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Friday, August 29, 2014

August 28th, 2014 - Chicago, IL - The Classic Metal Show, the hard hitting uncensored radio program that's been taunting the airwaves since 1996, has officially launched a brand new channel on the internet's largest radio portal, iHeartRadio. 

"We're surprised, but happy to have become part of iHeartRadio's platform," says THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW founder and host Neeley. "We ruffle a lot of feathers by saying whatever we think and not acknowledging anyone's "line".  I guess this just proves that we're touching people's real emotions and not just doing another fluff program."

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has seen incredible growth in the last two years.  In addition to it's large live following Saturday nights from 9pm-3am EST on the show's 24/7 online station, podcasts of the show on Spreaker (www.spreaker.com/user/cmsrocks) recently topped 400,000 downloads in that time.

"It's really amazing that anyone listens to our nonsense," show co-host Chris Akin says.  "We say whatever comes to mind, regardless of if it's about relationships, heavy metal, racism, current events.  Sometimes people like it. Other times they don't. But they keep on listening. It's really fun to be part of something growing so fast."

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW is an all topical, completely uncensored radio show that tackles all topics.  While based in hard rock and heavy metal, the show regularly strays off to popular culture and recently began exploring many new avenues and topics.  Recently, the guys interviewed Michelle Kath, the daughter and documentarian of late Chicago guitarist Terry Kath, as well as the most notorious drug kingpin since Al Capone, Freeway Ricky Ross.  With their newfound exposure to millions of listeners on iHeartRadio, the show hopes to see still wider growth in the entertainment landscape. 

"We have so many things coming up that it's hard to address them all," Akin concludes.  "With a TV show in the works, inclusion of our show on Spotify, and now this great new channel on iHeartRadio, it's safe to say that things are brighter than ever in our little dark corner of cyberspace." 

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW is heard live on Saturdays from 9pm-3am EST, and is available for podcast on a multitude of platforms.  All are available on their website, www.theclassicmetalshow.com.

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