway, and Tomorrow Never Comes in 2010.
When Motherlode finally was put to rest in 2014, Tom decided to form a new band with his old band members, Peter, Christer and Martin. This setup with a lineup that hadn´t played together since 1996 started to produce new songs in 2014, and started the search for a new vocalist, preparing for their first gig, planned to be set for 2017.
When the name Stoneface was decided, the band recorded four demo songs in 2015, and hired gun Stefan Nykvist was brought in to put vocals to four demo songs. After almost two years of songwriting and producing, the band has now found their permanent vocalist, Andreas Novak, (Mind´s Eye, House of Shakira), and their new album Stoneface, is about to be released in April 2018.
Stoneface music, which comes in style of the hard rock/metal trade, with bands like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Dream Theater, and Rush, and other contemporary bands during the late seventies, and early eighties. But, you can easily find more modern influences like Black Stone Cherry, and Black Label Society as well.
The brew is strong riffs, heavy drum grooves, and majestic basslines, with truly great harmonies and melodies, which leaves space and great opportunities for Mr. Novak to set the standard for the band to become a rock-solid diamond on the modern metal scene.
Stoneface debut album is due for release at their premier concert the 7th of April 2018 at The Frimis Salonger in Orebro.
Spring, summer and autumn 2018 you will be able to see Stoneface in action at a festival or rock club nearby, so keep them Heavy Metal Goggles open….
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