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Friday, November 18, 2016
As expected, the recent RICHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW show in Germany has been scheduled for CD/DVD/BluRay release in November. You can get in first with some Japanese configurations as detailed below.
Pre-order now with confidence always from CD Japan. The various options are all detailed here: Richie Blackmore's Rainbow - Live 2016
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow is releasing their "Memories In Rock: Live in Germany (Monsters of Rock 2016)" on November 18, 2016. Available in various sets and all of them comes with two Japan only bonus tracks.
Among them, two limited sets (GQXS-90187 and GQBS-90212) includes a limited T-shirt in addition to a Blu-ray OR a DVD plus 2 CDs.
Features live tracks selected from the concerts of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow held on June 17 & 18, 2016. Comes with two Japan edition bonus tracks. Consists of a Blu-ray, 2 CDs, and a description written in Japanese.
DISC 1 (DVD/BluRay)
1 Pomp and Circumstance (Opening)
2 Over The Rainbow - Highway Star (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
3 Spotlight Kid (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim=Bissingen)
4 Mistreated (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
5 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
6 Since You Been Gone (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
7 Man on the Silver Mountain (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
8 Catch the Rainbow (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
9 Difficult to Cure (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
10 Perfect Strangers (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
11 Stargazer (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
12 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
13 Child in Time (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
14 Black Night (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
15 Smoke on the Water (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
16 [Bonus Track] Spotlight Kid (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
17 [Bonus Track] Man on the Silver Mountain (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
18 [Bonus Track] Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
19 [Bonus Track] Stargazer (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
20 [Japan Only Bonus Track] Since You Been Gone (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
21 [Japan Only Bonus Track] Catch the Rainbow (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
DISC 2 (Audio)
1 Over The Rainbow - Highway Star (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
2 Spotlight Kid (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
3 Mistreated (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
4 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
5 Since You Been Gone (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
6 Man on the Silver Mountain (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
7 Catch the Rainbow (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
8 Difficult to Cure (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
9 Perfect Strangers (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
10 Stargazer (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
1 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
2 Child in Time (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
3 Black Night (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
4 Smoke on the Water (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
5 [Bonus Track] Spotlight Kid (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
6 [Bonus Track] Man on the Silver Mountain (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
7 [Bonus Track] Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
8 [Bonus Track] Stargazer (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)
9 [Japan Only Bonus Track] Since You Been Gone (June 17, 2016 / Loreley)
10 [Japan Only Bonus Track] Catch the Rainbow (June 18, 2016 / Bietigheim-Bissingen)

Rich Davenport's Rock Show - RICHIE BLACKMORE


Interviews with Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night (Blackmore's Night), Dave Brons, Acid and Three Sides of the Coin Host on Rich Davenport's Rock Show

Listen now at:

Legendary Hard Rock guitar pioneer Ritchie Blackmore and his wife and partner in Blackmore's Night Candice Night discuss the writing and recording of their new album 'All Our Yesterdays'. Ritchie also talks about modifying his guitar technique to adapt to the acoustic style of Blackmore's Night, and the prospect of making a return to Hard Rock with Rainbow in 2016, saying 'If it works, we'll do more dates.'

The first hour of the show also includes an interview with emerging British guitar hero Dave Brons ( whose debut album 'Based On A  True Story' has been described as 'Star Wars meets Van Halen', due to its mix of soundtrack influenced elements and searing melodic guitar work. Dave also chooses 2 tracks from the album.

In hour 2, we look at the recently re-issued trio of albums from Belgian classic Heavy Metal band . ACID with the band's drummer Anvill, who tells their story. If you're a fan of the NWOBHM, Motorhead , Venom and early Metallica, don't miss this feature!

And finally, one of the 3 hosts of long-running online Kiss talk show 'Three Sides of the Coin' (, Michael Brandvold, talks about the show, his own work on Kiss's official website, and being a member of the Kiss Army. The program closes with a trio of Kiss anthems.

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BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - All Our Yesterdays (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Richie Blackmore
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Release Year: 
Friday, September 18, 2015
Richie Blackmore needs no introduction and now after 10 Blackmore’s Night releases, nor does his better half, the very talented Candice Night.
Together the pair has formed a union more stable than Deep Purple or Rainbow ever was and Richie seems more than content rolling out an album every year of this specialized blend of medieval/folk/acoustic/renaissance music.
This is one of those occasions where you must remove any personal bias in order to deliver a fair review. Because that musical description rules me out as a listener. Naturally I’ve spun this a couple of times for review purposes, but you’d have to lock me in a dungeon, tied to a Rank if you wanted me to listen to it again. It’s just not on my musical radar. At all.
However – it’s very good! Of course it is. Richie is a savant of the genre. A prodigy of anything musical. So of course it’s immaculately produced and mixed and filled with an equal mix of instrumental passages and sweetly sung lullabies.
I must admit to being quite partial to the cover of Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight Shadow; but on the other hand, I Got You Babe is cringeworthy.
The rest are thoughtfully composed originals.

So it all comes down to taste really. You really, really have to be into this stuff to appreciate it. The acoustic dexterity of Blackmore is as exquisite as always and Candice has a soothing vocal.
Rockers avoid! Lovers of ye olde kingdom of fantasy and followers of past albums will find this another tasteful addition to the Blackmore catalogue.



Blackmore's Night - "Moonlight Shadow" (Official Audio)

Here is another new track from the upcoming Blackmore's Night album, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS! Check out "Moonlight Shadow" by hitting the play button on the image above!
Pre-order the latest release from the Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore led band on iTunes and "Moonlight Shadow", "All Our Yesterdays" and "The Other Side" will all download instantly:
ALL OUR YESTERDAYS will be released September 18th!

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT To Release The Tenth Studio Album In September

Friday, September 18, 2015
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT to release the tenth studio album entitled 'All Our Yesterdays' in September on Frontiers!

On September 18, 2015, Frontiers Music SRL will release ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, the tenth studio album from Blackmore's Night, the world's number one Renaissance act and one of the most popular folk-rock bands in the world.
ALL OUR YESTERDAYS will be released on a variety of formats: CD, CD/DVD, 2LP, Box Set and Digital. Pre-orders for the CD, CD/DVD and Digital versions are available on here: and on iTunes at
* CD/DVD Deluxe edition includes the full album plus a DVD with music videos for "All Our Yesterdays' and 'Will O' The Wisp,' plus an extensive interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night on the making of the new album;
* 2LP vinyl edition with a gatefold sleeve;
* Box Set Limited Collector's edition includes CD/DVD deluxe edition, 2LP, tshirt (L size ONLY), poster, lithograph.
Blackmore's Night vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Candice Night says, 'There's a theme to ALL OUR YESTERDAYS' chosen songs that focuses on the attitude of living in the present, and looking toward the future, because we are, indeed, enriched by our past. My main theme and inspiration has always been nature and folklore from around the world.'
Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore's lives and creative journeys have taken them through different characters and songs from a variety of times in history. That is part of the attitude in the song "Where Are We Going from Here,' about a traveling minstrel's journey through life and age.
The title track (and also the first single and video), 'All Our Yesterdays' echoes the sounds of Candice's Russian roots, while a new song written by Germany's George Hesse is an old-style, fiddle-driven instrumental with the Welsh title 'Allan yn y Fan' (meaning 'Out There'). Ritchie's heritage includes family from Wales.
The album also includes stunning instrumentals: the acoustic guitar piece, 'Queen's Lament' and the dramatic 'The Darker Shade of Black' that spotlights violin and guitar.
Elsewhere on the recording, 'Earth Wind and Sky' is a delicate ode to nature. 'The Other Side,' a latter-day folk dance joins two jigs that Candice sings: 'Coming Home' and the supernatural-themed, 'Will o' the Wisp.' 
ALL OUR YESTERDAYS gets further inspiration from Candace and Ritchie's home town, where they take part in community folk nights during which the neighbors share guitars and songs, and sing melodies that have come from a variety of times in their own history. That's how they fell in love with songs of various radio formats of years gone by. The album includes  the Linda Ronstadt hit 'Long Long Time' (penned by Gary White); the Mike Oldfield song, 'Moonlight Shadow;' and an inspiring Maypole Dance treatment of  Sonny & Cher's 'I Got You Babe.' 
Blackmore's Night is a true musical and spiritual collaboration between vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Candice Night and her husband, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. The two met in 1989 when Deep Purple challenged Candice's then radio station to a charity soccer match.  In 1993 she sang on Rainbow's DIFFICULT TO CURE tour. They co-wrote four songs for Rainbow's STRANGER IN US ALL and in 1997 they formed Blackmore's Night; they continue to play Faire Festivals all over the world.
Ritchie Blackmore - electric/acoustic guitars, mandola, hurdy gurdy, nickelharpe
Candice Night - vocals, chanter, cornamuse, shawms, rauschpfeife
Bard David of Larchmont- keyboards
Earl Grey of Chimay- Bass and rhythm guitar
Lady Lynn - harmony vocals, shawm, flute, recorder
Troubadour of Aberdeen on drums
July 3:  Theater am Marientor, Duisburg, Germany
July 5 : Festhalle, Zweibracken, Germany
July 8: L'Olympia, Paris, France
July 11: Rhein-Main Theater, Niedernhausen, Germany
July 14: Pivovarska zahrada, Eesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
July 16: Schloss Eyrichshof, Ebern, Germany
July 18: Thiepval Areal, Tubingen, Germany
July 25: Neue Weimarhalle, Weimar, Germany
July 27: Prinzregenttheater, Munchen, Germany


DEEP PURPLE to Release Previously Unavailable 'Graz 1975' Performance

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
New York, NY (July 14, 2014)—On April 3, 1975 the Mk III line-up of Deep Purple – guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, frontman David Coverdale, bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, keyboard player Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice – performed at the Liebenauer ice rink, located on the outskirts of mountain-cradled Graz, Austria’s second largest city after Vienna.
Enthused by Deep Purple’s arrival in town, the local press dubbed the concert “das Rockereignis des Jahres [the rock event of the year]”. And it was – in more ways than one.
Previously unreleased in its entirety, Graz 1975 – will be released in North America on September 23th, 2014 on earMUSIC / Eagle Rock Entertainment.
After Graz, Deep Purple would play just two more shows – in Saarbrücken, Germany and Paris, France – before Blackmore left to form his new band, Rainbow. The remaining band members would regroup quickly with American guitarist Tommy Bolin in tow.
In order to preserve Blackmore’s final run of Mk III concerts for posterity, Deep Purple’s managers had brought the Rolling Stones mobile recording studio over to mainland Europe. And what a show it was! Graz 1975 is absolutely electrifying and exhilarating. Indeed, it has long been regarded as the holy grail of concert recordings among Mk III connoisseurs. A performance that has never been available in its entirety until now.
Kicking off with a blazing performance of “Burn,” Graz 1975 is a wild eight-track ride, firing on all pistons. Blackmore plays with controlled brutality. The vocal interplay between Coverdale and Hughes has never sounded so good. And, of course, stalwarts Lord and Paice give it a good kicking – and then some.
The track listing, naturally, is weighted heavily in favor of Mk III recordings, with just two songs from Deep Purple’s previous incarnation with Ian Gillan on vocals and Roger Glover on bass: the iconic “Smoke On The Water” and the almost-as-iconic “Space Truckin’.” Still, it’s true to say that, from beginning to end, Graz 1975 showcases Deep Purple Mk III at the absolute top – and also, ironically, at the end – of their game.
After almost 40 years the concert is still captivating. It is the perfect example that, for Deep Purple, there is no need for extravagant video projections or expensive fire shows to play a unique and fascinating gig. All they need is their music. It is the love and passion for their music that makes every single show a unique experience.
For more information regarding this and other Eagle Rock Entertainment releases, contact Carol Kaye at Follow us on Facebook at
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Track Listing:
1. Burn
2. Stormbringer
3. The Gypsy
4. Lady Double Dealer
5. Mistreated
6. Smoke On The Water
7. You Fool No One
8. Space Truckin’


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