New BALTIMOORE Compilation Spans 27 Years Of Music

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
BALTIMOORE is the brainchild of artist/producer Bjorn Lodin and the band have made 12 albums to date in a musical career lasting over 25 years. '1.1' is an 18 track compilation CD featuring newly mixed and mastered recordings, making this compilation an exclusive release and a 'must have' for all fans of the band! Previously released songs by the band are up for the same treatment and will be released on limited edition CD's.
'1.2' is already in progress and is scheduled for release later this year. Stay tuned!
Preview, Mp3 and FLAC download
1. Full Speed Ahead
2. My Blue Moon
3. Sunshine In the Rain
4. In the Name Of Love
5. Wellaway
6. How Sick Is ok?
7. Day To Come
8. Kahlua Confusion
9. To the Bone
10. Say It Like It Is
11. Till the End Of Day
12. Little Bye
13. Back For More
14. Ballerina
15. My Number One
16. Cumgum
17. In Love
18. Memories Calling
Featured players: Bjorn Lodin, Thomas Larsson, Mats Attaque, Ian Haughland, Hempo Hildon, Stefan Bergstrom, Don Burnett, Per Wiberg, Weine Johansson, Mankan Sedenberg, Klas Anderhell, Orjan Fernkvist, Hans Ludwig.
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