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70s Rock
rebelHot is a 4 piece band absolutely soaked in rootsy 70's Rock influences. A mix of rock, blues, and funk you can't miss.
Their first album includes 10 original songs in the vein of CRY OF LOVE, FREE and JIMI HENDRIX.
Soak up the 70’s rock atmosphere, put on a pair of bell bottoms and your most comfortable shirt, and prepare to get your groove on and stomp your feet!
With a mix of rock, blues, and funk, get ready for the band that was missing with a unique sound, no overdubs, no frills…just riffs, good vibes and a raspy, warm voice to guide the way.
Coming from various rock scene main acts, this four piece band consists of talented musicians with years of live international experience. These guys will let you relive the feeling of the best years of rock music… in a new, modern way.
Husty - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Ze - Bass
Frank - Drums


Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Another day, another tragic loss for the music world. Free's bass player/songwriter ANDY FRASER has died at the age of just 62. 
In the years between, that song became the gift-that-keeps-on-giving (All Right Now), generating millions of dollars for its authors. It was a No. 1 hit in over 20 countries and was recognized by ASCAP in 1990 for over 1 million radio plays in the U.S. alone. By Oct. of 2006, it passed the 3 million mark in plays in the U.K.
In 2005, the musician put out an extremely personal solo album, “Naked and Finally Free.” He came out as a gay man in an interview I conducted with him for the national gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate that year.
In more recent years, politics became more important to Fraser. He wrote a song to support the election of Barack Obama and donated proceeds from various songs to progressive and humanitarian causes. He also mentored young artists, like the guitar prodigy Tobi Earnshaw, producing albums for him and playing in his band.
At the time of his death, Fraser had talked about going on tour with Frankie Miller, another classic singer in the ‘60s British blues-rock mold.
The musician is survived by two daughters, Hannah and Jasmine Fraser.
For fans, Fraser will be remembered as a key player in rock’s golden age, a star who could use any instrument to create melodies and rhythms you couldn’t get out of your head. 
And a nice read on the background of writing All Right Now
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