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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
April 29th, 2014  - Framing Hanley will release its new album The Sum Of Who We Are today April 29th via Imagen Records. The band worked with multiple producers on the album to hone in and achieve a new bigger sound. The music is a perfect blend of aggressive, yet melodic alternative rock, infused with the driving hooks of pop. The Sum Of Who We Are was funded entirely by the band's loyal fanbase by donating money via a Kickstarter campaign. "First and foremost, our incredible fans are the reason it's even possible" states frontman Nixon. "They funded the entire thing on Kickstarter. That is still unbelievable to us. This record from start to finish is everything that we have in us."
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Framing Hanley is comprised of front man Nixon, guitarist Brandon Wootten, drummer Chris Vest, and guitarist Ryan Belcher.
The Sum Of Who We Are is the bands boldest artistic statement to date capturing the essence of innocence and hope, light and darkness, struggle and determination. 
"There was definitely a dark period during the 2 years we spent recording this" states Nixon. "That's not to say this album is some dark and brooding album.  There are definitely some light-hearted tunes on here as well; some that are fun. This album is the past 2 years of our lives and is every part of our beings…that's what the title means. This allbum really is the sum of who we are. The thing that I love most is, I think when the listener puts on those headphones, or puts the cd in the car, he or she is gonna listen and come to find out, hey, me and this guy have got some things in common!"
"The Sum Of Who We Are" track listing:
01 Criminal - 3:39
02 Twisted Halos - 3:29
03 Collide - 3:59
04 Crooked Smiles - 3:04
05 Simple Life - 2:58
06 Rollercoaster - 3:07
07 No Saving Me - 3:45
08 Unbreakable - 3:49
09 Science - 4:23
10 Streetlights and Silhouettes - 3:43
11 Crash & Burn - 3:10
12 Forever Till the End - 3:37
13 Castaway - 3:21
The band will be hitting the road this summer in support of the effort. Confirmed itinerary follows:
4-30-14 at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA (w/Devour The Day)
5-01-14 at Capone's in Johnson City, TN (w/Devour The Day)
5-02-14 at Hard Times in Fredericksburg, VA (headline)
5-03-14 at Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester, VA (headline)
5-05-14 at The Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC, NY (w/Devour The Day)
5-07-14 at Upstate Music Hall in Clifton Park, NY (w/Devour The Day)
5-08-14 at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY (w/Devour The Day)
5-09-14 at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY (w/Devour The Day)
5-11-14 at Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, MA (w/Devour The Day)
5-12-14 at Simon's 677 at Providence, RI (w/Devour The Day)
5-13-14 at Pearl St Pub in Northampton, MA (w/Devour The Day)
5-15-14 at Exhibition Hall in Watertown, NY (w/Devour The Day)
5-16-14 at Planet Rock in Battle Creek, MI (w/Devour The Day)
5-19-14 at Cheers Pub in South Bend, IN (w/Devour The Day)
5-20-14 at Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI (headline)
5-22-14 at Take 20 in Cherry Valley, IL (w/Devour The Day)
5-23-14 at Mojoes in Joliet, MO (headline)
5-24-14 at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI (headline)
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