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HAIR I GO AGAIN Doco Pre-order and Soundtrack Details

Hair I Go Again, a documentary about the determinations, triumphs and failures of a former hair band chasing their dreams, has announced an all-star lineup of 80's recording artists to be featured in the film's score.

Along with rock stalwarts Nova Rex, Tuff, Julliet and up-and-comers Kickin Valentina, the film's producers have partnered with Nashville based re-issue label FNA Records to include several songs as part of the movie's soundtrack. Featured FNA artists include Roxx Gang, Femme Fatale, Dirty Looks and Roxy Blue among many others. The soundtrack also introduces original tracks by neo-guitar hero Xander Demos and Denver rock/metal hybrid, Bullet In The Chamber.

The year was 1985. Thousands of miles away from the sonic debauchery of the Sunset Strip, two teenage friends shared aspirations of glam rock grandeur. Freshly permed and taking a page straight out of Hit Parader, a hungry, determined band was born. Fame and fortune, however, remained out of reach and the group unceremoniously imploded...probably over some chick.

Fast forward thirty years.

Facing a mid-life crossroads, Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure set out on an improbable journey in order to fulfill their dreams of achieving rock & roll stardom. With credit cards maxed out and the 401K cashed in, the pair risk everything in hopes of reclaiming the magic they had as a band over a quarter century ago.

It's a story about a lifelong friendship, insurmountable odds and dealing with the always present thought of 'what if'? It's a tale of rediscovery, determination, triumphs and failures.

Because first and last chances happen only once.

Featuring candid interviews with some of the most influential musicians and industry professionals in the business, including Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show), Jeff Keith and Frank Hannon (Tesla), Ron Keel (KEEL), Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe), Frank Bello and Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Les Warner (The Cult), as well as members of Kix, Stryper, Queensryche, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Motorhead, LA Guns and more.

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