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FIRST SIGNAL Announce New Album ‘Line Of Fire’ Out May 17

Friday, May 17, 2019
After two critical and fan acclaimed albums, First Signal are returning with a new studio album, "Line Of Fire". First single, "Tonight We Are The Only" has been released today with an accompanying video. 
First Signal is the musical union between Harem Scarem band vocalist Harry Hess and Swedish drummer/producer Daniel Flores. Of their third collaboration together, Hess says, "once again it was a pure pleasure to be working on these songs. Daniel made it easy on me...just concentrating on being the singer is a luxury that I enjoyed immensely." Flores adds, "as a huge fan of Harem Scarem, I'm still asking people to pinch me to see if I'm still awake. Harry and his band made some of the most classic AOR and rock records ever, so I feel a responsibility to give the fans as close as possible to the quality that Harry continuously delivers with either his own solo work and Harem Scarem. Something the audience has certainly come to expect by now. I think the fans will love this one.”
Of the song songs on the record, Hess tells "there were three songs that I recommended to be included on the record. The first was “Born To Be A Rebel," which was a co-write that I did with Stan Meissner way back in 1989 and the other two were Stan Meissner songs “Walk Through The Fire” and “Never Look Back”. I have always loved these two songs and thought they were perfect for this project. Between Serafino (Perugino, President of Frontiers), Daniel, and myself we chose the rest of the songs from many great writers, whose songwriting fit perfectly in the First Signal vision." Flores says, "once again Harry and I worked closely with Serafino to find the perfect songs. It took about four months to find these gems. The writers are from all over the world and they all gave us their best songs. Harry's legacy had everyone, let's say, working at their best.”
Flores concludes, "there is more depth and structure now. The feel was right on the last record, but we hadn't found our groove yet. On this one Harry sings, in my opinion, like he has never done before. The audience will be surprised and delighted with his range and charisma here. The overall sound is heavier, but at the same time more melodic and more organic. I'm for sure really proud of the outcome.”
First Signal was first brought to life in 2010 when Frontiers President Serafino Perugino presented Harem Scarem singer Harry Hess with some melodic rock songs he thought would be a perfect fit for Harry to put his inimitable vocals on. The tunes specifically harkened back to the magic of the Harem Scarem sound, who at the time were on a hiatus. The project's self-titled debut was greeted with excellent reviews and enthusiasm from the melodic rock crowd, planting the seed for this to be more than a one-off.
Harem Scarem started up again after the release of the First Signal debut, but Harry was still wanting to go back and sing some excellent melodic rock songs that he had from various songwriters under the First Signal banner. The idea of a second First Signal album started to become realized and with the help of Swedish producer Daniel Flores (FIND ME, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET, etc.), the second record, "One Step Over The Line" started to take shape. Once again, the album was greeted with enthusiastic responses and acclaim from the fans and press alike upon release. So, it was a no-brainer to decide to release a new record and once again Daniel Flores teamed up with Michael Palace (guitars) and Johan Niemann (bass) and provided the basic tracks which Harry Hess and Darren Smith (background vocals) completed in their studio in Canada.
First Signal's third album “Line Of Fire” is once again a total delight for AOR and melodic rock fans and a contender for AOR album of the year! And be sure to follow First Signal on the newly launched Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/firstsignalband/
PRODUCED BY : Daniel Flores
Harry Hess - lead vocals
Daniel Flores - drums and keyboards
Michael Palace - guitars
Johan Niemann - bass guitar
Darren Smith - background vocals

HAREM SCAREM Announce 'The Ultimate Collection' Box Set

Friday, March 22, 2019
On March 22, 2019, Harem Scarem band will release "The Ultimate Collection Box Set” a 14CD limited edition deluxe box set and four titles (“Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, “United”) on limited edition color vinyl. 
All tracks remastered by Harry Hess.
EU Customers Pre-Order HERE: www.frontiers.shop
Given the "hard to find" nature of many titles in Harem Scarem's catalog, the band, in cooperation with Frontiers, has decided to make their catalogue available in an exclusive, limited edition box set. The result is a mammoth box set inclusive of 13 studio albums encompassing the entire Harem Scarem discography, including the original Warner albums (not available on digital!), plus a gargantuan amount of rare, unreleased, and bonus tracks which comprise a full bonus disc (only available on the box set), in addition to original bonus tracks added to individual albums. The 14 CDs will be packaged in vinyl replica slipcases housed inside a collector's box.
On top of this, Frontiers and the band decided to add a very special one time limited run of colored vinyl for the signature Frontiers' catalogue releases “Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, and the band’s last studio album, “United”. These vinyl runs are EXTREMELY LIMITED. For example, ONLY 150 TOTAL will be available in North America, so act fast to secure one.
The full set will also be available digitally as well.
CD 1 Harem Scarem
1. Hard To Love
2. Distant Memory
3. With A Little Love
4. Honestly
5. Love Reaction
6. Slowly Slipping Away
7. All Over Again
8. Don't Give Your Heart Away
9. How Long
10. Something To Say
Bonus tracks:
11. Hard To Love (Acoustic)
12. How Long (Acoustic) 
13. Honestly (Acoustic)
14. Slowly Slipping Away (Acoustic)
CD 2 Mood Swings
1. Saviors Never Cry 
2. No Justice 
3. Stranger Than Love 
4. Changes Come Around 
5. Jealousy 
6. Sentimental Blvd 
7. Mandy 
8. Empty Promises 
9. If There Was A Time 
10. Just Like I Planned 
11. Had Enough
Bonus tracks:
12. Change Comes Around (acoustic)
13. No Justice (Crazy Pants Remix)
14. If There Was A Time (acoustic)
15. Jealousy (acoustic)
16. Just Like I Planned (Acoustic)
17. Stranger Than Love (acoustic)
CD 3 Voice Of Reason
1. Voice Of Reason 
2. Blue 
3. Warming A Frozen Rose 
4. Let It Go 
5. And That's All 
6. Breathing Sand 
7. Candle 
8. The Paint Thins 
9. I'll Be Brief 
10. Untouched 
11. Necessary Evil 
Bonus track:
12. Candle (Acoustic)
CD 4 Believe / Karma Cleansing
1. Believe 
2. Die Off Hard 
3. Hail, Hail 
4. Staying Away 
5. Baby With A Nail Gun 
6. Morning Grey
7. Victim Of Fate 
8. Rain 
9. I Won't Be There 
10. Karma Cleansing 
11. Cages 
12. The Mirror
13. Rain (Acoustic)
CD 5 Big Bang Theory
1. So Blind 
2. Climb The Gate 
3. Reload 
4. Tables Turning 
5. Turn Around 
6. Seas Of Dissension 
7. Sometimes I Wish
8. Never Have It All 
9. Lying 
10. Without You
11. Wasted Time
12. New Religion
13. What I Do
14. In My State Of Mind
15. So Blind (Acoustic)
CD 6 Weight Of The World
1. Weight Of The World
2. Killing Me
3. Outside Your Window
4. All I Want Is Everything
5. This Ain't Over
6. Internude
7. You Ruined Everything
8. Charmed Life
9. If You
10. See Saw
11. Voice Inside
12. End Of Time
CD 7 Higher
1. Reach
2. Waited
3. Torn Right Out
4. Give It To You
5. Higher
6. Run And Hide
7. Lucky Ones
8. Lies
9. Gone
10. Lost 
11. Wishing
12. Higher (Acoustic)
CD 8 Overload
1. Dagger
2. Afterglow
3. Rise & Fall
4. Don't Come Easy
5. Can't Live With You
6. Forgive & Forget
7. All You're Getting
8. Leading Me On
9. Understand You
10. Same Mistakes
CD 9 Human Nature
1. Human Nature
2. Next Time Around
3. Caught Up In Your World
4. Reality
5. Hanging On
6. Don't Throw It Away
7. Give Love/Get Love
8. 21
9. Starlight
10. Going Under
11. Tomorrow May Be Gone
12. Human Nature (Acoustic)
13. Caught Up In Your World (Acoustic)
CD 10 Hope
1. Watch Your Back
2. Time Bomb
3. Hope
4. Days Are Numbered
5. Dark Times
6. Beyond Repair
7. Never Too Late
8. Shooting Star
9. Calm Before The Storm
10. Nothing Without You
CD 11 Thirteen
1. Garden Of Eden
2. Live It
3. Early Warning Signs
4. The Midnight Hours
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Saints And Sinners
7. All I Need
8. Troubled Times
9. Never Say Never
10. Stardust
11. Garden Of Eden (Acoustic)
12. The Midnight Hours (Acoustic)
CD 12 United
1. United
2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3. Gravity
4. Sinking Ship
5. One Of Life’s Mysteries
6. No Regrets
7. Bite The Bullet
8. Things I Know
9. Heaven And Earth
10. Indestructible
11. Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic)
12. Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)
CD 13 The Early Years
1.Whatever I Want
2. When The Morning Comes
3. Say Goodbye
4. Looking Back
5. All Over Again
6. Honestly
7. Lovin’ Like 90
8. One Step At A Time
9. Staying Away
10. Last Time
11. One Of The Wounded
12. Right Time
13. You’re The One
14. Out Of Love
15. Lost In Yesterday
16. I Can Hear Them Now
CD 14 Bonus Tracks (Only available on the box set)
1. Easier 
2. If I’d Been Awake
3. World Gone To Pieces
4. Brighter Day
5. Remember
6. Anarchy
7. Why
8. Freedom
9. More Than You’ll Ever Know
10. Good Enough
11. Coming Down (Acoustic)
Harry Hess: vocals
Pete Lesperance: guitars
Mike Gionet, Barry Donaghy, Stan Miczek: bass
Darren Smith, Creighton Doane: drums

The 2017 MelRock Awards

2017 MelRock Awards
Album Of The Year
A wonderful year for music. One of the best. Pretty easy to pick my favourites and even though I haven’t had time to review a good many of these, they have all been in high rotation over the last 12 months. And yes, I will still run through some Reviews In Brief and add as many of these titles to the site. Past my Top 10, the rest were all very hard to put in order – some outstanding titles here, with quality music for all tastes released in 2017.
If you haven’t heard some of these titles, don’t waste another minute, check them out!
01. Harem Scarem – United
02. Eclipse – Monumentum
03. One Desire – One Desire
04. H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown
05. Threshold – Legend Of The Shires
06. Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up
07. Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill
08. Degreed – Degreed
09. [TIE] Mr. Big – Defying Gravity
               Tokyo Motor Fist - Tokyo Motor Fist
               Kryptonite - Kryptonite
10. Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony
11. Wayward Sons – Ghosts Of Yet To Come
12. Black Country Communion – BCCIV
13. Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic
14. Brother Firetribe – Sunbound
15. Jorn – Life On Death Road
16. All 4 1 – All 4 1
17. Art Nation – Liberation
18. Code Red – Incendiary
19. Houston – III
20. Riverdogs – California
21. Styx – The Mission
22. Inglorious – II
23. Wildness – Wildness
24. Lionville – World Of Fools
25. [TIE] Newman – Arial
               Pick Cream 69 - Headstrong
26. Jeff Scott Soto – Retribution
27. Pride Of Lions – Fearless
28. Ten – Gothica
29. Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark
30. Tony Mills – Streets Of Chance
31. ColdSpell – A New World Arise
32. Midnite City – Midnite City
33. Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright
34. Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice
35. The Radio Sun – Unstoppable
36. Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising
37. Dirty White Boy – Down And Dirty
38. Deep Purple – Infinite
39. Steve Walsh – Black Butterfly
40. Thunder – Rip It Up
41. Kee Of Hearts – Kee Of Hearts
42. Unruly Child – Can’t Go Home
43. Eden’s Curse – Eden’s Curse Revisited
44. Tales From The Porn – H.M.M.V
45. Jim Jidhed – Push On Through
46. Raintimes – Raintimes
47. Age Of Reflection – In The Heat Of The Night
48. Phantom 5 – Play To Win
49. Martina Edoff – We Will Align
50. Bonfire – Byte The Bullet
Song Of The Year
Threshold – Small Dark Lines
Harem Scarem – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
One Desire – Turn Back Time
H.E.A.T – Redefined
Revolution Saints – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Harem Scarem – Heaven And Earth
Eclipse – Vertigo
Eclipse – Never Look Back
H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown
Threshold – Stars & Satellites
Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill
Heaven & Earth – The Game Has Changed
One Desire – Hurt
Sons Of Apollo – Coming Home
Sons Of Apollo – Signs Of The Times
Night Ranger – Somehow Someway
Night Ranger – Say What You Want 
Mr. Big – Mean To Me
Mr. Big – Defying Gravity
Night Flight Orchestra – Jennie
Night Flight Orchestra – Something Mysterious
Unruly Child – The Only One
Pride Of Lions – All I See Is You
Riverdogs - The Revolution Starts Tonight
MelodicRock Records 2017 Releases
A special mention for the MRR releases of 2017. I would personally rank them all in the Top 50, but in an attempt to remain unbiased, I’ve left them out. But I am really proud of what the label has managed to achieve this year, it’s been MRR’s biggest year for number of releases, plus for sales in total and for individual titles setting sales records.
So what this means – I’ll have to make 2018 even bigger and better and so far it’s looking just that way! Stay tuned for news soon!
A huge HUGE thanks to the artists for believing in MRR and making this small label your home.
Another big thanks to all the journos, media outlets and magazines that featured MRR releases during the year.
And finally a big BIG thank you to all the stores and distribution outlets that also supported MRR and did such a great job getting these out there to fans.
To every single person that bought one or all of the releases this year – you guys ROCK!
Johnny Lima – Johnny Lima / Made In California (Reissues w/Bonus Tracks)
Shotgun Symphony – The Last Symphony (Reissues w/Unreleased)
Don Barnes – Ride The Storm (Previously Unreleased)
Arti Tisi Trilogy – New York City, Back Again & The Reeperbahn (All Previously Unreleased)
Jimmy Davis & Junction – Kick The Wall (Deluxe Edition)(Reissue w/Bonus Live Disc)
Jimmy Davis & Junction – Going The Distance (Previously Unreleased)
Rian – Out Of The Darkness (Debut Album)
Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain – Ascension (Debut Solo Album)
Scherer / Batten – Battlezone (Featuring Songs by Jim Peterik)
Boulevard – Luminescence (Comeback Classic)
Devoid – Cup Of Tears (Debut Album)
Fiction Syxx – Talk Dark Secrets (Debut Album)
Madman’s Lullaby – Sins Of Greed
Mecca – The Demos (Previously Unreleased)

CORNERSTONE Redo Video From 'Reflections'


Cornerstone released a new video: one of the titles of their latest album REFLECTIONS, "Nothing To Lose", has been visually upgraded. Actually, the video was taken for an Austrian TV-show called "Mulatschag", but the feedback was so good, that the band decided to use it for Promotion-purposes. While there are still single concerts on the schedule till the end of this year, the planning for the tour through Europe in 2018 has already started. Some dates are already fixed. Stay tuned! www.cornerstone.co.at


HAREM SCAREM - United (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock / AOR
Friday, May 12, 2017
I’ve always maintained that the writing partnership of Harry Hess/Pete Lesperance was the Lennon/McCartney of the melodic rock world and this, Harem Scarem’s 14th studio album, is not only further proof of that belief, it also proves that a long partnership can remain fresh, vibrant and exciting.
United is simply brilliant – a joyous celebration of the classic definition of melodic rock. Harem Scarem have never disappointed me. But I still have my favourite albums and I’m happy to add this one right near the top.
It’s just one glorious hook and chorus after another, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this album so extraordinary. It’s the intelligent musical bed that drives the songs and the contrast of unexpected twists and a quite varied palette of styles that all end up in the same place – melodic rock bliss.
The best aspect of this album is the diversity of the ways the anthemic choruses are delivered. Every song is different, yet every one is memorable.
And I love how the darker tone to many of these songs is seemingly cast aside for the many harmony drenched feel good choruses. It’s a contrast that’s almost impossible to pull off with such regularity.
Pete Lesperance shines with some of his finest riffing and soloing in years, Harry Hess is absolutely all over this record with what seems like a choir of harmony vocals and some really powerful leads.
United is essentially a 45 minute Harem Scarem history lesson. Fans will hear parts of Mood Swings, Weight Of The World, Voice Of Reason, Higher, Thirteen and Hope all in play.
There’s no track that doesn’t stand out on its own, but my personal favourites are the infectious Here Today, Gone Tomorrow; the fast stomping No Regrets; the moody modern rock brilliance of Bite The Bullet; the feel good stadium anthem Things I Know; another harmony drenched, lyrically brilliant The Sky Is Falling and the freeking fantastic bluesy-come-AOR anthem Indestructible.
Did I mention the great opening track and one of the band’s best ever ballads in One Of Life’s Mysteries? How about the hands-in-the-air Sinking Ship and the groove driven Gravity? Did I leave anything out?
How about the brilliant production and mix – among the best the band has delivered?
Jeff Scott Soto appears on backing vocals for Here Today, Gone Tomorrow and even more prominently, to great effect, on Bite The Bullet.

Why haven’t you purchased this already? What a wonderful, joyous, powerful statement from a band that just keeps delivering time and time again. Essential and perfect.

CORNERSTONE Debut New Video From 'Reflections'

After a three-months rest, Cornerstone are back with their second single from the longplayer "Reflections": the song "Northern Light" was released on 03/31 and was mixed and mastered, like the whole album, by Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN, MUSE, BILLY TALENT) in Canada. The video for the song, which has been shooted the same time like the first single "Last Night", was produced by the well-proven filmteam THE COCKPIT and director Christian Enzmueller. "Northern Light" is already available as download on iTunes and in all other online-shops.

HAREM SCAREM 'United' For Latest Epic Album

Friday, May 12, 2017
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of HAREM SCAREM's highly anticipated 14th studio album, “United” on May 12.
The new recording offers up 11 tracks of trademark Harem Scarem music from Harry Hess (lead vocals, keyboards), Pete Lesperance (guitars, bass, keyboards), long-time drummer Creighton Doane, and backing vocals from original sticksman Darren Smith (who will be playing live drums for the band on tour dates). The band is back and stronger than ever!
Frontman Harry Hess says: "This year will mark the 30th year of Harem Scarem and I can tell you that we are just as excited about writing and recording today as we were then. The brand new " United " album is one of the best collection of songs we have ever put on one release and I can't wait for everyone to hear it!"
Harem Scarem make it clear they still have something to say right from the start with the title track, "United", a chunky slice of guitar-driven melodic rock nirvana that kicks off their strongest studio outing since the early 00’s. From there, the album lifts off with well-crafted songs featuring big choruses with simple and addictive hook-laden earworms. Each track carries a power-rock-packed punch, swaggering riffs, and hooks to die for. Hess and Lesperance without a doubt show the world that their partnership still works, that they indeed are still "United".
With sales well over a million records in 43 countries and 12 top 40 hits around the globe, 2017 will see Harem Scarem return and ready to dominate while touring the world in support of their 14th studio album, “United“!
“United” tracklisting includes:
1. United
2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3. Gravity
4. Sinking Ship
5. One Of Life’s Mysteries
6. No Regrets
7. Bite The Bullet
8. Things I Know
9. The Sky Is Falling
10. Heaven And Earth
11. Indestructible
Harry Hess - lead vocals, guitar
Pete Lesperance - lead guitar
Stan Miczek - bass guitar
Creighton Doane - drums
Darren Smith - background vocals, live drummer
TOUR DATES (More to be announced soon)
- 30 September – The Music Hall, Oshawa, Canada
- 6 October – Norma Jeans, London, Canada
- 14 October – The Brass Moneky, Ottawa, Canada
- 20-22 October – Trent University, Nottingham (Rockingham Festival), UK


FIRST SIGNAL - One Step Over The Line (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Daniel Flores
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, June 3, 2016
Harry Hess returns with a sequel to 2010’s First Signal debut. The lead role of Mr. Hess is about all that is in common from the debut to this album.
Normally I’d jump in and complain that if you are using a project name, you should stick to the original personnel of that project, as swapping musicians/producers/writers generally leads to a completely different sounding album (Sunstorm and Allen/Lande for example).
But in this case, I’ll let it pass as the results speak for themselves.
Daniel Flores (Find Me, Murder Of My Sweet) and his new buddy Michael Palace are the duo behind all the music, whilst the songs are provided by an array of the current artists within the Frontiers stable.
Flores produces and delivers results that sonically improve on that of the debut – even if the style is a little different. The Dennis Ward moody AOR debut is trumped by this bubbly, more keyboard driven 80s sounding affair with at times a more aggressive edge, but overall an improved sound that isn’t far from the AOR of the two Find Me releases.
Harry is of course in fine voice over 11 tracks that hold a pretty consistent sound and quality. At times the keyboards are a little “too 80s”, but there is no doubt that this is a very fine release.
Highlights include the punchy She’s Getting Away; the sentimental ballads Still Pretending and Weigh Me In; the early Harem sounding One Step Over The Line and Love Gets Through; the angst of Broken and the moodiness of Kharma.

Hess, Harem and fans of the First Signal debut shouldn’t give owning this a second thought. Why haven’t you got it already? Essential for anyone who appreciate fine vocals and some catchy traditional melodic rock.


HAREM SCAREM Exclusive Tshirt From MelodicRock Media

MelodicRock Media is a new arm of the MelodicRock organization, which will concentrate on non-music related merchandise and services.
One aspect of this is Apparel , and first up for the MRM launch, I am excited to bring fans an exclusive Tshirt design featuring HAREM SCAREM and their classic ‘Mood Swings’ release.
This fully authorized Tshirt is a limited edition run, for which you must pre-order to receive. This ensures the correct sizes are ordered.
Pre-orders are being taken now and for the next week until Friday 17th at which time the shirts will be ordered for shipping out by July 1.

CORNERSTONE Complete Work on Abum 'Reflections' with Producer Harry Hess


Now the time has come: the new CORNERSTONE album 'Reflections', which was produced in collaboration with Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN, BILLY TALENT, MUSE, ...) in Canada, has been finished.
The new songs were first shown to the public on Friday 05/20/2016 in the Viper Room in Vienna, and the feedback was more than great: many long-time fans say that 'Reflections' is by far the best album of the band. The official release in trade and the media will take place in fall, because Cornerstone is engaged in negotiations with a major record label at the moment. You can find all other tour dates on the website at the tour-area.
More infos about the Tour: http://www.cornerstone.co.at/en/tour/

FIRST SIGNAL Return With 'One Step Over The Line' June 3

Friday, June 3, 2016
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the sophomore album from FIRST SIGNAL, “One Step Over the Line“ on June 3rd.
In 2010, a marriage made in Melodic Rock heaven between Canadian singer Harry Hess and producer Dennis Ward launched the First Signal project. The concept developed when Frontiers' President Serafino Perugino presented Hess some Melodic Rock songs that harkened back to the magic of the early Harem Scarem sound, who at the time were on an artistic hiatus. The project was met with excellent reviews and interest from the Melodic Rock crowd and even when Harem Scarem re-launched with their album “Thirteen” (one of their strongest to date), Harry was still wanting to go back and sing some excellent Melodic Rock songs that he had from various songwriters under a different moniker.
So, the idea of another First Signal album started to float around and with the help of Swedish producer Daniel Flores (FIND ME, The Murder of My Sweet, etc.), the new record started to take shape. Once again, the inspiration behind the songs are the first two Harem Scarem albums, two absolute classic Melodic Rock releases. But once again, we have some new twists and interpretations, with songs covering everything from AOR to Arena Hard Rock.
Harry says, “I am very excited to be a part of the new First Signal release. I was pleasantly surprised with the positive reaction surrounding the first CD, so it was an easy decision to be a part of the new recording. Between Serafino, Daniel and myself we gathered some great songs that I'm sure the AOR fans will love. Daniel Flores did a fabulous job and put in a ton of effort to make this happen. We met many years ago on a writing trip to Sweden where I immediately noticed his work ethic and dedication to making music. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's reaction to the new album on June 3rd!”
Musicians on the album include the outstanding new talent Michael Palace on guitars and bass, Daniel Flores on drums and keyboards, and background vocals from Hess' Harem Scarem bandmate (and Red Dragon Cartel singer) Darren Smith, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Nigel Bailey, Daniel Flores, Rolf Pilotti and Angelica Rylin.
Another Melodic Rock gem and an absolute contender for the AOR album of the year!
Tracklisting of “One Step Over the Line” includes:
1. Love Run Free
2. Love Gets Through
3. Still Pretending
4. Broken
5. Kharma
6. Minute Of Your Time
7. She Is Getting Away
8. December Rain
9. Weigh Me In
10. Pedestal
11. One Step Over The Line
Harry Hess - Lead and backing vocals
Michael Palace - Acoustic, electric guitar and bass
Daniel Flores - Keyboards and Drums
Additional musicians:
Francesco Marras (solo on She is Getting Away and Love Gets Through)
Backing vocals: Darren James Smith, Harry Hess, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Nigel Bailey, Daniel Flores, Rolf Pilotti and Angelica Rylin
Produced by Daniel Flores

HAREM SCAREM - Live At The Phoenix (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Harem Scarem
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Release Year: 
Friday, December 4, 2015
The mighty Canadian legends Harem Scarem mark time between studio releases with this career spanning double live CD/DVD. Supporting their brilliant second comeback album Thirteen, the band rip through 20 tracks that take in nearly every album of their 25 year career.
This is an absolute must have for all fans of the band.
Do yourself a favor and start the playback at 1.10 so as to avoid the awful stage introduction.
The recording starts a bit rough with the new track Garden of Eden, but the mix improves as the band launches into some of their most memorable tracks.
The debut is represented by spirited versions of Hard To Love, Distant Memory and Slowly Slipping Away.
The classic Mood Swings has Saviors Never Cry, Change Comes Around, No Justice, Sentimental Blvd and Mandy.
The brilliant new album shines via Garden Of Eden, Troubled Times, Midnight Hours, All I Need and Saints And Sinners.
Turn Around and So Blind appear from Big Bang Theory as well as the anthem Killing Me from Weight Of The World.
The title track from Voice Of Reason gets a run as does the hard riffing Dagger from the underrated Overload album.
I actually find myself skipping some of the earlier tracks to enjoy the more recent and modern tracks as I feel Harem is on band that just nailed the crossover from old-to-new with their constantly evolving sound.
I’d love to comment on the DVD, but I’ve been sent 2 Disc 1’s instead of the actual DVD disc, so I guess I’ll have to sort that out.

No matter your preference for albums by these guys, there is no understating what gifted songwriters the guys are. The Hess/Leperance team has delivered to me more all-time favorite songs than just about any other artist I enjoy listening to.
This disc features 20 of them, but there’s so many more. This is a great testament to the band’s longevity and creative brilliance.

HAREM SCAREM 'Live At The Phoenix' Set Due December 4

Release Year: 
Friday, December 4, 2015
Harem Scarem's homecoming show at The Phoenix Concert Theatre
in Toronto on 2CD/DVD & Blu Ray
Out in December on Frontiers
Frontiers Music Srl, is pleased to announce the upcoming live release by the Canadian rock group HAREM SCAREM, entitled LIVE AT THE PHOENIX on December 4th.
Available in 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray and Digital formats, this new release, marks the first proper live album recorded by HAREM SCAREM in front of their “home” audience. Singer Harry Hess explains “Canada is where we started touring all those years ago and to be able to invite our friends, family and fans to this show was cool.”
Recorded live on Saturday July 11th, 2015 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, this happened to be the perfect time and venue for the band to capture live recordings of numerous songs from their latest record "Thirteen" and also to revisit their classic early material. It was an honest and raw performance showcasing the repertoire of a band which is at the top of their game.
It wasn't easy coming up with this set list but I think we got to all the important stuff plus it's always fun to play the new material that you haven't been playing for 20 years.” Tells Harry “It is definitely the most extensive live recording and video that we have ever done and the quality of both the video and audio are by far the best of anything we have ever done.”
For fans around the world that were not able to see Harem Scarem on their "Thirteen" tour, this special Blu Ray DVD and double audio cd is a must!!
Enjoy the live rendition of the band’s classic song “No Justice”:
LIVE AT THE PHOENIX tracklisting includes:
CD1 - Garden Of Eden; Hard To Love; Saviors Never Cry; Dagger; Distant Memory; The Midnight Hours; Mandy; Killing Me; Slowly Slipping Away; Troubled Times.
CD2 - Sentimental Blvd.; Turn Around; Stranger Than Love; All I Need; Saints And Sinners; So Blind;  Human Nature; Voice Of Reason; Change Comes Around; No Justice.
DVD // Blu Ray - Garden Of Eden; Hard To Love; Saviors Never Cry; Dagger; Distant Memory; The Midnight Hours; Mandy; Killing Me; Slowly Slipping Away; Troubled Times; Sentimental Blvd.; Turn Around; Stranger Than Love; All I Need; Saints And Sinners; So Blind; Human Nature; Voice Of Reason; Change Comes Around; No Justice.
Harry Hess: vocals, guitar
Pete Lesperance; lead guitar, vocals
Stan Miczek: bass guitar
Darren Smith: drums, vocals



Wednesday, March 25, 2015
HAREM SCAREM Guitarist PETE LESPERANCE has takena fall on the ice and has broken his arm ahead of planned tour dates for the band in April.
Official Statement: "Hi everyone Just a quick update on the Harem Scarem shows for April. Unfortunately a couple days ago Pete took a serious fall on some ice, broke his arm and will not be able to play the HS shows in April. However, the shows will go on as scheduled! Long time friend of the band, Michale Vassos will be standing in for Pete. We'll post updates on Pete's recovery as things play out. Thanks for understanding guys. Team HS"
Pete has added this comment to his FB page: "Harem Scarem: Oshawa Show - Well, accidents apparently do happen! While walking to my car, I managed to slip on some of winter’s final ice and broke my arm. As a result, I won’t be able to play the upcoming Harem Scarem gig in Oshawa. I am obviously totally bummed to be missing a hometown show. The good news is that we were lucky enough to convince Mike Vassos to take over for me. Mike is a long time friend of the band, a great guy and an fantastic guitar player. The show is going to be awesome. It will definitely be a surreal experience watching Harem Scarem form the audience and I hope to see you all in Oshawa on the 2nd! Pete"

One On One With Mitch Lafon - SCORPIONS

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Russ Dwarf of the KILLER DWARFS & HAREM SCAREM'S Darren James Smith co-host. Follow RUSS DWARF on TWITTER: @RussDWaRf and his band the KILLER DWARFS: @KillerDwarfs. Follow Harem Scarem: @HaremScaremBand

In our first interview, James Kottak discusses the Scorpions' new album Return To Forever, their upcoming tour with Queensrÿche, his time with Warrant, the band's 'Farewell Tour', working on the much maligned Eye II Eye album, reuniting with Kingdom Come, his band KOTTAK and much more.

Visit James at: http://www.jameskottak.com and on Twitter: @JKottak

Our second interview features Barry Stock of THREE DAYS GRACE. We discuss their new singer Matt Walst (My Darkest Days), their new album Human, the challenges of being a Canadian band, playing the Heavy Montreal festival and much more.

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This Episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon is brought to you by the Heavy Montreal Festival taking place on August 7th, 8th and 9th at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal. This year featuring Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Korn, Faith No More as well as '80s artists Dokken, Lita Ford and Warrant. Visit: http://www.heavymontreal.com

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Right To Rock Podcast - HAREM SCAREM

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TheRighttoRock.com has issued their latest podcast (episode #185), featuring Harem Scarem Guitarist Pete Lesperance. Pete took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Harem Scarem's latest release, Thirteen, as well as the band's upcoming tour plans. Interview lasts approx. 40 min.
Happy new year! Okay, we know it's almost February, but work with us. Made your resolution(s) yet? We haven't, but we're kind of slow with these sorts of things (you may have noticed). Join Genghis & Ragman as they discuss what tunes, concerts, collaborations and movies they'll be anticipating in the new year. If everything comes together, we're looking at another solid year of music. Next, the boys welcome back Harem Scarem guitarist Pete Lesperance for a one on one as he discusses the new CD Thirteen as well as plans for 2015.

One On One With Mitch Lafon - HAREM SCAREM

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


HAREM SCAREM's HARRY HESS joins Mitch on EPISODE 79 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. Red Dragon Cartel singer, Darren Smith, is this episode's co-host and offers a Red Dragon Cartel new album update and talks about his time as Harem Scarem's drummer.

In this episode's only interview, Harem Scarem singer, Harry Hess, discusses the band's fantastic new album 'Thirteen', talks about the band's history, Red Dragon Cartel's (and former Harem Scarem drummer) Darren Smith, Canadian content rules and much more.

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HAREM SCAREM Joins 'Frontiers Rock Fest 2' Replacing LAST IN LINE

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Frontiers Music Srl informs that due to circumstances beyond each party reasonable control the band LAST IN LINE will not be able to perform at the forthcoming FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL II which will be held at the Live Club in Trezzo (Milano), Italy on April 11th and 12th 2015.
Frontiers is anyway pleased to announce that the Canadian quartet HAREM SCAREM will perform instead at the Festival and have their show on April 11th. 'We would love to do it!!!' said Harem Scarem singer Harry Hess, when asked if the band wanted to join the Festival lineup! The band will perform classic tracks and new songs from the acclaimed new album 'Thirteen' which will hit the shops on December 5th in Europe.
In the meantime, whoever will preorder the album now on iTunes will be able to download the full track 'Early Warning Signs' which can be also listened in streaming on Youtube following this link: http://youtu.be/UqFJsOneTGc

HAREM SCAREM - Thirteen (Review)

information persons: 


Produced By: 
Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
December 5
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, November 28, 2014
It’s no secret I’m a card carrying Harem Scarem fanboy and the band can do (almost) no wrong. Every album has featured at least a few legendary songs; most albums for me have been front to back brilliant. I even go against the traditionalists and rate Voice Of Reason very highly and the two Rubber albums remain underrated.
So this is the guy’s first studio album in 6 years, following on from the awesome Mood Swings 2 release. You might expect the guys to continue in the Mood Swings style, such as the 3 new tracks from MS2 did, but this is more simply Harem Scarem just being themselves.
Naturally gifted to deliver chorus upon chorus of memorable harmonies, riffs and hooks, Thirteen features elements of Weight Of The World, Higher, Overload and Hope.
It’s a continuation of the second half of the band’s career.
And while I rate every album highly – this is going to stand out as one of the band’s truly great records. This is right up there with the debut, Mood Swings, Weight Of The World and Higher for me.
10 songs, just under 40 minutes, no fuss, no padding ,no fillers, just pure melodic bliss from start to finish.
Production is great and the choruses really do seem to stand out even more than normal. It’s just one after another after another.
Anyone wanting to see how a catchy, memorable melodic rock album is done – learn from what Harem Scarem have done here. Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance are simply one of the finest writing pairs that have ever been part of the melodic rock scene.
Track By Track:
Garden of Eden is a perfect start to the album. A pop influenced melodic rocker, its only 45 seconds from start to the chorus and that is about the same for the whole album. Nothing but hooks and harmonies here. The chorus (as is usually the case for harem Scarem) is layered with harmonies and begs to be sung along to. A nice little progressive Mr. Big style guitar solo mid-song adds texture before diving right back into the chorus.
Live It turned my head initially. The outset of the song is quite different for the band and Harry’s verse vocal is certainly a refreshing burst of energy. The chorus is nothing but pure Harem anthemic goodness.
Early Warning Signs sees the sound turn darker and a little heavier, but still with that commercial feel that all Harem songs have. I’m hearing influences of the album Overload here, with a sharp twist for the bridge before a pure power pop chorus comes out of nowhere. The chorus has hints of Weight Of The World in it.
I adore The Midnight Hours. It starts with a moody slow verse and a melodic bridge before a massive layered, more urgent chorus delivers a devastatingly good hook.
Whatever It Takes is the only real slow paced ballad. This is a classic Harem Scarem ballad complete with nice guitar solo, heartfelt lyrics and of course, a monster harmony filled chorus.
Saints and Sinners is another track with a heavier Overload style feel. And it’s another absolute monster. The tracks moves at a decent pace with a moody verse rises to another catchy as hell chorus. Love it!
All I Need has some great guitar work from Pete underneath a song with a modern power pop heart, but with a classic old-school anthemic chorus. A great contrast once again between verse and chorus, which seems to be a highlight of this album’s song writing.
Troubled Times gives no indication of where it’s going from the start. It’s Weight Of The World and Higher meets Overload, slowly building through the verse and bridge to tempo lift and a chorus that may just never leave your head again. Ever. Classic.
Never Say Never is slower and once again pretty moody to start before yet another hook steers you into a mid-tempo harmony filled chorus. Simply put – just another great track.
Stardust is another stunning song to be honest. Featuring some great lyrics, it starts with a heavy feeling and a strong, tuned down guitar sound before lifting to a massive chorus with some terrific harmonies and a similar feel to the slower closing part of Change Comes Around from Mood Swings.
The Japanese release adds an acoustic version of The Midnight Hours, while the European version adds Garden Of Eden acoustic, which both work wonderfully in the stripped back format. A nice contrast to the electric versions.
The Japanese limited edition also adds a bonus disc featuring 8 tracks of the band live in 2013 in Japan. This is where the loyalty of the hard core fan is really stretched. I love the performance on these tracks – many Mood Swings classics in energetic form – but the quality isn’t much better than an audience recorded bootleg. Definitely for the die-hards only, but that’s me, so I’m good with it.

It took way too long to get here, but it was worth the wait. Simply put - another glorious album from the band that defines melodic rock for me. Superb songs, superb sound, superb performances.
Essential for all fans of this site and the music I promote.
So close to perfect I’m not sure why I’m not giving it 100!


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