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Brighton Rock - "End of Time" (New 2019 Single)

Canadian rockers Brighton Rock have released a new single 'End Of Time' mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill. It's the first original single released since their last album 'Love Machine' back in 1991.
You can see Brighton Rock live later this month on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. The single is available on iTunes & all other platforms.

BRIGHTON ROCK - "Gang Bang" (Archive Debut)

When Brighton Rock released their last album 'Love Machine' in 1991 the song 'Gang Bang' was banned by the record company due to lyrical content. The song has never been released. Now with the re-releases of all 3 BR records this song is included as a bonus track on the Love Machine record. Check out for more details.
'Gang Bang' was originally recorded in 1973 by Scottish group 'The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.' Check out Brighton Rock 'Gang Bang'.

Decibel Geek Podcast - ANGELS IN VEIN

Friday, November 21, 2014

Decibel Geek podcast/YouTube channel videographer Rockin' Ron Runyon recently sat down with the new Hard Rock band Angels In Vein in their home base of Las Vegas for the full band's first on-camera video interview. What transpired was a 30+ minute video conversation with each member on everything that any rock fan would want to know about this up and coming band of veteran rockers. The band, consisting of Guitarist Todd "Taz" Anthony (Cherry St., Producer), 2nd Guitarist Stacey Blades (L.A. Guns, Let It Rawk), Bassist Eric Stacy (Faster Pussycat, Jetboy), Drummer Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Gilby Clarke), and Vocalist Chris Van Dahl (L.A. Guns, Steven Tyler/Legends/Aeromyth), talked candidly about their history, the band name, the label they don't want, the difference/similarity in selling records today compared to the 70's, internet response, their future plans, and much more. A few excerpts follow:

On the internet's overwhelming response:

Chris said: "I think it's a testimony that the timing for this is right and people are hungry for a really great hard rock band."

On defining the songs they will be recording:
Stacey said: "I have not been this excited about an original project in years."
Chris said: "The songs are a good indication but, in no way defines the band. There will be a lot of surprises so, stow your expectations"

On the difference/similarity of selling your music today:

Chris said: "It's like we're back in the 70's building a following by touring and selling our record out of the back of a van but, the van now is the internet."

On being labeled in the press as a "Supergroup":

Eric said: "We're flattered that they say that but, that word never came from us. We're not Asia"
Chris said: "A Supergroup is Hollywood Vampires"
Eric said: "And that's a fly by night, done for cash thing."
Troy said: "Those groups are contrived. They are typically known for big shows and catalogs of the guys that are in the band. This is not a cover band."

On the name Angels In Vein:

Chris said: "Originally we were going to call the band "The Devil You Know" and I went after that. Then, literally the day I was going to launch the website, two guys one from Killswitch Engage and another big band released that they had formed a band called "The Devil You Know" and I said WHAT!"
Chris said: "I was doing some research and came across a passage that ended with angels and the next sentence was hyphen and then "in vain" and it stuck with me. Then I thought why don't we spin it and instead of vain we go with vein because what we do comes from inside us." 

On releasing more music:

Chris said: "We may just release a song a month for the next 50 years."
Eric said: "We're looking at releasing a song a month right now."

Link to Official Website Post

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Decibel Geek Podcast - GREG FRASER (Brighton Rock)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Podcast Episode #163 Now Available for Listening/Downloading
The Decibel Geek Podcast has released episode #163 - The BRIGHTON ROCK TAKEOVER. For the third Thanksgiving in a row the Decibel Geek Podcast has been hijacked by Canadians!  Decibel Geek Staff writers turned hosts, Wallygator Norton and Rich "The Meister" Dillon, are back once again and this time they've brought some friends, Greg Fraser (guitar) & Stevie Skreebs (bass) of Canadian band BRIGHTON ROCK/FRAZE GANG.  The Canucks spent the evening in Niagara Falls, Ontario, drinking beers, chatting about Brighton Rock and playing some tunes in the very room where the Brighton Rock songs and both Fraze Gang albums were conceived.

Included in the episode is discussion on "Creatures of the Night", the forthcoming Brighton Rock album, stories from past tours and much more.

Double Stop Podcast - TOBY WRIGHT (Producer)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Double Stop Podcast - This week producer Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Kiss, Brighton Rock).
He shares his rise in the music business from working in Maintenance, to Assistant Engineer to his first big break - Producing Brighton Rock's "Love Machine". He found massive success with "Jar of Flies" by Alice In Chains - and album written and recorded in the studio in 10 days. He also produced their self titled follow-up, as well as their Unplugged album - a cd with his crowning achievement when it came time to master. He also goes into detail on his discovery in sound healing, and recounts his nightly dream that led him to it.


Friday, July 4, 2014
This week the Double Stop Podcast interviews Michael Wagener. He tells them all about his early days as an original member of Accept, joining the army, early work as a producer with Dokken, Great White, Accept and Motley Crue, plus later work with Brighton Rock, Ozzy, White Lion, Extreme and Skid Row. He goes into detail about how he got George Lynch's guitar tone in Under Lock and Key, what happened to his original mixes of Ozzy's Ozzmosis album, and the recording of the kazoo solo for Saigon Kick.
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