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DEF LEPPARD - Let's Go (Single Review)

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Def Leppard have finally broken their usual multi-year silence with a highly anticipated brand new single Pour Some Sugar On Me ‘Let’s Go’.
In a nutshell, the slow-to-mid paced melodic rocker is cut straight from the Def Leppard classic hits songbook. Yes, it’s a little too close to that hit single that helped break the band wide open, but its only themselves they are ripping off, so no harm done!
The best aspect of the song is the attention to detail the production has. The band has ensured that all their classic elements are present – big guitars, layered harmonies and a hard hitting drum sound that’s straight off ‘Hysteria’.
The band has constantly been criticised by some as failing to meet the commercial style of ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’, but this time they unashamedly clone one of their biggest hits for a 2015 anthem that should take fans back to when they were 18 again.
‘Promises’ is still my favourite post-80s single, and while this doesn’t quite reach the anthemic heights of that brilliant number, I do rate it very favourably. The only thing I’m left wishing for was a pick up in the pace (something that can be corrected by upping the tempo rate using YouTube’s tool).
As far as over-enthusiastic and passionate die-hard Def Leppard fans go, they are right up there with those that follow Bon Jovi or Journey with the same dedication. Sometimes it can get interesting…
So it’s no surprise to see comments running the whole range of emotions - from the best song in the history of history; to the worst single since Elvis decided to try his hand at doom metal.
I think you’ll find the majority of long time Leppard fans leaning into the positive and the more casual listener making up the vocal minority on the negative.
Me – I’ve always been a big fan of the band and this gives me cause to feel optimistic about the upcoming album.
PS. Joe Elliott sounds great.
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