STEVE PERRY New Album 'Traces' Out October 5

Friday, October 5, 2018
STEVE PERRY will release his brand new 10 track studio album 'Traces' on October 5 worldwide via Fantasy Records (a division of Concord Records/UMG)
Total length: 40:13
Track List:
01. No Erasin' 04:07
Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng
02. We're Still Here 04:06
Writers: Steve Perry, Brian West
03. Most Of All 04:23
Writers: Steve Perry, Randy Goodrem
04. No More Cryin' 04:29
Writers: Dan Wilson, Steve Perry
05. In The Rain 04:06
Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng
06. Sun Shines Gray 03:57
Writers: Steve Perry, John 5, Thom Flowers
07. You Belong To Me 04:07
Writers: Steve Perry, Barry Eastmond
08. Easy To Love 04:03
Writers: Steve Perry, Thom Flowers
09. I Need You 02:59
Writers: Steve Perry, George Harrison
10. We Fly 03:56
Writers: Steve Perry, Jeff Babko
Album Produced by: Steve Perry & Thom Flowers
Those are the fitting first words Steve Perry sings with tremendous soul and conviction on “No Erasin’” -- the life-affirming anthem that opens up Traces, his first solo album in nearly a quarter century. It is a rousing start to the most personal and emotionally powerful work yet from this legendary singer-songwriter who earned global fame as the voice of Journey before going on to significant solo success as well.
By any standard, Traces is an inspired and expansive work that has indeed been a long time coming. Yet in a very real way, Traces marks an extraordinary and welcome return to form that Steve Perry himself long assumed he would never make. Big and bold, yet intimate and revealing, Traces is not the sound of a veteran rock star dipping his toe back in the pool, but rather an artist who has reconnected with his music in a new way that surprised even Perry himself.
October 5th, 2018
1. No Erasin’
2. We’re Still Here
3. Most Of All
4. No More Cryin’
5. In The Rain
6. Sun Shines Gray
7. You Belong To Me
8. Easy To Love
9. I Need You
10. We Fly
11. October in New York (Deluxe edition only)
12. Angel Eyes (Deluxe edition only)
13. Call On Me (Deluxe edition only)
14. Could We Be Somethin’ Again (Deluxe edition only)
15. Blue Jays Fly (Deluxe edition only)

STEVE PERRY At Long Last Signals His Return

Legendary AOR vocalist STEVE PERRY is BACK!
Well, not quite, but prepare yourselves for a well organised media campaign and NEW MUSIC.
Finally, the former frontman of Journey and driving force along with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain behind some of the 80s biggest rock anthems, returns in 2018 after a decades long absence that has only been punctuated with a handful of brief public cameos: Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star ceremony with Journey in 2005; Baseball’s World Series in 2010; interviews in 2011 to discuss Sony’s Journey & Steve Perry catalogue reissues; joining The Eels on stage in 2014; and most recently just last year, the 2017 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony to induct Journey.
He has teased fans with talk of new music along the way, in my own 2011 interview with Steve, he talked about commencing the recording process for new material.
Steve: “I've been sketching everything in my laptop in just a demo sketch form. And the good news is I've got some really fun moments in there, great things going. The bad news is that they're demos right now and they're just sketches.
I'm my own worst enemy. I have always been. I'll play things for friends and they just think they're really great. And they'll tell me the truth if they're not. I'll say, “Gee, my voice is a little out of tune here. I've got to sing this again. This bugs me, that bugs me.” And they'll say, “I'm sorry, I don't' hear that.” But I do. And so, you know, that's the problem.
I would never stop until I was happy. But I have been known to walk past some emotional moments reaching for things that I think could be better.”
So is 2018 really the year it will finally happen? Yes!
Steve Perry recently recorded a feature TV interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning program, which is the same outlet that did a Journey profile feature back in 2008.
The program is set to air Sunday, October 7.
Steve has just simultaneously launched his new social media platforms, which you can follow at the following links:
The 5 second video is a simple greeting: “I know it’s been a long time comin’…”
Yes it has. But I can confirm this is a definite music related publicity campaign. The long awaited new solo album is his first since 1994’s “For The Love Of Strange Medicine” and his first new music at all since the 1998 soundtrack song “I Stand Alone”.
Steve Perry has a new record deal, new management and as you have witnessed today, a new media presence ready to go (with new logo).
Stay tuned for more details ASAP.


This week of Westwood One's Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, new interviews with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, vocalist Myles Kennedy and Uli Jon Roth. Alan Niven (GNR/Great White) co-hosts.
In our first interview JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon discusses the band's current tour with Def Leppard, his public feud with bandmate Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon's Journey Through Time, a Journey music festival, Santana and the Santana IV album, Carlos Santana, Santana III, the need to form Journey, new music, the desire to make a blues album with singer John Waite, doing something with Steve Perry 'that's different than Journey', his upcoming solo album, his work with Sammy Hagar, and comments about the various singers he's worked with including Steve Perry, John Waite and more. 
In our second interview, singer Myles Kennedy talks about his recently released solo album Year Of The Tiger, his upcoming solo tour, his voice, playing GNR songs in the future, Slash's guitar playing, Mark tremonti and more.
In our final interview, guitarist extraordinaire ULI JON ROTH discusses his UJR Sky guitars -visit: -- As well as the recent immigration issues that delayed his scheduled North American tour, Electric Sun, late starts in North American clubs, leaving the Scorpions and becoming a solo artist, the metaphysics of music, the importance of commercial success, The Sails Of Charon, Your Light & The Taken By Force album, not being fond of the Scorpions lyrics, Tokyo Tapes and more.



NEAL SCHON Looks Beyond Drama; Talking With JOHN WAITE For Blues Project

World Exclusive:
Journey guitarist NEAL SCHON has reached out to former BAD ENGLISH band mate, vocalist JOHN WAITE about doing a "rough, vicious" blues project. Neal spoke exclusively to of news that producer Kevin Shirley had the idea for the project, to use "a lot of great singers", but having recently heard a new live video of Waite, was so impressed with how good he sounded, "insanely good", so reached out and the pair are talking.
As for a rhythm section, Neal says: "I haven't talked about who for drums or bass, but I believe Deen Castronovo would be great."
Yes he would!
So what of this week's drama surrounding JOURNEY? All good says Neal: "I'm having fun playing as always for my fans. Journey will tour for the next 2 months then we will have time to think away from each other."
Neal continues: "I'm working and pretty much finished with my new solo album 'Universe' featuring Narada Michael Walden. We will definitely play some gigs after the record release in the top of 2018. We are pretty much done now. It's all promising, but I'm not done with Journey. We, or I, have much more inside me to come out. I will follow my heart."
So there you are folks, a really interesting musical time ahead for Neal and a lot to look forward to in 2018.

Is NEAL SCHON'S JRNY Something To Watch For

It seems something has broken the camel's back in the Journey camp, with Neal Schon filling social media today with cryptic talk of inner turmoil in the world of Journey.
Although officially the word is "No", something is definitely transpiring between founding member Neal Schon and long time keyboardist Jonathan Cain.
It appears that Jonathan's marriage to high profile Pastor Paula White in 2015 is the catalyst. It is the third marriage for both.
At the time Cain said: “She gave me the news that God loved me and wanted his son back. She spoke to the king in me and gave me new hope I could get right with God. The God I had hungered for, the Father I had been missing.”
White remains the personal minister to President Trump and chairs his Evangelical Advisory Board. She became the first woman ever to pray the invocation at a presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.
Of his recent Christian solo album Cain stated: “This is my love letter to God. It’s my thanks for the grace He gives me.”
Shortly after marrying, Cain was caught up in a controversy when addressing a congregation both were preaching to, when he suggested methods for wives to get to know what their husband’s like, saying: “figure it out. Get a book, get some porn, do something. If he likes to watch porn, watch porn with him, you know what I mean…”
Now Neal has taken to Instagram and Twitter – under the recent new handle “Neal Schon’s JRNY” to post the following:
“Bringing it every night. I want to be elevated by whom I play with not feel like I've got cement shoes. If anyone is unhappy they are Not running My band then They should Leave. God has bigger plans.”
“Yes I've stated how I felt about mixing Religion and Politics and how our music is not of 1 religion - democratic or republican. This is and has been an issue with myself Mr Cain and his now wife since he married. I've had to fight this whole time to protect the Brand I built with Steve Perry way before Gregg and I picked Cain to replace himself when he wanted to retire from the road back then. Well frankly I'm tired of having to defend all by my self. Ross is no help. I continue to grow and be completely creative and want to take the band Neal Schon's JRNY on an exciting new trip musically. Yes we will always have all hits to play But there must be musical growth also. I also need to surround myself with people that care as I do. I'll never stop.”
“I've finally gotten to the point of Enough. Im a very patient person - so I've been told by many including Carlos Santana and he's said wow - How and Why do you do it ? I did it out of love but not receiving any back. They don't give a shit so now I don't either. Your skin becomes tough but it has to to endure ... bottom line I'll always be JRNY as it's been my baby from birth. Herbie and Steve Perry will tell you the same as he did at RRHOF  thank you Steve for the truth.”
“No worries. I will not cave about my beliefs or protecting Journey as I always have. I believe in God.”
Now a news item about the Woody Guthrie Center honouring Neal has been removed from all Google references and the originating news site, with Neal claiming jealousy and sabotage are at play. "Wow this national story has already been removed from google and channel 6 site here in Tulsa Oklahoma. This is totally criminal sabotage but it will not stop the actual ceremony tomorrow..."
As of right now a lot of fans are joining in the conversation to back Neal - an example of which is below.
Stay tuned for more…

JOURNEY: Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Steve Perry Reveal Hall Of Fame Career

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Dallas, TX - March 30, 2017.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website IN THE STUDIO with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands maps out Journey’s long road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a two-part, two week career-spanning radio special. 
From 1981 to 1986 the biggest band in America was Journey. This band from “the city by the bay” sold more than 30 million records in that short time. Millions of people have seen them perform live over years of nearly endless touring to this day. Journey songs became the soundtrack for a whole generation of fans “raised on radio” and for new generations of fans of TV shows like The Sopranos and Glee.  It’s hard to imagine anyone who has grown up in America over the last 40 years who has not been touched in some way by the music of Journey.
The musical Journey began in 1973 with two former members of Santana, Gregg Rolie and Neal Schon, looking to form an ambitious musical outfit to perform rock fusion and rule the live music circuit. There would be multiple member changes, but none more important than the addition of singer Steve Perry.  In Part 1 episode, Gregg, Neal and Steve speak with IN THE STUDIO producer and host Redbeard about the early incarnation of the band and the breakthrough success of their 1978 fourth album, Infinity.
“The real idea behind the band was ‘Let’s go play live’. We used to knock people out. In fact as (Journey’s manager) Herbie Herbert put it, we sold  more tickets than we did records then. People would come to see the band for the instrumentation and energy of it . It wasn’t following suit with anything else on the radio.”  - Gregg Rolie
“Everybody’s feeling at the time was, ‘Look, we’re all starving to death’, you know? And it’s time we gotta make a living at this or I was going to have to get a job selling ladies shoes or something. I wanted to play music and make a living at it.”  - Neal Schon
“I had no idea what I was in for. I really didn’tt realize what a real workhorse this band was until I’d say 178 shows later, that same tour, non stop. But I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t change one thing.”  -  Steve Perry
JOURNEY  Best Of  PART 1  /InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at:
Part 2 will be available next week at:



One On One With Mitch Lafon - DEEN CASTRONOVO

Release Year: 

Former JOURNEY drummer DEEN CASTRONOVO joins Mitch for episode 235 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, drummer Deen Castronovo comes clean about his his arrest, drug problems and domestic abuse charges that led to his firing from Journey, being sober one year, seeking redemption, how being fired from Ozzy Osbourne's band impacted his life and much more.

Quote from the interview:

time 3.22: "I was thrown in jail for fifteen days which was honestly... I thank the police to this day. It saved my life. It really did."

time 3.59: "God is restoring my life now."

time 6.44: "It started when I got fired from Ozzy. I was so depressed and so miserable and just heartbroken, devastated... That I figured you know what - I'm going to numb myself."

Twitter: @DeenTheDrummer

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Facing Crossroads, JOURNEY Embraced With Open Arms On Escape

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dallas, TX - June 14, 2016.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  explores an Eighties classic, Journey’s 1981 album Escape, on its thirty-fifth anniversary.

In every journey there are crossroads, pivotal moments where paths must be chosen, where there are opportunities to change direction or to go straight ahead. The rock band called Journey never stuck to the straight path through an odyssey of twists and turns, changes and certainly, crossroads.

The first change came in 1978 when Steve Perry joined the band as lead vocalist, transforming Journey from an improvisational progressive rock band into a mainstream commercial success.  In 1981 there was another turning point when keyboardist and songwriter Gregg Rolie, one of Journey’s original members, left the band. In came former Babys member Jonathan Cain, and his gift for melody, especially ballads, meshed perfectly with Steve Perry’s voice.

It was no accident that Journey’s first album with Jonathan Cain, Escape, went all the way to No. 1. Selling nearly ten million copies and staying in the Top 40 for more than a year, the band scored the hits, “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Who’s Cryin’ Now”, “Stone in Love” and Journey’s first # 1 hit “Open Arms”. 

Neal Schon, Steve Perry, and Jonathan Cain share with InTheStudio host Redbeard an in-depth look at the making of Escape, with the musical choices that ultimately underscored the success of this classic album.

“(Escape) was an ambitious broad stroke of the brush... It tried to cover a lot of territory. We could have been killed for it, but Journey was in the place where that statement could be made, musically. They had the freedom to actually make an artistic statement and be heard. People were listening.”   - Jonathan Cain

JOURNEY Escape @ 35 /InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at:

Direct Link to InTheStudio broadcast affiliate radio station list: “

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Direct Link to InTheStudio website: “


Alessandro Del Vecchio & Friends with Toby Hitchcock 'Live at Frontiers XX Anniversary'


Frontiers Music Srl is very pleased to announce the now usual special Festival CD!
At the forthcoming Frontiers Rock Festival, we will release a strictly limited edition (500 copies) of Alessandro Del Vecchio & Friends with Toby Hitchcock 'Live at Frontiers XX Anniversary'.
Recorded last February 27th in Napoli, Italy at the party organized to celebrate the XXth Anniversary of Frontiers Records, the label wanted to make things really special. So Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino, asked Alessandro if he wanted to be part of the celebrations and if he wanted to perform a few songs live ' as an unforgettable moment for all business partners, friends and journalists attending the event. Further discussions brought Pride of Lions singer Toby Hitchcock into the picture. He agreed to come over from Indiana and have a stab at some true AOR and Melodic Rock classics 'in his own way'.
So the set includes a few tracks which showcase some tunes originally written by Alessandro and then performed by other artists, while the bulk of the show sees Toby Hitchcock taking care of lead vocals on classic Perugino's very own favourite songs, originally recorded by Surivor, Journey, Bad English, Foreigner and of course Pride of Lions too.
Alessandro Del Vecchio says: "When Serafino asked me to perform at the XX Anniversary party, I just couldn't say no. Frontiers to me is not just a label I work with. I'm proud to be part of the working team behind these great albums. I called in some of my best buddies in music and after a rehearsal with Toby, we flew down to Napoli, hoping we could burn the house down. Well, we did and with a lot of fun too! Serafino asked us to perform his "dream setlist", as we called it, and we took the challenge to go out and play those songs with barely 2 hours of getting together, to give it a flavour of a jam among friends more than a regular gig. The atmosphere was awesome and the smiles on people's faces were just worth the challenge! To me the most magical moment has been singing the song I wrote for Serafino's dad - "In The Name Of The Father (Fernando's Song)" - in front of his whole family. I almost cried when I opened my eyes at the end of my last note. That's what music is about and I hope you can enjoy these few songs and get the magic we experienced and lived that night. Long live Frontiers!"
Toby Hitchcock adds 'What an incredible honor to be a part of this celebration! When Serafino asked if I could come to Italy to sing for this event, I didn't hesitate one minute! It was an amazing experience for me to play for the Frontiers crew, but also share the stage with Alessandro and the guys. What an incredible group of musicians! I hope to rock the stage with them again someday! Thanks for having me Frontiers! Here's to 20 more years!!"'
The performing band was rounded up by experienced musicians such as Nik Mazzucconi (Edge of Forever) on bass, Marco Di Salvia on drums and Francesco Marras on guitars.  It was truly an unforgettable and unique night ' enjoy and celebrate with us!
Tracklisting of 'Live at Frontiers XX Anniversary' includes:
The Road To Nowhere*
Here Forever*
In The Name Of The Father (Fernando's Song)*
It's Criminal
Straight To Your Heart
Sound Of Home*
Mother, Father
I Can't Hold Back
Man Against The World
That Was Yesterday
The Courage To Love Somebody
Don't Stop Believin'
*Lead or co-lead vocals - Alessandro Del Vecchio
All copies unsold after the Festival will be exclusively sold on the Frontiers website. No preorders will be taken.
Frontiers Rock Festival will be held at the Live Club in Trezzo Sull Adda (Milan) on April 23 and 24, 2016. VIP Tickets (only a handful left) will also have a special access to an acoustic show / kick off party with Kip Winger, Phantom 5, Terry Brock, Drive,She Said, Paul Laine and Robbie LaBlanc featured.
Bands performing at the Frontiers Rock Festival will be on Day 1: No Hot Ashes, Shiraz Lane, Find Me, The Treatment, Drive, She Said, Treat, Last In Line // Day 2: Blood Red Saints, Inglorious, Terry Brock, The Defiants, Graham Bonnet Band, Trixter, Talisman.
All info available at   //

JOURNEY Singer ARNEL PINEDA Signs With Imagen Records Ushers In The Holidays With 'Sounds Of Christmas'

There is no denying the exceptional vocal talents of Arnel Pineda, as evidenced with his long-time work with one of rock's most enduring acts, Journey. Arnel also recently signed a multi-record deal with Imagen Records, which will be issuing the much-anticipated album in 2016. "I am very proud and excited to have such a worldwide sensation as Arnel added to our lineup at Imagen Records," says president Bob Winegard.
And soon, Arnel will be entering a new stylistic realm, with the release of the 'Sounds of Christmas' EP, which will be available for pre-order (digital only) on 12/11 and a street date (again, digital only) on 12/18. Ordering info can be found here:
The release is comprised of four tracks ("This Christmas," "Christmas Day," "Christmas Time," and "Jingle Bells"), with the lead single being "This Christmas" - available to streaming partners on 12/11. The tune is currently being serviced to Holiday & Hot AC Commercial Radio and featured on Retail Radio for the month of December (resulting in being heard in over 8,000 stores nationwide). Additionally, Arnel is the "featured artist" and highlighted Holiday single on All Access. As a member of Journey, Pineda has co wrote and performed on a pair of studio recordings, 2008's 'Revelation' and 2011's 'Eclipse,' as well as a concert DVD, 2009's 'Live in Manilla.’
Arnel also offered the following message - "I am pleased and honored to have the opportunity to sign with Imagen Records for my solo projects such as my new Christmas record out now, and my full length solo album coming out next in 2016, and of course, be able to work with such amazing crew and management of Imagen Records. To all the Journey fans, thank you for all your love and support to me and our whole band, looking forward to Journey's tour next year. Grateful to have all the people around me including Sanre Entertainment, its CEO Rene Walter, and my social media followers and likers, for their continued support, loyalty and love for my God-given talent. God bless everyone."

Soon, fans of Arnel's will be able to hear the wide-range of his vocal abilities - in the holiday spirit!

'Sounds of Christmas' Track listing:

1. This Christmas
2. Christmas Day
3. Christmas Time
4. Jingle Bells



STEVE PERRY Recording New Album Since March; Due in 2016

Release Year: 
Calling in to celebrate 'Uncle Joe's' birthday on LA Radio, former Journey vocalist (and all-round legend) STEVE PERRY has confirmed he has been recording a new studio album since March of this year and hopes to complete that process in the first few months of 2016.

JOURNEY's STEVE SMITH Talks 2016-2017 Tour

Release Year: 
From STEVE SMITH'S facebook page today:

I have been invited to tour with Journey for the 2016-2017 touring season and I have agreed to play drums for the group during this period!

I’ve enjoyed working with Journey guitarist Neal Schon for many years and playing on his solo albums, including The Calling and his latest release Vortex. In fact, Neal and I still share the creative chemistry we had when I was a member of Journey. When we work in the studio on his music, it's essentially just the two of us, jamming, writing, arranging and recording.

Over the years, he has mentioned that he'd like to have me tour with Journey again. The invitation has always been appreciated but with my busy schedule always being booked at least a year in advance, the timing was never right. Some changes within the band have once again brought me the invitation to tour and this time we were able to plan in advance and work a Journey tour into my schedule.

Like an actor capable of playing a wide variety of roles, I'm a musician who enjoys, and is comfortable performing, diverse genres of music. My group Vital Information, as well as the other great jazz and world music artists that I tour and record with, remain a musical priority. I will also be performing with them during the next two years and by 2018 will resume my career full-time as a touring and recording jazz musician.

My decision to tour with Journey in 2016-2017 is based on many factors:

My relationship with Neal is strong and we enjoy playing together. I've been in touch with Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory and we have a good rapport both personally and musically. All four of us share a common history and have created some enduring music together. I've met and spent time with Arnel Pineda and have great respect for him both as a person and vocalist.

I am excited to revisit a role that was a formative part of my career, performing music that has touched many people for more than 30 years. My kids Ian, Elizabeth, Kasia and Zac have not seen me play with the group (Ian has but he was too young to remember), it will be fun to have them see me perform with the band. Finally, I can say "yes" to the many fans who have asked if I would tour with Journey again.

My hope is that Journey fans will appreciate a new line-up similar to the Escape and Frontiers era -- and will want to revisit this timeless music with me. By bringing my musical experience to the table along with the years that the members of Journey have spent touring, I'm sure this new incarnation of Journey will develop its own special magic. It's going to be amazing. I look forward to seeing all the fans on the road!



JOURNEY Recalls Drummer STEVE SMITH For 2016 Tour

Release Year: 
JOURNEY and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS will launch the San Francisco Fest 2016 tour on Thursday, May 12, again bringing together two of the iconic groups that helped define the San Francisco sound. The tour launches at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, California — with concerts scheduled through August 30, and includes special guest Dave Mason. A limited number of VIP packages will be available and include premium tickets, pre-show party, exclusive merchandise and more.
Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning Saturday, December 5. A fan pre-sale will be offered starting Monday, November 30.
Neal Schon (founding member and lead guitarist), original member Ross Valory (bass), and longtime members Jonathan Cain (keyboardist) and Arnel Pineda (lead singer), are welcoming virtuoso drummer Steve Smith back into JOURNEY, marking the first time he will perform with the band since 1998. Schon and Smith have always remained close friends and musical collaborators. Smith has lent his incredible talent to several of Schon's solo albums, including critically acclaimed "The Calling", and, most recently, "Vortex".
Schon was thrilled when Smith accepted his invitation to rejoin JOURNEY, exclaiming: "I'm so looking forward to the very exciting 2016 we have planned, starting with my 'Neal Vortex Schon' Japan tour in February and then our major summer tour with THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and Dave Mason. We will see you all soon!!!!"
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS' Tom Johnston (founding member, vocals/guitar), Patrick Simmons (founding member, vocals/guitar), and longtime member John McFee (guitars/strings/vocals) are adding LITTLE FEAT co-founder Bill Payne to their band on the 2016 tour. Payne performed on many of THE DOOBIE BROTHERS studio albums as well as on the road; a relationship the band is looking forward to rekindling.
"It's gonna be a great summer for fans of Bay Area music, and for guys like us who have the pleasure of teaming up with our good friends from JOURNEY and the Dave Mason band," said Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons of THE DOOBIE BROTHERS. "We look forward to taking the stage with JOURNEY. We love their songs, and think we will all complement each other musically. It is going to be a powerful tour. We can't wait to share it with the fans!"
Tour dates:
May 12 - Irvine, CA - Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
May 14 - Phoenix, AZ - Ak-Chin Pavilion
May 15 - Albuquerque, NM - Isleta Amphitheater
May 18 - Austin, TX - Austin360 Amphitheater
May 20 - Dallas, TX - Gexa Energy Pavilion
May 21 - Woodlands, TX - The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman
May 23 - Wichita, KS - INTRUST Bank Arena
May 25 - Memphis, TN - FedEx Forum
May 27 - Indianapolis, IN - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
May 28 - Kansas City, KS - Sprint Center
May 31 - Rogers, AR - Walmart AMP
Jun. 02 - Birmingham, AL - Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
Jun. 04 - Charlotte, NC - PNC Music Pavilion
Jun. 05 - Raleigh, NC - Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Jun. 08 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood
Jun. 10 - Tampa, FL - MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amp.
Jun. 11 - W. Palm Beach, FL - Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre
Jun. 22 - Bangor, ME - Darling's Waterfront Pavilion
Jun. 24 - Bethel, NY - Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Jun. 25 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Banks Art Center
Jun. 27 - Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Jun. 29 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center
Jul. 01 - Virginia Beach, VA - Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
Jul. 02 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live
Jul. 05 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Jul. 07 - Toronto, ON - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Jul. 09 - Darien, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul. 10 - Mansfield, MA - Xfinity Center
Jul. 13 - Syracuse, NY - Lakeview Amphitheater
Jul. 15 - Camden, NJ - BB&T Pavilion
Jul. 16 - Burgettstown, PA - First Niagara Pavilion
Jul. 27 - Nashville, TN - Ascend Amphitheater
Jul. 29 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
Jul. 30 - Maryland Heights, MO - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Aug. 02 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
Aug. 04 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
Aug. 06 - Omaha, NE - CenturyLink Center
Aug. 07 - Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Arena
Aug. 09 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
Aug. 11 - Sioux Falls, SD - Denny Sanford PREMIER Center
Aug. 13 - Tinley Park, IL - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Aug. 16 - Oklahoma City, OK - Chesapeake Energy Arena
Aug. 17 - Little Rock, AR - Verizon Arena
Aug. 20 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
Aug. 21 - West Valley City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre
Aug. 23 - Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheatre
Aug. 25 - Ridgefield, WA - Sunlight Supply Amphitheater
Aug. 27 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay Events Center
Aug. 28 - Fresno, CA - Save Mart Center
Aug. 30 - Chula Vista, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre



DEEN CASTRONOVO Talks Journey Firing; No Official Comment From Band

Release Year: 
Drummer DEEN CASTRONOVO has appeared in front of the camera for the first time since been fired from JOURNEY and undergoing another stint in rehab. 
In two interviews, Deen talks about his domestic violence arrest, drug issues and the road to recovery.
Statesman Journal intevriew is below, with firther available at:
I personally approached both Neal Schon and Journey management for any comment, but there will be no official comment. I was told that the guys do love Deen and "there will be a time to announce his replacement, but that is not now".



"Two weeks ago, I, Deen Catronovo, made a plea deal with Salem, Oregon prosecutors. I plead guilty to one count of coercion, one count of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of assault 4, and 2 counts of menacing. Ref: Case #15CR23974 in Marion County Court."
"Anyone who witnessed the events remains adamant that my abrasive behavior stemmed from the fact that I was at a drug-induced psychosis level of intoxication at the time of the occurrences. Otherwise, I am an easy-going guy who loves being a father and a musician."
"After my Indictment in June, I completed a 75-day inpatient treatment program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Springbrook Center, the most comprehensive drug abuse treatment center in the State of Oregon. It was at Hazelden that I quickly realized how dire the situation had become. I made a vow to myself and my family to not only stay sober but to dedicate time telling my story, speaking to promote sobriety, being a good example to my sons and advocating for the rights and assistance of domestic violence victims. I hope by telling my story I can help prevent someone else from making the same mistakes I did."
"Taking into consideration that I have been able to stay completely sober since my Indictment in June as well as the fact that I have continued domestic violence and drug counseling without any difficulties, Judge Jamese Rhodes sentenced me to four years of probation. The probation requires me to continue the domestic violence and drug abuse counseling."
"At the sentencing I apologized to my ex-fiancé, Deidra, and her family for the hurt I have put them through. I continue to wish Deidra the best. I know Deidra is not at fault for my behavior nor the consequences I have suffered because of it. Again, I want to apologize to Deidra, her family, my family, my band-mates in Journey and the fans of Journey. I’m sorry I let you all down. I have hit my bottom and I’m taking the necessary steps to ensuring that this never happens again."
"As devastating as this was for me it was far more devastating to Deidra and our children. Had it not been for her calling the police and the intervention of the prosecutors I’d probably be dead. 

I’m going to focus on my family, finding happiness in sobriety and helping others who might be going down the wrong path to avoid destruction. For now I’m taking it one day at a time and looking to discover what new path God has planned for me."

DEEN CASTRONOVO Pleads Guilty; Handed 4yr Probation

Release Year: 
Deen Castronovo is lucky not to be facing jail time after pleeding guilty to domestic violence charges in court earlier today:

Journey drummer Deen Castronovo was handed a suspended sentence and four years of probation after pleading guilty to domestic violence crimes on Monday, Oct. 12.
Castronovo, 51, pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree assault constituting domestic violence, two counts of menacing constituting domestic violence, unlawful use of a weapon and coercion.
If he violates the terms of his probation, a sentence of five years and five months in prison could  be imposed.
While on probation, Castronovo cannot enter into a romantic relationship without permission from his probation officer, use controlled substances or alcohol, contact the victim, leave Oregon or enter into any bars unless for employment purposes, among other things.
Marion County Circuit Judge Jamese Rhoades also required Castronovo to undergo counseling for domestic violence and drug abuse.
For the record - here is a post from Deen's ex-wife:
Shelly Baughman Castronovo writes:
I feel like the media has made people into sheep! The truth... Deidra Witmer the woman who accused Deen of these charges has had a pattern of of bad relationships. They pushed each other...yes...but she was on a flight to Cabo the day after the arrest. She was riding horses on the beach an partying 2 days after that. Deen was in a toxic relationship.
...he at the height of drug abuse...she...with 3 dui's. He did violate the no contact order due to drugs but she has been in fights with prior issues with the law except with her. The same can not be said of her. I am tired of people villafying a man I have known and loved for 33 years...married for 10. He is the father of my son and another beautiful boy. PLEASE don't be so quick to cast the first stone! He was wrong in pushing her...she was wrong on pushing back!!!! He has a beautiful heart and has been clean for 104 days. Please don't judge what you don't know!

One On One With Mitch Lafon - ANTON FIG

Release Year: 
In episode 125 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, former Late Show With David Letterman drummer ANTON FIG joins Mitch to discuss his most recent release FIGMENTS (which includes special guests ACE FREHLEY, SEBASTIAN BACH and more), his time with David Letterman, his future plans which include touring with Joe Bonamassa, working on Journey's Arrival album, his work with KISS on their Dynasty and Unmasked records, the 1978 Ace Frehley solo album, Frehley's Comet, working with Ace Frehley, and comments on the possibility of once again working with the original Frehley's Comet line-up with Ace, John Regan and Tod Howarth, and much more.

Four By Fate's John Regan co-hosts this episode. John talks fondly of Anton Fig and updates fans on FOUR BY FATE's new album, Relentless.

Quotes from the interview:

Speaking of his work on the two KISS albums: "They never said play like Peter."

On KISS: "All I pretty much knew about KISS is that they were a big poster on the side of a bus in New York City."

On ACE FREHLEY's 1978 KISS solo album: "It captures such a spirit in time. There's nothing on that record that is cringe worthy to me."

For more about the ANTON FIG visit:
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This Episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon is brought to you by the Heavy Montreal Festival taking place on August 7th, 8th and 9th at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal. This year featuring Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Korn, Faith No More as well as '80s artists Dokken, Lita Ford and Warrant. Visit:

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STEVE AUGERI Launches New Solo Single 'In The Moment'

Release Year: 

Journey former lead singer STEVE AUGERI releases single entitled 'In the Moment'

For nearly a decade, Steve Augeri was the voice for the iconic band 'Journey.'  He has gone on to create a solo career that is garnering some fantastic new music while, 'Living in the Moment.'

Following the critically acclaimed single 'Faces,' Steve Augeri has produced a musical statement reviving the vintage 'Classic Rock' style and has transported it into the modern age.  With influences such as Queen, The Who, Humble Pie and contemporary rockers Muze, this new radio friendly rock anthem 'In the Moment,' conveys a positive message not unlike the transcendent hit by his former band mates with, 'Don't Stop Believing.'

Augeri has written, produced and played all the instruments on this cut which surely showcases his phenomenal musical abilities.  'In the Moment,' will take you back to a time when guitar anthem songs ruled radio.   

Augeri is currently touring worldwide with 'The Steve Augeri Band,' performing your favorites from his 'Journey' days and his new songs that are sure to become classics.

'In the Moment,' is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, and Beats/MediaNet. You can find out where Augeri is performing live by visiting his website.


DEEN CASTRONOVO Denied Bail; Meth Addiction Cited

Release Year: 
More disturbing news on DEEN CASTRONOVO's situation, with the drummer denied bail and meth addiction cited as influencing his behavior. It's not the first time he has fallen off the wagon and I hope he gets the help he needs urgently.
This from Houston Eagle:
The Journey drummer was high on meth and hallucinating when he was arrested two weeks ago and accused of misdemeanor assault and menacing, his attorney said Wednesday during a bail hearing.
Castronovo's attorney Jeffrey Jones asked an Oregon judge to set his bail at $50,000, saying he would be driven straight to a rehab clinic if released. Castronovo was released on bail after he was arrested June 14 and ordered to stay away from the woman who's accused him of raping her.
Despite the court order, prosecutors said Castronovo has texted the woman 122 times and called her 35 times since he posted bail, with his messages swinging between contrition and threats.
The 50-year-old drummer was booked into the Marion County Jail after a grand jury indicted him Monday. He now faces felony charges of assault, sexual abuse and unlawful use of a dangerous weapon. The indictment accuses Castronovo of having sexual intercourse with the victim "by forcible compulsion" between June 8 and June 14.



What Is The Status Of Drummer DEEN CASTRONOVO In JOURNEY

Release Year: 
Drummer Deen Castronovo has been stood aside from his role in JOURNEY while he faces domestic violence charges in his home state of Oregon.
Some media outlets have been reporting that Deen has been ‘sacked’ or ‘kicked out’ of the band, replaced with Neal Schon’s Vortex drummer Omar Hakim for the current and upcoming Canadian dates.
But at this time, Deen remains part of Journey and his absence is currently only temporary.
The official comment on Deen’s status is “no comment”, but I can suggest that his arrest is being treated very seriously by the Journey camp. However, it is hoped that Deen is found innocent of the charges he faces and should that happen, his path back to the drum stood should be unimpeded.

JOURNEY Adds NEAL “VORTEX” SCHON As Special Guest On Canadian Tour

Release Year: 
Omar Hakim Tapped to Play Drums for both JOURNEY and NEAL “VORTEX” SCHON

NEAL “VORTEX” SCHON has been added as the special guest to JOURNEY’s upcoming Canadian tour, which launches Monday, July 6 in Winnipeg Manitoba with concerts scheduled through August 3 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. This tour marks the first time the American rock greats perform a Canada-only tour, including markets in which band has never previously performed such as Penticton; Prince George; and Dawson Creek, British Columbia; and Lethbridge, Alberta. See below for a complete list of tour dates. Tickets are on sale now - visit for complete tour and ticketing information.
NEAL "VORTEX" SCHON features Schon on guitar, Omar Hakim on drums, Rachel Z Hakim on keyboards and Jerry Brooks on bass. NEAL “VORTEX” SCHON will perform selections from Schon’s brand new, all-instrumental 2-CD album, Vortex, released June 23 through the Mascot Label Group. The albumfeaturing Neal Schon on guitars and bass, drummer Steve Smith, GRAMMY-winning keyboardist Jan Hammer, and keyboardist Igor Len - utilizes rock as its foundation, and embraces elements of jazz, classical and world music in an 18-track, sonically explosive collection of original compositions.  The music of Vortex came to life at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios, Schon’s preferred spot for recording since Journey cut the 10-times-platinum number-one album Escape there in 1981.
Blazing hotter than ever with the lineup of founder Neal Schon (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jonathan Cain (keyboards and backing vocals), co-founder Ross Valory (bass and backing vocals), and lead vocalist Arnel Pineda (who was discovered by Schon), Journey has created some of the best-known songs in rock, such as “Wheel In The Sky,” “Separate Ways,” and “Faithfully.”  Neal Schon recruited Omar Hakim to play drums for Journey’s recent Hollywood Bowl Opening Night concert, the band’s July 4th performance in Provo, Utah, and the Canadian tour.
The Hollywood Bowl, one of the most iconic concert venues in the world, launched its 94th season with its 2015 Opening Night Concert featuring JOURNEY who performed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA), on June 20. The Bowl’s opening night is traditionally a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s many education and community programs, which serve more than 150,000 youth, families and teachers every year, and this year it raised a record $1.6 million; the previous best was $1.4 million in 2011.
Following the Hollywood Bowl opener, and Hakim’s debut with Journey, Neal Schon stated, “I'm very happy I was able to bring Omar Hakim in to help us pull together a very elaborate and complex show at the last minute. It was a nearly impossible feat, and tall order for anyone, but with Omar’s musical integrity and talent, we pulled it off and had a blast! Glad to know I've still got the ears and now I'm 2 for 2: first was finding Arnel and now, recruiting Omar Hakim.”
Over the years JOURNEY has earned multiple accolades, including 19 Top 40 singles; producing 25 Gold and Platinum albums; and receiving a Diamond certification for its Greatest Hits album, marking U.S. sales in excess of 15 million. In 2011, they drew nearly a million fans to their Eclipse World Tour and was awarded the prestigious "Legend Of Live Award" at the Billboard Touring Awards in honor of their significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring business, and in acknowledgement of their commitment to the fans and the art of performing live.
The group’s seminal anthem - “Don’t Stop Believin’” - is the top-selling digital catalog track inhistory, after being featured in the last scene of the electrifying series finale of HBO's ‘The Sopranos’  and then reaching another level of stratospheric success when it was covered by the cast of FOX's wildly successful series ‘Glee.’  Three decades after its original release, "Don't Stop Believin'” has reached a new generation of young fans welcoming this legendary band as it continues to bring its signature sound of classic hits around the world.
The intensely creative guitar giant, Neal Schon, has always had an innate ability to make glorious music. He began playing at age five and was inspired by soul vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, and blues and jazz guitarists ranging from B.B. King Albert King, and Eric Clapton to Wes Montgomery. When Schon was just 15 years old, Carlos Santana invited him to join his band. Schon’s recording debut was on the classic 1971 album Santana III. He played the solo on the LP’s hit single,“Everybody’s Everything.” Recently Schon  completed the album Santana IV with Carlos Santana, co-writing songs and playing guitar. Additionally, Journey, co-headlined with Santana on Carlos’ recent homecoming concerts in Mexico.
6-July                         Winnipeg, MB                      MTS Centre
8- July                       Calgary, AB                           Fort Calgary – Stampede Roundup
10-July                       Penticton, BC                       South Okanagan Events Centre
11-July                       Vancouver, BC                     Rogers Arena
13-July                       Victoria, BC                          Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre
15-July                       Prince George, BC               CN Centre
16-July                       Dawson Creek, BC               EnCana Events Centre
18-July                       Edmonton, AB                     Rexall Place
19-July                       Lethbridge, AB                     ENMAX Centre
21-Jul                         Regina, SK                             Brandt Centre
22-Jul                        Saskatoon, SK                      SaskTel Centre
25-Jul                         Hamilton, ON                      FirstOntario Centre
26-Jul                        Kingston, ON                        Rogers K-Rock Centre
28-Jul                        Montréal, QC                        Centre Bell
30-Jul                        Moncton, NB                        Moncton Coliseum
31-Jul                         Dartmouth, NS                    Alderney Landing
2-Aug                         St. John’s, NL                       Mile One Centre
3-Aug                         St. John’s, NL                       Mile One Centre
For more information, visit:


Release Year: 
NEAL SCHON has posted on the JOURNEY facebook page, news that they will take OMAR HAKIM on the road with them for the next set of dates in repalce of Deen Castronovo, who is dealing with domestic violence charges back at home.
"We Journey have made the decision to have Omar Hakim play drums for the band’s upcoming U.S. concerts (Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, June 20 and the Stadium of Fire in Provo, Utah on Saturday, July 4), as well as the band's Canadian tour (July 6 – August 3), due to Deen Castronovo’s pending issues. We are very grateful to Omar filling in with his musical excellence."

The Former Lead Singer Of JOURNEY, That Never Was

Release Year: 
The headline reads “Hard to believe a Burlington boy was the lead singer of the iconic rock band Journey, but Andy K Avery was just that…”
Except he wasn’t.
Andy K Avery tours as a Christian artist and speaker and is involved in substance abuse counselling.
Andy is promoted as “becoming an addict to drugs, alcohol…eventually landed himself in federal prison. Today, Avery travels to prisons, churches and schools to minister to kids and adults.”
Now that’s obviously a very positive thing and is not any part of the issue being addressed here.
The problem is that in the same bio text Andy promotes himself as a former lead singer of Journey.
The following is typical of the text used to promote himself, text found on multiple websites, multiple interviews and newspaper articles:
Andy Avery, a former lead singer of the rock band Journey….talking about his life and testimony. Avery joined the band in 1989 after lead singer Steve Perry was unable to perform.”
As an explanation for that stand in performance you can hear Andy himself state (Link 1 below) that “Steve Perry had some health problems…” (1.40) and he sang for the band on one gig.
Further to that (in Link 2) he claims he was “in the process of taking over as lead singer of Journey…”
And this: “After going to rehab more than once, he returned to the music world and was given the opportunity to fill in for the lead singer of Journey. He sang one concert, overdosed and lost his voice.”
He has been all over Christian talk back radio and various local press promoting his time with Journey. In Link 1 at the 4.15 mark he answers this question from the DJ- “Do you keep in contact with members of Journey” with this startling claim:
“No, in fact the only person I talk to ironically is Steve Perry himself and we have become good friends….he supports me 100%...It’s a wonderful relationship and for a long time I wasn’t even allowed to say my testimony, for 15 or 20 years I wasn’t allowed. Only over the last few years I have been given permission to publicise it, through the band’s management – as long as I’m helping kids and doing things like that…they support me on that.”
Yet another promotional excerpt; “Andy has led a very interesting life, singing in rock and roll bands like Journey, Head East, and Smoke House. He’s also opened for Kiss, Bon Jovi, and many others. But according to Andy, the best time of his life followed his pledge to Christ when he started using his singing gifts to advance the kingdom. If you have heard Lee Greenwood sing "God Bless the USA," you have heard Andy Avery. He sang the demo for the song that resulted in the record company signing Greenwood. Andy now travels the country, performing and leading worship for one purpose only: GOD. Andy’s latest adventure is "A Tribute to Journey" tour, as he is the former lead singer of that group.”
And yet again: “Once upon a time Andy Avery was chosen to be the lead singer of the band Journey.  That’s right.  JOURNEY!  I had the honor to meet Andy, sit down with him, and have an awesome conversation.  Andy has an amazing story.  One that you’ll want to hear….”
And if that’s not enough evidence of a calculated publicity campaign, there’s this:
“Andy Avery was the lead singer for the group Smokehouse before getting opportunities to fill in for Journey in Steve Perry’s absence. When Perry left the group, Avery was approached about becoming a member of the band, but believed that his past record of drug and alcohol abuse while in that industry was not a temptation he needed, choosing rather to grow his faith and family.
Music critics acknowledge that Avery sounds strikingly similar to Perry. Avery will perform several of the signature Journey songs, while also sharing Christian music and testimony.  He travels full time and is also a performer for Royal Caribbean Cruises.”
So those are the facts being touted, but time now to look at the actual truth.
First – Andy picked an unfortunate year to claim working with Journey. The band wasn’t even active at that time as just about every fan of the group knows.
The guys last toured in 1987 before taking a hiatus that would only be broken in 1991 for the Bill Graham Memorial.
1989 was of course the year Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain were part of Bad English’s chart topping run and subsequent tour.
But we do know that strange things have happened off the record and behind the scenes at times, so I contacted all parties involved for comment.
Neal Schon: “Never heard of him” and “this is bullshit and should be taken down.”
Journey management confirmed that this person was completely unknown to them and there was no negotiations whatsoever with him.
Andy is heavily promoting some upcoming shows with John Schlitt and John Elefante. So I reached out to John who added this:
“This situation has really disturbed me and I called Andy and had a fairly lengthy talk with him and told him to cease and desist the Journey thing ASAP!! He's just the opening act for me and John Schlitt.”
Of course, it is only fair to allow Andy himself to have his say, so I contacted him via his Facebook pages ( / ) and received the following replies:
“Gene Simmons was my manager and when I messed up on drugs my career was over and he kept all my music ... I was in Smokehouse for 8 years and toured with kiss Bon Jovi and many other big acts  ...I auditioned for Journey and landed the gig spent all the up front money on drugs and overdosed ..end of my career ... God has given me my voice back and now I travel and doing and minister to kids ... The ppl that made the poster announced it wrong in which I'm sorry ... my testimony is clear when I give it ... Journey has had 7 diff sonnets that were hired and never toured and one made a cd that never got released …
Also please keep in mind that this was done through my agent at the time tel star ... we were all so messed up on drugs that is very hard to attach what was real and timeline ...The only thing I testify to the kids about is the almost made it story ... the agents in particular have asked me not to mention there names ... I never bill myself as former lead singer ... I promise you i am working  hard at correcting things  staying with dropping my pr person whom I've explained this to many times ...”
When I replied stating that this doesn’t explain the “gig” and could he provide more information, I got this:
“No gig…I was on my way with my agent that fronted allot of money and I woke up 3 months later coming out of a coma in Buena Park ... I only sing Journey songs to lead up to that story ... again sorry for the confusion. We bill ourselves in concert as Wheel in the sky a journey tribute ... Proverbs says God's time is like a wheel in the sky”
And regarding the Steve Perry friendship: “I did meet him long ago and we hit it off very well ... I wasn't the best of ppl back then ... I've worked really hard to get my life in order the last 20 years.”
The only problem here is that the radio interview mentioning the Perry bond was from 2014.
To give Andy the final say: “I'm just a has been, sooner trying to help kids ...”
In that regard, I hope Andy succeeds and wish him all the best. Safe to say that he won’t be boasting of any involvement with Journey in the future.

NEAL SCHON Debuts New Solo Track & Talks To Billboard

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
From today - you can hear a new NEAL SCHON solo track from his upcoming solo album Vortex.
He's touring with Journey, finishing up a Santana reunion project and has a new solo album coming out. Look up "busy" in the dictionary and you'll likely find a photo of Neal Schon.
"I'm really busting ass this next year and this year," Schon tells Billboard. "I'm so busy I don't have a free day. I barely have a day off 'cause I bit off so much. But now that I'm in it, I'm not willing to go, 'Y'know what, man? I'm tired.' I'm a little fried, but everybody goes, 'You look great.' I'm feeling good and health-wise I'm really good, so I'm just gonna do it." The two-disc Vortex, whose title comes from a recent nickname for Schon bestowed by Carlos Santana, reunites Schon with early '80s collaborator Jan Hammer, after the keyboardist dropped in on 2011's The Calling. "I had sent Jan a couple tracks to play on for (The Calling) and I hadn't worked with him since the '80s, so we rekindled our friendship and renewed everything," Schon says. "For this album I went to him ahead of time and said, 'I'd love for you top-lay on this record but I'd love you to stretch out more and I'm gonna leave some open space,' and he said, 'Great.' He worked on it in his own studio and just killed it, man."
and on JOURNEY....
Schon plans to give Vortex a live airing during the Les Paul 100th birthday tribute concert on June 9 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. He has designs to do a solo tour as well but will have to fit those between his other endeavors. Journey begins its nine-show residency on Wednesday night (April 29) at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which Schon predicts will be "really great. We're gonna be mixing up the set, so we won't be playing the same thing every show. We've rehearsed a lot of stuff that we didn't play in our tour last year, but we'll have time to rehearse even more." All nine shows will be recorded and filmed, according to Schon, and he also hopes that during downtime Journey will start working on new material. "I've been trying to get things going," Schon reports. "I have a few ideas, just everybody's been in different places and we haven't gotten together yet. But we could probably put together a couple songs while we're rehearsing in Vegas, maybe get 'em in movies or play some new stuff live. That'd be fun."

Vortex is out June 23 via Mascot Records.

01. Miles Beyond
02. Awakening
03. Cuban Fly Zone
04. El Matador
05. Eternal Love
06. In a Cloud
07. Irish Cream
08. Lady M (Our love Remains)
09. NS Vortex
01. Tortured Souls
02. Schon & Hammer Now
03. Airliner NS910
04. Unspoken Faith
05. Twilight - Spellbound
06. Triumph of Love
07. Mom
08. Talk to Me
09. White Light




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