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ROBIN BECK ‘Love Is Coming’ Out October 13

Friday, October 13, 2017
First Single, “On The Bright Side ” available to hear here: https://youtu.be/jnAD1w5yY7c

Frontiers Music Srl, is pleased to announce the upcoming new album from Robin Beck, LOVE IS COMING! The album will be out on October 13.
Robin Beck is truly one of the most gifted vocalists under the broad umbrella of rock music and it was with great pleasure that Frontiers welcomed her back to the label for her new album, “Love Is Coming”! The album sees her partnering with Clif Magness (Steve Perry, Avril Lavigne, and many more) and James Christian (House of Lords), who produced and mixed the album, with Maor Appelbaum handling the mastering. Hit after hit after hit after hit is the best description of the tracklisting. An album encompassing melodic rock to gritty soul inspired rock is what you can expect from this gem. As Robin says, “it had to be better than anything I've ever done in the last 20 years and I believe I have accomplished that.”
Clif Magness says, "I've worked with some of the best and most inspirational female vocalists in the world and Robin Beck most definitely stands among them. Her talent combined with her tenacity and her effervescent personality all add up to an amazing human being."
Robin Beck says, "Songs like these don't come around often enough! I'm spellbound by the richness of the music and the lyrical force of every song. Sure to keep your heart pumping, unless you don't have one!!”
1. Island
2. On The Bright Side
3. In These Eyes
4. Love Is Coming
5. Me Just Being Me
6. On To Something
7. Lost
8. Crave The Touch
9. If You Only Knew
10. Here I Am
11. Girl Like Me
12. Warrior
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ROBIN BECK Signs To Frontiers For 2018 Release

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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to welcome back to the label the talents of Robin Beck for the release of a brand new album planned for release in early 2018.
Best known for her smash-hit song “First Time,” which was brought to the public's attention via its use in a Coca-Cola commercial, Beck has to date released nine original albums, plus a re-recording of her most successful release, “Trouble Or Nothing.”
Robin Beck previously released two fine albums for the Frontiers label, “Do You Miss Me” in 2005 and “Livin' on a Dream” in 2007. Her latest album, “Underneath” came out in 2013 and now it is finally time for her anticipated comeback!
“I'm happy to announce my new album is just around the corner,” says Robin. “The music is coming to life with 11 amazing songs written by some of the best writers on the planet including Clif Magness, Kelly Clarkson, Shelly Pieken, James Christian, Tommy Denander, Richard Hymas, Fiona Flanagan, and a very special song written by myself and Jeff Kent. Producers & players will include: James Christian, Clif Magness and Tommy Denander, with Clif Magness and Tommy Denander on guitars, Jeff Batter on keys, James Christian on bass and others soon to be announced.”

HOUSE OF LORDS Deliver 'Saint Of The Lost Souls' March 24

Friday, March 24, 2017
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of “Saint Of The Lost Souls”, the tenth studio album from House of Lords. The album, which is the follow up to their highly successful “Indestructible”, will be released March 24th.
Beginning today, the first audio offering from “Saint Of The Lost Souls” entitled “Oceans Divide” can be heard HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cirgDpXk_K0
You can pre-order the album and/or stream first single, "Oceans Divide" here: http://radi.al/SaintoftheLostSouls
Recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind James Christian, this collection of songs has an incredible flow of up-tempo and mid-tempo rockers mixed with power ballads, which lean a bit more toward keyboards this time around, but without compromising the band's trademark sound which is based around Jimi Bell’s guitar.
“Saint Of The Lost Souls” is already one of the years most anticipated melodic rock releases and will not disappoint fans of the band or genre. James Christian's well crafted and smooth vocals bring the band's craft to new heights. Guitarist Jimi Bell is on fire and the melodic riffs throughout the album will leave you breathless. A new addition on bass is Chris Tristram, who is no stranger to the rock community. His solid performance adds another dimension to the sound and BJ Zampa brings a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to House of Lords.
House of Lords debuted in 1989 with the release of their self-titled album, a record which is still regarded as one of the best arena rock releases of the 80’s. The colossal sound, the soaring vocals of James Christian and instrumental capabilities of the band (which featured ex-Angel and Giuffria keyboardist, Gregg Giuffria, along with luminaries Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Ken Mary), were reminiscent of such frontrunners as Whitesnake/David Coverdale, Deep Purple, and Van Halen and immediately brought the band to the attention of the music media and fans.
With their sophomore release, “Sahara”, House of Lords had considerable radio and video chart success with their cover of Blind Faith’s “Can't Find My Way Home”. After a tour with Nelson in 1991, the group disbanded, eventually coming back together with a new lineup (featuring original members Giuffria and Christian) in 1992 with "Demon's Down". With the change in musical climate at the time, House of Lords went into hibernation until the original lineup came back together in 2000, releasing the controversial “Power and the Myth”, an album which featured a sound leaning more towards progressive hard rock with 70’s rock influences. After a short European tour, singer James Christian decided to go back to the trademark arena rock sound of House Of Lords, putting together a new line-up with the blessing of founding member Gregg Giuffria, who opted out right before the release of “Power and the Myth”. New members Jimi Bell on guitars and B.J. Zampa on drums supplied a true powerhouse sound to the fifth studio album, “World Upside Down”, a record which caused a real stir in the hard rock and melodic rock scenes. That album was followed up by the equally impressive “Come to My Kingdom” in 2008, "Cartesian Dreams" in 2009, "Big Money" in 2011, and “Precious Metal” in 2014.
The band has toured relentlessly in Europe and the States in support of their releases and have now become a true staple of the hard rock scene on both continents. House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find on “Saint Of The Lost Souls” which shines from the first second to the last!
“Saint Of The Lost Souls” Track Listing:
1. Harlequin
2. Oceans Divide
3. Hit the Wall
4. Saint of the Lost Souls
5. The Sun Will Never Set Again
6. New Day Breakin’
7. Reign of Fire
8. Concussion
9. Art of Letting Go
10. Grains of Sand
11. The Other Option



R.I.P JEFF KENT (House Of Lords, Robin Beck, James Christian)

Today we mourn the passing of yet another member of the melodic rock community.
Singer, producer and songwriter JEFF KENT sadly passed away over the weekend. There are no details of his death, but what matters is that we have lost another very talented and well liked friend of MelodicRock.
Jeff began his career writing in the 70s, continued on in the 80s writing with Desmond Child for Kiss; Cyndi Lauper, Ellie Greenwich, Ellen Foley before moving on to writing with Robin Beck, Company Of Wolves, and finally for House Of Lords and James Christian/Robin Beck, for which he is best known in this part of the business.
His writing formed the basis for the two major House Of Lords albums ‘Come To My Kingdom’ and ‘World Upside Down’.
So 2016 claims another life. JEFF KENT, we thank you for your immense talents and great songs. May you rest in peace.

The Right To Rock Podcast - HOUSE OF LORDS

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TheRighttoRock.com has issued their latest podcast (episode #199), featuring House of Lords vocalist James Christian. James took time out of his busy schedule to discuss the latest House of Lords release, Indestructible, as well as, the band's upcoming tour planst. Interview lasts approx. 30 min.

Genghis brings up the topic of artists that make use of Kickstarter and YouTube for creating and publishing original content (i.e. albums), specifically artists like Meytal Cohen. Is this the way of the world now for upcoming artists, or just an example of a fluke success based on internet popularity? You decide.

Next, join the lads as they talk with James Christian of House Of Lords, who discusses the band's latest release, Indestructible, subsequent tour plans, and a nearly life-long (he started singing in clubs at 16!) career in the music biz.



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Rich Davenport's Rock Show this week features interviews with Judas Priest legend KK Downing, James Christian (House of Lords), Tracey 'Spacey T' Singleton (Praise The Dead, ex Sound Barrier, Fishbone), Symphony X's Michael Romeo and Ted Aguilar from Death Angel, and is now available for streaming at this link:


In the first hour, legendary former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing drops in to discuss his new range of fragrances for Rockers, Metal for Men and Metal for Women. KK also talks about some of the reasons he chose to leave Priest, and looks at the way in which the classic Priest axe team he formed with Glenn Tipton worked to stay on the cutting edge of lead guitar playing. KK also chooses two of his favourite Priest classics.

Also in part 1, House of Lords vocalist James Christian looks at the band's stellar new album 'Indestructible', their tenth to date, released as the current line up celebrates its tenth anniversary. You'll also hear two new tracks chosen by James.

The second hour kicks off with a chat with renowned guitar hero Tracey 'Spacey T' Singleton, formerly of Sound Barrier, Fishbone, and Mother's Finest, and now playing 8-string guitar with Praise The Dead, a power duo whose sound is simultaneously melodic and crushingly heavy. The band has just released 'The Heavy', the first of 3 EPs, and Tracey gives the low down on this exciting new project. Tracey also pays tribute to Phil Lynott, revealing that Sound Barrier approached the Lizzy legend's management to ask him to produce an album for them. You'll also hear Sound Barrier's cover of Thin Lizzy's 'Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)', and Tracey's choice of another Lizzy gem.

Rounding off the show are interviews with Michael Romeo, guitarist with Prog Metal masters Symphony X, who looks at their forthcoming new album 'Underworld', and Ted Aguilar, rhythm guitarist with classic Thrashers Death Angel. Ted discusses their new CD/DVD package which features a live album, 'The Bay Calls For Blood', and 'Thrashumentary', a career-spanning retrospective documentary.

The show closes with two tracks from Bob Seger's latest album 'Ride Out'.

For the best in Rock & Metal News check out www.metalshockfinland.com www.melodicrock.com www.bravewords.com


HOUSE OF LORDS - Indestructible (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
Go To Hell
Pillar Of Salt
100 Mph
Call My Bluff
Die To Tell
We Will Always Be One
Produced By: 
House Of Lords / Mixed: Ty Sims
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
House Of Lords are in quick time with another all new studio release to follow up last year’s Precious Metal. Now up to album number six since converting to the James Christian controlled lineup of Jimi Bell, B.J. Zampa and Chris McCarvill; House Of Lords are a force to be reckoned with.
They will have to be careful about how much material they are putting out and ensuring that the quality doesn’t drop. In the last 18 months we’ve had two studio albums and James Christian’s own solo album.
After the patchy Precious Metal (which I rated too highly at the time), the band deliver some monster melodic rock tunes on Indestructible. It still doesn’t match the brilliance of Come To My Kingdom and World Upside Down, but it does deliver a few new HOL classics, even if the sound of the band has changed somewhat.
What I am referring to is the heavy use of James’ lovely wife Robin Beck on harmony and lead “high vocals” throughout the album.
James’ voice has become a little rougher in recent years, but he is now abdicating the role of singing the higher notes to Robin. Her voice is very cleverly mixed in there, but it’s very obvious and at times it sounds too high compared to the sound of old.
Listen to any of the HOL albums up until Cartesian Dreams and you’ll hear only James on harmonies and high vocals. From Big Money onwards it has slowly changed the band’s sound. And while I love the sound and style of the band and still really enjoy their music – this album especially – it’s a different vocal style/mix being employed.
For this band I do prefer the all-male harmonies of earlier albums.
The hard driving Go To Hell is as heavy as it sounds and is made better by an infusion of keyboards (still not enough keyboards in the album generally). The chorus of this and the huge hard rock groove of the very likable Indestructible is dominated by that high pitch vocal from Robin. Same goes for Pillar Of Salt. It’s a good song first and foremost, but I can hardly hear James in the main chorus line.
100 Mph is much the same again, another very high chorus, but it’s a ripping hard rock song and very catchy.
The melodic rock of Call My Bluff features one of the catchiest vocal melody lines in recent HOL memory. A terrific song and hook.
Die To Tell has come classic elements of the HOL sound and it is a good place to point out what a kick ass team James has behind him.
Another Dawn has another strong chorus of course, but I’d have preferred to hear more of James in the chorus.
Ballads come in the form of the anthemic We Will Always Be One and…. Yes, that’s it! One big quality ballad while the rest of the album just rocks out – like the double-time fury of the last two tracks Ain't Suicidal and Stand And Deliver.

Yes, another highly rated quality album from House Of Lords, but more and more so, they are a different sounding band vocally. The songs though are good. Very good. Some of their best in a few albums.
Jimi Bell is a guitar legend and Chris and BJ are the rhythm section from (good) hell. Absolutely blinding performances on there from those guys.
Good production and a clean mix make for an easy listen at any volume, but loud is always preferable of course.


Monday, January 12, 2015
HOUSE OF LORDS vocalist JAMES CHRISTIAN has posted a few comments to his Facebook page inbetween vocal sessions for the next HOL studio CD.
The comments read as follows:
“Just sitting here in my studio going over vocal tracks for the NEW HOL 2015 CD.
I never realized it before, but I actually have a ritual when recording and producing the songs. I close my studio door (NEVER LOCK) in case of an emergency. But this evening my daughter opened the door and I was literally in a musical trance rocking out to our own music. She turned and walked away without a single word. Well all I can say is that it feels so great to be that invested in the music. After all the years of recording, it still does so much for my well being and happiness.
“Jimi BJ and Chris, Are playing their ASS OFF, and the SONGS?, well they inspire me. It's gonna be a great one!!”
“It is an extension of Precious Metal but a bit more intense. The song lyrics are deeper in thought. Inspired my my great guitar player JIMI BELL and his classic riffs, BJ is the rock and Chris is the foundation. There really is no formula, Just guys writing the kind of music that we have loved for so many years. If you liked Precious Metal, You will fall in Love with this one.”
James also discussed the possible title for the new album:
“Working Title For the new CD is "Indestructible" Because of out total dedication to the music we love nothing could break us. We are shooting a video for the song with the same title. I think it is an appropriate title and also shows a band that will not back down. We have been through a lot, and people have created turmoil where there was none. So to them I say, HOL after all these years is "indestructible"”


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