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One On One With Mitch Lafon - TED POLEY

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Ep. 220 of One On One With Mitch Lafon featuring singer Ted Poley & Frontiers Music executive Mario De Riso


Danger Danger vocalist and solo artist TED POLEY as well as Frontiers Music's Mario De Riso join Mitch for episode 220 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

In the episode's first interview Ted Poley discusses his fabulous new solo album Beyond The Fade, the ups and downs of Danger Danger, working on outside projects, the Cockroach album, touring and much more.

Quotes from the TED POLEY interview:

On the possibility of a new album from Danger Danger (time - 3.31): "Let's say two thirds of the band wants to record and one third of the decision making part of the band is on the other side of the fence. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but it's not Bruno and me."

The beginning of the end in the '90s and the album Screw It (time - 8.58): "It was about ten minutes to being over at that point - while we were recording Screw It. That was it. They flicked the switch and it was to the 'Off' position."

The Cockroach album (time - 12.23): "It's a great package because you can listen to my disc and use the other one as like a coaster so it doesn't leave rings on your furniture. I wish Paul all the best - he's got a new project with Bruno (The Defiants)."

For more about TED POLEY & Danger Danger visit:
TWITTER: @tedpoley & @D2TheBand
Spotify: &

In this episode's second interview Frontiers Music executive Mario De Riso discusses the label's 20th anniversary, the positives and negatives of running a music label, their ability to form Super groups, upcoming releases and much more.

The Interview starts at the 31.36 minute mark.

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Twitter: @FrontiersMusic1




On February 27, 1996, a then 30-year old guy from a city in Southern Italy, probably better known for pizza and mozzarella rather than rock n' roll music, finally managed to open his own business. As a major music fan, he had a dream. That dream was to work with his musical heroes and bring them to the attention of the masses. At the time, he had no knowledge of the record business. All he did was register the business and pay an invoice from a Swedish label called Westcoast Records to buy some CDs, which had just been released and that no one in Italy was interested in distributing. That business was called 'Frontiers', after the timeless 1983 Journey album, and the man was Serafino Perugino.

On February 27, 2016, Frontiers turns 20 years old! In all this time, a lot of things happened. Frontiers became a limited liability company in 1998 and released its first album commercially across Europe from the band TEN, 'Never Say Goodbye', in April of the same year. Also in 1998, Mario de Riso, a fellow passionate music fan, was hired by Serafino for his abilities in the market as a label manager and his expertise in legal affairs. Needless to say, the excellent results of Mario joining the team are evident 18 years later. Staying in the distribution business in Italy (until 2013), Serafino and Mario were joined by a team of passionate and motivated music fans over the years, including Lorenzo Pagliaro, Giulio Cataldo, Elio Bordi, Ezio Benetti, and Massarock, who made possible the quick rise of the label by becoming the name in Melodic Rock first and later on, a premiere name in Hard Rock and Metal as well.

Some of the remarkable Frontiers' 'milestones' reached during the past years include: TEN's album 'Spellbound' was the first to be certified on a national sales chart (#100 in Germany in 1999); The Poodles are the first (and so far the only) band who brought the label to top of the album charts (#1 in Sweden with their record 'Performocracy' in 2011). In 2010, Frontiers executed a strategic distribution agreement in North America with Caroline/EMI (who later became Caroline/Universal) and in March 2011, Frontiers debuted on the U.S. Billboard charts with the awesome Whitesnake album 'Forevermore'. In 2014, we launched the first Frontiers Rock Festival, a multi-day concert event featuring label artists exclusively, in Milan. This year will be the third edition and it has become one of the leading live events for Melodic and Hard Rock acts. In 20 years, we released more than 700 albums, with chart entries all over the world. We have strategically expanded our business and partnerships during the years to include people like Derek Shulman as Chairman of Frontiers NA and A&R consultant, Nick Tieder as North American Label Manager, and the very recent addition of another top US industry executive - who will be announced very soon - who will help direct the catalogue expansion and label presence all over the world.

It's therefore time to celebrate the first 20 Years and look to the future with new plans and activities. Everything that we will do will keep having the usual standard of world class entertainment offered to the fans by real music fans!

Also, as part of our 20th Anniversary, we wanted to get involved with a charity we support. NANA is an association born to pursue the intellectual and spiritual heritage of Francesca Martini, a person, who in the 14 years in which she lived, showed depths of purpose, originality and human qualities that left a distinctive and unique mark in the memory of all those who knew her. This association pursues the education and training of students with disabilities and disabled people in schools of all levels and the promotion of scientific research with particular focus on the prevention and treatment of cancer. For more information, please visit their Facebook page:

If you are feeling so inclined, we kindly ask you to make a donation to Nana Onlus, via their PayPal account: or by using the following bank coordinates:

IBAN IT95 F 05387 03211 00000 2414714
Swift Code: BPMOIT22XXX

FRONTIERS RECORDS Airs Frustrations Over Internet Leaks

EVERY single person in the music business is sick to absolute death of internet leaks and pirate blog sites offering free downloads of recently released titles from all artists. Even worse is that the owners of these blog sites are actively trying to one up each other by doing their best to be the first to feature new titles, including ones NOT EVEN RELEASED YET.
But how to they get hold of releases ahead of time? Sadly, some in the position to receive advance material are clearly enormous mega-pricks and don't give a rats ass about the artists or labels they are supposed to be promoting - and are leaking this material.
FRONTIERS RECORDS have now aired their concerns and announced changes to their advance promo policy for journalists.
Here's their statement:
I think very little in 2016 is more disappointing for a record label than seeing an album leak before it's official release date.
Let's admit it....nowadays the marketing strategies employed by most labels allows fans to download and stream a substantial amount of music prior to the release of a new album. Fans get multiple tracks when they pre-order an album digitally or can even go stream them on a service like Spotify or YouTube, without paying any money. So, truly, it is difficult to understand, even from a fan's perspective (and I am a music fan first and foremost), why there is such a need to try and find and download music illegally on piracy sites and blogs which has not yet been officially released.
Moreover, you need to keep in mind that these "pirates" are actually making money off of other's backs here. While you download for free, probably thinking you are smart because you are saving your own money, you are doing two harmful things. First: you are taking away the compensation due to the artist and the record label who have spent significant time and financial efforts to make that music available for you (but, probably you could care less about that). Second: you allow the very people that put the music out for free to make themselves REAL money by selling advertisements on their sites and blogs. Some of these "pirates" are so persistent with their uploading of illegal materials, that you have to assume that this must be their full time job, especially considering the amount of time that it is needed to rip and re-upload full albums on the web, when their own sites/blogs get shut down by the providers after takedown notices. And all this goes on when there are popular, easy to use, LEGAL streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, etc. available that give everyone the easy convenience to stream music while paying very little or even nothing at all for the privilege.
I really would love if everyone could understand and agree that the promotional needs of a label are such that we can no longer constantly face the risk of having an album leaked prior to the release. Considering that systems such as watermarked MP3 downloads and watermarked CDs do not prevent these leaks from happening all the time, it is no surprise to see that many labels decide to postpone releasing priority releases to journalists until the day of the release. We will now be one of those labels as we feel we must take a serious and strong stand against these leaks. Further, we will not be allowing any more promotional downloads of our albums, regardless if it is watermarked or not. It is just not right, nor respectful to everyone's valuable time, hard work and efforts to keep going like this, so we have to ask for everyone's respect, cooperation and understanding here. Unfortunately, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch and now this is what happens.
It is 2016 and journalists - who use their "ink" all the time to push for progress and technology - surely can understand that the world is moving forward and abuses of technology to work against the creative process are something we can't facilitate.
Pardon the rant and keep on enjoying the music - BOYCOTT pirate sites and blogs!
Mario de Riso
Head of Label Management / Legal Affairs
Frontiers Records 

New Issue Of MelodicRockFanzine Released by FRONTIERS

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Frontiers Music srl
is proud to present the new issue of MELODIC ROCK FANZINE. The 71
st release of the label's successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Music srl releases.
This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Vanden Plas, Harem Scarem, Find Me, Saffire, Millennial Reign, Blood Red Saints, Wacken Eyes, Major Instinct, HungryHeart, Enforcer, Khymera, Billy Sherwood, Manimal,  Magnus Karlsson's Freefall and more!

Electronic readable version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers Music srl official site and here.

TOTO - Italian Launch Party For XIV Album

Thursday, February 12, 2015

GGM Studios, Official ToTo Italian Fanclub, is proud to announce the organization of an unprecedented event! With the release of the new album "ToTo XIV" will be held 2 release parties in Italy with the a preview listening of the new songs for all the ToTo fans and other surprises to be discovered!! The 2 events not to be missed are the following:
March 13th, Naples, at the "Hades Live Music" 10.00 pm
During the evening we will be entertained by the great music of ToTo played by the "Absolute ToTo" band.
March 14th, Pavia, at the "FuoriOnda" in Cura di Carpignano, 10.30 pm
Guest of the evening with the great music of ToTo is the band "Mindfields" with special guest  "HeLLeR Gratitude" , "Terry Power Music band" and "Marco Ferrari Project".
The ToTo XIV Release Party represent a wonderful opportunity to gather all ToTo fans and make them absolute protagonists of the evening. For those who participate at the event, will be distributed ToTo gadgets and other cool gifts !!!
What are you waiting for !! Take note of this event right away..... we will be there waiting for you with the new album "ToTo XIV"


Friday, April 10, 2015
Frontiers Records is excited and proud to announce the SECOND EDITION of the FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL - a two-days event which will take place again at the Live Club in Trezzo sull'Adda (Milan), Italy on April 11 and 12, 2015.
Following the huge success of the first edition (May 2014), we're happy to confirm that the Festival will have a follow-up. The complete bill is still under construction (we're almost there, anyway!), yet we're sure that we'll be able to build a very strong Festival, bringing you the best of Hard-Rock and Melodic Rock around!  All international acts, 14 bands coming from all over the world that will make many Melodic Rock / Hard Rock fans' wet dreams come true... The complete Festival line-up will be announced in a very few days. So, stay tuned!
Tickets are on sale NOW! You can order them following this link:
To start in the best way the second edition, FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL will feature a definitely nice “appetizer”, on the evening of Friday, April 10: a special pre-Festival party, with EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SHOW performed by some of the artists that will play at the Festival!
V.I.P. packs will include access to this exclusive party with the chance to assist to this unique event and to meet the artists performing there.
The party will be held at the same Hotel where VIP-packs owners and most of the bands will be booked in. And there will NOT be tickets available for this show. So, won't you dare to miss this extra special party?
A LIMITED AMOUNT of 100 special V.I.P-pack are available, offering all of the following:
◦ 2-days ticket (April 11 + 12);
◦ EXCLUSIVE access to the party with acoustic shows on the night of April 10;
◦ VIP PASS with reserved access to the “VIP area”, which will be off limits to everyone, except VIP and AA pass holders. The VIP area is designed to get you up very close to the action, and it's located on the upstair spacious balcony, just opposite-side of the main stage, including also a wide “island” very close to the stage. It does not entitle you to a personal “meet and greet” with the bands (which, anyway, will be visiting that area during the Festival), but it will give you the comfort of a nice and exclusive space to watch the action on stage.
◦ hotel accommodation for three nights (April 10 + 11 + 12) - including breakfast - at the official Festival Hotel (4 stars), where most of the bands will be booked in.
◦ exclusive shuttle-bus service from the Hotel to “Live Club” and back, after the show;
◦ exclusive gift-pack containing various Frontiers Records CD, exclusive Festival T-SHIRT, official Festival program and some more surprises;
◦ 2 free meals-tickets to be used at the exclusive restaurant inside the venue (upstair, just opposite-side of the main stage), which will be off limits to everyone except VIP and AA pass holders
◦ 4 free drink-tickets to be used at the bar inside the venue
VIP TICKET PACK (single room): 599 Euro / person
VIP TICKET PACK (double room): 549,00 Euro / person - If you want to share the room with your girlfriend or a friend, you can save Euro 50,00, and get exactly the same offer as per the single room-pack
VIP TICKET PACK (no accommodation): 399,00 Euro / person - If you'd prefer to sleep in your own bed, you can anyway buy a VIP pack, including the access to the VIP-area at the Festival, with no hotel-accomodation and no party/acoustic show (on April 10)

FRONTIERS RECORDS Signs New Deals With...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Frontiers Records announce the following two new signings:
- Praying Mantis (Praying Mantis UK Rock - Metal) are currently in the studio working on material for a new album that we will release sometime in 2015! 
The NWOBHM legends will also be reissuing "Predator in Disguise", "A Cry for the New World", "To the Power of Ten", "Forever in Time", "Nowhere to Hide" and "The Journey Goes On" through us (available DIGITALLY ONLY) through us next year.
- Frontiers are pleased to announce that they have signed former Angel singer Frank Dimino for a solo album! 
The production is starting this month in Las Vegas and musically the record is shaping up to sound like Angel meets classic Hard Rock from the 70’s and 80’s.
- Harem Scarem's first studio album in a long while Thirteen is also released via Frontiers early December.
You can also hear the track 10x Bigger Than Love from Vega (featuring Def Leppard's Joe Elliott) here:



WORK OF ART Debut Video 'Can't Let Go' From Album 'Framework'

Thursday, September 11, 2014
WORK OF ART’s third album is finally ready!
« Framework » to be released in September on Frontiers
Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the long awaited third album from Swedish melodic rockers WORK OF ART entitled “Framework” on September 19th in Europe and September 22nd in North America.
Here is the exclusive premiere of the new song "Can't Let Go" -
“Framework” comes 3 years after the release of “In Progress”, an album that solidified WORK OF ART’s reputation as one of the most talented newcomers in the Melodic Rock genre. Drawing comparisons from such bands as Toto, Giant and JourneyWORK OF ART literally came from nowhere when in 2008 their debut album “Artwork” hit the streets and catapulted them into the stardom of the genre!
“After our last record was released, we started to play live for the first time” says main composer and guitar player Robert Säll. ”It really brought us together in a whole new way and kind of revitalized the band. From there, the decision to make a new album was more or less a no brainer. So really, the inspiration for this new album came from playing live and from meeting all the wonderful fans!”
The new album was written and recorded in a time frame of about one year and a half and is the logical next step after “In Progress”. “Framework” musically encompasses all that WORK OF ART managed to create until now, offering another bunch of unforgettable songs with soaring melodies (courtesy of the golden throat of singer Lars Säfsund) and amazing instrumental prowess (offered by Robert Säll and drummer Herman Furin). Overall this is certainly WORK OF ART’s most up-tempo and straight ahead album so far, but – as it should be – some unbelievable softer moments are there as well!
“I think it safe to say that, style wise, this album continues in the footsteps of our previous two albums. We tried to stretch our sound a little though, some heavier songs and some softer songs” continues Robert.
By popular demand WORK OF ART debuted live in Madrid, Spain in January 2012. When asked if WORK OF ART will be following up the new release with a proper tour, Robert Säll answers: “We will certainly try to gig as much as possible. We're already in discussion with several different promoters and then of course, we'll be playing at Melodicrock Fest in Chicago in October!”
A trailer of the album can be enjoyed via this link:
Framework” includes the following tracks: Time To Let Go ; How Will I Know?; Can’t Let Go ; How Do You Sleep At Night?; Over The Line ; The Machine ; Hold On To Love ; Natalie;  The Turning Point ; My Waking Dream.
Lars Säfsund – vocals
Robert Säll – guitars, keyboards
Herman Furin – drums

MR. BIG - The Stories We Could Tell (Pre-View)

Friday, September 19, 2014
UPDATED: 4 or 5 listens in now and the album continues to grow and the tempo lifts as the melodies come to life. Some really good songs on here as usual.
Mr. Big, are back with their new album "The Stories We Could Tell". The band's eighth studio album is slated for release on September 19th in Europe and September 23rd in North America via Frontiers Music Srl. 
Eric Martin says of the new Mr. Big: "This is the album that we threatened to make decades ago. A classic, grooving, blues-rock record with the spirit and spark of our rock and soul idols from the 70s..."
I gave Mr. Big's "What If..." 100%, so there's a lot of expectation here.
It always awesome to hear these guys play. The collective talent is unbelievable and Eric Martin has been a favourite of mine since the mid-80s.
This is a different sounding record from the outset. It’s big, loud, live and very retro 70s in places and very bluesy also. It will take a little time to get used to it.
Not an instant record by any means, but it rocks. Makes delivering a first impression harder to do accurately.
But after two full listens through at ear piercing volume – here’s my thoughts:
Track 1: Gotta Love The Ride - Bombastic intro, bluesy edge for sure. It’s a mid-up tempo rocker.
Different sound for the band here. Production definitely different than “What If”. Groove based rocker, nice guitar solo. Restrained chorus that gets better each listen. A cool track!
Track 2: I Forget To Breathe - Another up-tempo blues based rocker with a big groove. Billy's bass not nearly as prominent in mix as last album. Another pretty simple chorus....but it rocks and I like it. I'm hearing some "Get Over It" here. Great guitar solo.
Track 3: Fragile Thought it might have been a ballad at first, but bluesy 70s guitar kicks in and the tempo lifts. I like it a lot. A real Mr. Big sounding track. Fragile has the same type of vibe as "Undertow". A more familiar Mr. Big style bridge-to-chorus melody and a nice melodic vocal here. Best track of the first 3. A commercial single feel.
Track 4: Satisfied - Back to the 70s blues rock again. I'm a 80s guy, so not sure about this. Another pretty straight forward uptempo bluesy rocker. Satisfied has a one line, very melodic vocal bridge that hints at a big chorus, but it doesn't arrive. More straight forward groove based.
Track 5: The Man Who Has Everything - Its ballad time. This is a familiar MB acoustic driven ballad. Still carrying that 70s feel though. Big soulful vocal by Eric Martin - another possible single here I'd expect. Some orchestral backing also.
A big Billy bass flurry kicks off Track 6: The Monster In Me. Still got that bluesy 70s sound going. Mid-tempo, but heavy...Big guitar and bass tracks. Very different sounding record this so far. Unlike any Mr. Big album prior. Raw, live feel and very groove driven.
Track 7: What If I Were New - now the band is sounding like The Stones. Mmmm... Different approach with choruses this album too. Big harmonies here and a nice feel good chorus. Perfect Mr. Big style. Interesting chorus. Wouldn't call it catchy, but it's original and the choppy Paul Gilbert guitar work is cool. Big attitude.
Track 8: East/West - acoustic intro and first 30 seconds before band comes to life. Acoustic base, but electric also. A feel good song this and an early favourite.
Track 9: The Light Of Day - big groove, big guitars and bass, fast moving vocal, Eric in fine voice as ever.
Track 10: Just Let Your Heart Decide - ballad time again. Deep sultry vocal from Eric. VERY good chorus. Just like "What If", the second big ballad on the album is the better one. No Mr. Big fan is going to dislike this one.
Track 11: It's Always About That Girl - this is another mi-tempo 70s groover. Not as into this as earlier tracks.
Track 12: Cinderella Smile - Another slow/mid-tempo groove based track. Sorry, think I'm going to have to say I'm not into this one. Simple chorus, stop/start slow groove. Not my fav style. A bit of a jammer.
Last track! Track 13: The Stories We Could Tell - yep, another slow-mid-tempo 70s groover.
Interesting track, but not the most instant or catchy tune out there and similar to a couple of others on the album.
Good chorus, some nice bass fills from Billy and more classy playing from Paul.
It's a big, groovy, rocking album, but not the chorus heavy style of Mr. Big's most commercial tracks.
13 tracks, 2 ballads, a couple of traditional melodic “Mr. Big style” tunes and a whole stack of bluesy rockers with a retro vibe.
Not an instant album, but I’ve hit play straight away and are already through my second listen. Some more aspects definitely jumped out second time around.
The guy’s rock and the performances are there. Big love to the as yet unmentioned Pat Torpey who thumps away with his usual authority.
Be prepared for a different sound and a more retro groove based style.
I think this sounds like another great Mr. Big album, but it's going to have to appeal to people's individual tastes a little more than past albums.
The Japanese Special Edition release (cover pictured above) features a second audio disc and a DVD "making of".
The audio CD contains 10 tracks re-recorded by the band for this occasion.
Those tracks are:
01. To Be With You
02. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (Electric Drill Song)
03. Green Tinted Sixties Mind
04. Take Cover
05. Just Take My Heart
06. Colorado Bulldog
07. Addicted To That Rush
08. The Whole World's Gonna Know
09. Rock & Roll Over
10. Out Of The Underground

BLADES, CASTRONOVO & ALDRICH Form New Supergroup Project

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Just what is Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad English, Hardline), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades) and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio, Burning Rain) doing pictured together?
More than just striking a pose – the trio is in the studio right now recording an album under a new band name with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio at the helm!
Thanks for this project can go to Frontiers Records CEO Serafino, who is passionately describing this as “his baby!”
There is a band name (that will be announced soon) and the album will be released in 2015.
Deen Catronovo will handle lead vocals, drums; Jack Blades bass and vocals and Doug Aldrich all guitars.
Frontiers posted one picture this week on Facebook (seen at top), but below that are a couple of exclusive extras – the first from Jack and the second from Alessandro.
Stay tuned!

Swedish Melodic Rockers DALTON Return With “Pit Stop”

Friday, October 17, 2014
25 years later… Swedish Melodic Rockers DALTON return with “Pit Stop”! Out on Frontiers in October.
Swedish Melodic Rockers DALTON return after a 25 years break with their brand new album “Pit Stop” coming out on Frontiers Music Srl on October 17th in Europe and October 21st in North America.
Together with Europe and Treat, for a few years in the late 80’s, DALTON was a force to be reckoned with in Sweden. They enjoyed successful touring, teen media coverage, TV appearances and a string of radio hits. Even world stars such as Bon Jovi and Michael Bolton provided original songs to their two albums.
The band, formed by ex-Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg and named after his nickname, went all in with the current trends in melodic hair metal. Their image was cutting edge with designer outfits and enough hair spray every night to challenge the average user’s yearly consumption. The band was killed by grunge in the early 90´s, a destiny shared by many bands of the 80´s.
I left the band because I wanted a harder edge while the rest of the guys wanted to go softer”, Mats explains. He formed the short lived band Speedy Gonzales with guitarist Tommy Denander and Therion-singer Thomas Vikström, but the project folded before it took off. The rest of the Dalton members continued with a replacement drummer, but shortly called it a day. Dalton was left behind in the pit stop, dried out of gas.
25 years after their debut album “The Race Is On”, the original members came back with a vengeance and a reunion filmed for TV. “That’s how it started”, Mats explains. “A producer called me and asked if we would reunite and if they could film it for a documentary. I thought it was a joke”. “So did I”, Bosse laughs, “but it was true - and from the first rehearsal it was like time had stood still. It was so much fun!”
Old hits were polished to shine and the success at premiere gig when opening for THE SCORPIONS in Sweden in December 2012 was a fact. “That night back in December ignited the fuse, we all felt the same”, says Bosse – “let’s get the Dalton wheels in motion again. We want to celebrate the legacy of the 80’s rock scene by putting out a new album and take it on tour. Just like we did back in the days”.
Loaded with inspiration and dedication the band went through demos made for the never recorded third album along with some newly written songs. They ended up with 11 pure excellent tracks crafted for a 80’s flavored Melodic Rock album in a contemporary suit, recorded in good company with magic minded producer Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.).
A first shimmering taste of the songs from album was revealed at the Frontiers Rock Festival where the band premiered the track “Hey You” in front of an ecstatic crowd. DALTON is fueled up and back on the race track, ready to go – the race is on!
More samples from the album are available now via this link:
Pit Stop” will include the following tracks: Ready Or Not; Hey You; Don't Tell Me Lies; Follow Your Dreams; Up & Down; Bad Love; One Voice; Here We Are; Something For The Pain; 50/50; TGIF.
DALTON will also appear live on the Rockklassiker and Sweden Rock Festival boat cruise on October 10/12. More info:
Bo Lindmark - lead vocals
Mats Dahlberg - drums, backing vocals
Anders Lindmark - bass, backing vocals
Leif Westfahl - lead guitar, backing vocals
Ola Lindstrom - keyboards, backing vocals

UK Melodic Rockers VEGA to release their anticipated third album “Stereo Messiah” on Frontiers in October

Friday, October 17, 2014
UK Melodic Rockers VEGA to release their anticipated third album “Stereo Messiah” on Frontiers in October
British melodic rockers VEGA are back with their third studio album “Stereo Messiah” coming out on Frontiers on October 17th in Europe and October 21st in North America.
The new album marks the band’s return to the Frontiers label, after the release of their debut album “Kiss of Life” in December 2010. The new recording features 12 songs that literally rock from start to finish and will leave you wanting more! It also includes a song entitled “10 X Bigger than Love” which Def Leppard singer, Joe Elliott gave the band. He also appears dueting with singer Nick Workman on the song.
Stereo Messiah” was recorded over 14 days in two sessions. The hard work was completed at Outhouse Studio’s in Reading, home to It Bites front-man John Mitchell. John worked with the band as the obligatory 6th member and helped VEGA achieve their most accomplished album to date. Once the album was recorded, John completed the mixing process and then passed the bat on to Harem Scarem’s Harry Hess, who mastered the album at his studio in Canada.
The first videoclip for the title track “Stereo Messiah” is available now:
                “Stereo Messiah” truly sees the band taking their song writing and performance to the next level. Tracklisting includes: Stereo Messiah; All Or Nothing; Wherever We Are; Ballad Of The Broken Hearted; Gonna Need Some Love Tonight; The Fall; Neon Heart; With Both Hands; 10 X Bigger Than Love; My Anarchy; The Wild, The Weird, The Wonderful; Tears Never Dry.
Be sure to catch VEGA live when you can! Confirmed headlining shows so far are:
November 1st - Nottingham Rescue Rooms
November 6th - Bolton Railway
November 7th - Swansea Static
Novemeber 8th - London Garage
March 12-15 2015 - Hard Rock Hell Aor Festival

VEGA are also set to appear as special guests to Joe Elliott’s DOWN N’OUTZ UK tour in December. All dates are available at:
At the same time of the new album Frontiers plans to release a specially priced reissue of VEGA’s second album “What the Hell!” which comes with an unreleased bonus track entitled: Skin Deep.
VEGA is Nick Workman (vocals), Dan Chantrey (drums), Tom Martin (bass), James Martin (keyboards) and Marcus Thurston (guitar).


VEGA - Stereo Messiah (Pre-View)

Friday, October 17, 2014
Fresh from the musical joy that is Work Of Art, I have another album fighting for my attention. British band VEGA is back with their third album “Stereo Messiah”. Oh boy, does this album deliver folks….it delivers BIG TIME!
It looks like the band that serves up tasty melodic rock with a modern twist have bettered both previous efforts to deliver their best album to date. I’m all over this album, with track after track of powerfully delivered, anthemic, melodic bliss, all in a style that really shows that these new bands know how to keep an aging genre alive and fresh.
So right now I’m pretty much on a Work Of Art/Vega playback loop…
What out for the killer tracks Wherever We Are, Neon Heart, With Both Hands, The Wild The Weird The Wonderful – all magnificent melodic rock anthems. But there’s more.
All Or Nothing has to be one of the band’s best songs…Or maybe that accolade goes to the dramatic, moody rocker The Fall…or maybe it’s the breezy anthemic Gonna Need Some Love Tonight.
But then there’s the multi-layered The Ballad Of The Broken Hearted! Only another 100 spins of this album will determine the truth!
The duet with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott on DL track 10x Bigger Than Love and other songs on Stereo Messiah show that Def Leppard have a successor to their crown biting at their heels.
Mark this one down too folks - VEGA deliver a true highlight of 2014 and any year for fans of pure melodic rock.
If you liked Vega before, you are going to LOVE this one!
Due out October 17.


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