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THE CYBERIAM Debut Out Via MRR Feb 21

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock / metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history.

MelodicRock Records is excited to be a part of The Cyberiam team and this fantastic album.
MRR is handling the CD release worldwide, released officially FEBRUARY 21.


The debut Cyberiam album boasts almost 80 minutes of progressive rock creativity. 10 songs that feature a variety of styles, feelings, time signatures and emotion. Ranging from emotional to purely technical and everything in between.

"2020 Visionary" is a hard rock progressive track that has some serious depth and power. Compare that with the lighter tones and style of "The Fall."

Wether you are a fan of Tool and Opeth or like the more classic tones of Dream Theater or Symphony X, not to mention the alternative deeper feel of Porcupine Tree, this album has something for every progressive rock fan out there today.

Keith Semple - Vocals, Guitar
Frank Lucas - Keys
Tommy Murray - Drums
Brian Kovacs - Bass guitar, Vocals

PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21


RELEASE DATE: February 21
GENRE: Progressive Melodic Hard Rock
CAT#: MRR076

01. Alice In Afterland 8.53
02. Cool Kids 6.59
03. The Fall 5.20
04. Don't Blink 9.47
05. 2020 Visionary 5.46
06. The Historian 8.10
07. My Occupation 8.49
08. Juxtaposer 6.02
09. Brain In A Vat 7.22
10. Nostalgia 8.58

The Cyberiam Online:

PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21


Keith was born in Northern, Ireland, in the small town of Larne. He started professionally playing music at the early age of 16, where he performed all throughout Europe. He played with a few different bands during that period of time, but always maintained a certain vision for his own music, which he loved to write and perform. Since 16 years old, Keith has played all over the world in small venues through large sold out shows of more than 80,000 seats.
Some of his achievements to date include:

- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #40 on I-tunes Country Album chart Feb 2016
- "Keith Semple is like Keith Urban, only better" Rambling Ray US99.5 Country Chicago
- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #08 on Midwest Billboard Charts March 2016
- Seen on Season 9 of NBC's Emmy award winning show “The Voice.”
- Getting to the last 20 people out of 50,000 applicants on NBC's "The Voice."
- Ranked #1 on Reverbnation Chicago Rock charts 2016; 10th nationally; 15th Globally
- New EP “Anytime Anywhere” on regular radio play NOW!
- Performed 6 sold out UK arena tours to over 1 million people with Young Voices UK since 2003
- Lead singer of Chicago's busiest touring band 7th heaven from 2006-2013
- Performed 2000+ shows in 10 years in the mid west area
- Performed to over 4 million people since 2006
- Written 3 #1 albums on the Chicago Billboard chart
- Opened for Bon Jovi and Kid rock at Soldier Field
- Performed live on Chicago WGN news, ABC, NBC & FOX
- Performed live on many top Chicago radio stations; The mix 101.9, 103.5 Kiss Fm, 102.3xlc, Star 105.5, Star 96.7, US 99.5 Country Chicago and many more
- Performed 5 sold out nights at 02 arena London with SEMPLE 23,000 people a night
- Over 50,000 followers across social media


Frank Lucas is a Chicago-based keyboardist/composer whose background is in classical piano and voice. His studies were completed at DePaul University in Chicago with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education / Performance and Educational Administration, respectively. Since 1994, Frank has studied piano, synthesis and theory with Jordan Rudess, the acclaimed Dream Theater keyboardist and former Juilliard child prodigy.

Frank has performed and recorded with the likes of Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico, bassist Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, guitarists Paul Chapman (U.F.O.), Neil Zaza and Michael Angelo, Brandi, Journey's Steve Augeri, as well as acclaimed violinists Rachel Barton and Edgar Gabriel (Cirque Du Soleil). In 2006, Frank released a critically acclaimed progressive rock album on the ProgRock Records label entitled LWE -Lucas, White and Edsey with bassist Steve Edsey and drummer Chuck White.

Most recently, Frank has recorded with Fire Garden, Malik Yusef, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Twista, American Idol's Chris Medina and legendary rockers, War. He recently finished recording keyboard tracks for the upcoming Dee Snider album, "To Hell and Back."

Frank has recently released two albums on the Tonepainter Music Label. The first is a piano jazz trio interpretation of classic Christmas songs entitled "Christmas Is..." (2014) featuring Lucas on piano, Barry Kleiber on bass and Vince Consolo on drums.

February 2015 brought about The Romantic Piano Sensation's release, "A Little Secret" just in time for Valentines Day. Piano sensation Frank Lucas takes your heart and mind on an emotional journey through 11 tracks filled with beautiful melodies, painting pictures of love, passion and romance featuring "The Promise" with Joseph Schwartz on violin and the title track "A Little Secret" featuring vocalist, Jennifer Vera.




Follow & Support KEITH SEMPLE on The Voice!

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For those that have been following former 7th heaven vocaliost KEITH SEMPLE on The Voice, here's the best way to support and help him along, plus videos of the performances he's done so far. keith told me today that this week's song is really one to get excited about. Can't wait to see/hear him!
Good luck Keith! Click on pic to enlarge.



KEITH SEMPLE Takes On 'The Voice'

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Former 7th heaven vocalist KEITH SEMPLE has taken on the US music show The Voice and showcased what a killer voice he has. You can see the full length Blind Audition here:
Or for just the vocal performance, check this out:


7TH HEAVEN - Spectrum (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
01. Stoplight
02. It's You
03. Dance In The Rain
04. In The City
05. Living In Danger
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. We Live Life Young
08. Magic
09. Are We Up
10. When You Say My Name
11. Walk Another Mile
12. Join The Party
13. I'm Your Addict
14. Livin Life
15. Holding My Breath For You
16. Last Chance
17. Illusion
18. Until The Day I Die
19. Heads Or Tails
20. Jump Start 
section name: 


Produced By: 
Richie Hofherr
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Pop/Melodic Rock/AOR
NTD Records
Friday, August 8, 2014
Chicago’s legendary 7th heaven return with yet another new studio album, this one featuring no less than 20 new cuts!
Back fronting the band for this album is the great Keith Semple, whose likable melodic tone is a perfect match for the happy go lucky anthemic pop/rock that guitarist and main writer Richie Hofherr seems to effortlessly churn out with spectacular regularity.
Maintaining the formula of past albums, there seems to be a couple of extra ingredients here to make this arguably the band’s best release yet.
First – the production quality is the best since the band’s classic Silver release. Extra thump in the drum department has gone a long way.
Second – the songs are simply unquestionably brilliant and totally infectious.
Each 7th heaven album manages to deliver several catchy pop/rock anthems to add to their already impressive list, but on Spectrum it’s simply song after song of instant hook gratification and sing-along perfection.
There’s a heartfelt emotion to this band’s music and that continues unabated here.
Just try and not sing along and tap your feet to the glorious fast moving anthems Stoplight, It’s You, in The City, Livin’ Life, Last Chance, Heads or Tails and a much improved re-recording of the last album’s best track We Live Life Young.
The band’s moodier side is amply explored on Dance In The Rain, Once In A Lifetime, Are We Up, Walk Another Mile, I’m Your Addict and Until The Day I Die.
Heartfelt ballads aren’t ignored either, with When You Say My Name and Holding My Breath For You both worthy of chart success.
Of course, with 20 tracks on offer there’s bound to be a few “misses”, but those will depend on tastes. For me the reggae of Join The Party and the rap infused duo of Living In Danger (despite another catchy chorus) and Jump Start represent the three tracks I reach for the skip button. But 3 skips out of 20 tracks is a ratio any major artist would be proud to boast.
7th heaven remain a Midwest phenomenon, but their worldwide cult following is only going to grow on the back of this superbly written and produced album of brilliantly catchy and likable melodic pop/rock gems.
Recommended for all readers to check out. Simply awesome.
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