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BLASTED TO STATIC Release Debut Album May 27

Friday, May 27, 2016
BLASTED TO STATIC, the new American / Australian kings of shred metal, are releasing their 2016 "Blasted to Static" self titled debut album May 27.
Track Listing:
1. Suicide King
2. The Hammer
3. Repossession Of Nothing
4. Lovesick Blue Pt. 1
5. Requiem Pt. 2
6. Dance Devil Dance
7. Devil's Preacher
8. Nottingham Grove
9. Delivered From The Ashes
10. Warbaby
11. Francois

For fans of: Racer X, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Death Dealer, Riot
Official Release Date: May 27 via Metalopolis Records (Germany)

Band Line-Up:
Vocals: Jeff Martin (Racer X / Badlands / Surgical Steel)
Guitars: Stu Marshall (Death Dealer / Empires of Eden / Dungeon)
Bass - Rev Jones (MSG / Steelheart / Leslie West / Gundriver)
Drums - Clay T

For the latest band news and show dates, visit the official Blasted to Static website and Facebook page:

BLASTED TO STATIC is a incredible new band from the US and Australia made up of seasoned and established musical virtuosos.

Headed up by the incendiary Jeff Martin, vocalist for US metal legends Racer X who has fronted the band throughout their entire 9 album discography and who has influenced an entire genre of guitar players, Jeff continues to display his incredible vocal range with Blasted To Static.

Joined by Australian fret-melting guitar wizard Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Death Dealer / Empires of Eden / Dungeon), the duo's goal was to bring back high octane vocals combined with riffing mayhem and outstanding guitar shredding to the masses.

The rhythm section is held down by the tornado like talent of bassist Rev Jones (Steelheart / Michael Schenker Group / Leslie West / Gundriver) and Australian session demigod drummer Clay T. who lay it hard and heavy providing a massive musical groove for the band.

Blasted To Static represents an uncompromising and intense odyssey from veterans of the metal scene. But for all the high-octane, hook-laden riffing mayhem, the band’s versatility also encompasses acoustic elements and more subtle, understated interludes. “We’re embracing an organic approach with this band,” says guitarist Stu Marshall. “Don’t expect music from a single genre - Blasted To Sttatic is all about full artistic freedom, so you might even hear echoes of Black Sabbath or Queen.”

With a deafening roar of amplified power, Blasted To Static deliver a cutting-edge musical offering that is both refreshingly new, and also one that re-imagines the hallmarks of 80’s guitar histrionics and pyrotechnics, coming down as a category 5 sonic hurricane that will blow the speakers off your stereo.

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