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RAGE OF ANGELS - The Devils New Tricks (Review)

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Ged Rylands / Mixed and Mastered: Martin Kronlund
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Melodic Rock / AOR
Friday, February 26, 2016
This is an impressive follow-up to what was an already impressive debut album. The second Rage Of Angels sees a more focused lineup run through 10 quality AOR/melodic rock songs that feature the talents of Neil Fraser (guitars, ex-Ten); Chris Green (guitars, Rubicon Cross, Tyketto), plus the rhythm section of ColdSpell - Perra Johannsen and Chris Goldsmith; along with Martin Kronlund (guitars).
But the brains behind Rage Of Angels is Ged Rylands, former Ten keyboardist who adds guitar to his role in his own band. And for the new album he has enlisted the great Rob Moratti to front the band; giving the album just one singer compared to five on the debut.
Having one singer gives the album a far more cohesive feel and it’s just a bonus that Rob delivers one of the best performances of his career here. His voice dominates and it’s so more satisfying to hear him belt out original material rather than Journey covers.
Making Rob sound so good are 10 very catchy, high energy, keyboard drenched rockers. Equally paired in the mix is some blazing guitar work, solos in every song and a brilliant mix from Kronlund has the rhythm section pumping underneath these waves of keys and guitars.
Musical highlights are many. The opening epic Rage Of Angels is fast, fabulous and heavy for an album of this genre. But still the keys dominate in a way Royal Hunt fans would be impressed with. All Your Own Way is a more typically AOR style with an anthemic chorus that’s perfect for Rob.
On Step Closer is British AOR at its best; while Strangers In The Night is filled with 80s keys, but at the same time ear crunching riffs. In And Out Of Love flows nicely into Stop Changing The TV which weaves a more melodic chorus than the title might suggest!
Long Days With You is the moodiest track and closest thing to a ballad on the album and is a fine closer.

A really enjoyable album and a step up from the debut as far as I’m concerned. Rob’s high register vocals are perfect for the material before him and keyboard lovers will love the layers of ivory that prove to be the foundation of this record.
One point I would like to make – 70 minutes for 10 songs is pretty ambitious and there are several tracks here that would have benefitted from tighter control in the editing phase. There are a few killer 4 minute songs wrapped up in 6 minute bodies.
Other than that small point – definitely recommended for classic 80s/AOR fans and fans of Rob Moratti/Final Frontier and Ten.


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