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THE DEFIANTS Debut Album One Step Closer

Release Year: 
Last Day????????Maaaaaaybbbbeeee?????Bruno and I have been(Lets just say 99% Bruno-1 % me)killing ourselves to get The Defiants thing done and finished...We pretty much are now,and thats a good thing..I can safely say,that anybody who loved what we did in the past,will freak out when they hear this record...It's pretty damn cool,and we wrote our asses off..
To all of you out there who still follow me,I have a couple things to say...
1.I am sorry for not being on here,and being able to write you all back..usually I am pretty good at this part of social media? But sometimes when you are "doing your art",as I like to think of it,some things must be sacrificed to get it done...Social media was one of those things..So were emails/phone calls/visiting family/having any sort of normal life...Please give me a pass...Sometimes I have to drop out,in order to be good at what I do..

2.DarkHorse!!!! Yes YesYes!!! Still continues to be my number 1 thing,just as DangerDanger continues to be Bruno and Rob's number 1 thing...

DarkHorse Album 2 is just about to be recorded,and Nashville awaits..
DarkHorse will have some cool show announcements soon for 2016 as well...very soon..

Along with all that,I will be going into the studio with John Macarthur Ellis to cut the new Stacey Mckittrick single,and will be singing a duet with her on it...Looking forward to working with both John and
Let the first half of the marathon that 2016 is going to be,start.

Nashville,L.A.,then Milan Italy,Melborne Australia..All before the end of May..
Anybody want my life??...wait a min...

maybe you do...
Take your vitamins.

Introducing THE DEFIANTS - Danger Danger Alumni Reunite

Release Year: 
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce a new band that just joined the label roster: THE DEFIANTS!
Behind this new band is a trio of fabulous musicians all with ties to Danger Danger.
On vocals and guitar, is none other than Mr. Paul Laine! Best known for being the D2 singer for 12 years, Paul is now coming back to work with his former bandmates Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello, who are the other two pillars of The DEFIANTS."
Very, very excited about this new project, and to be working again with my ol’ pal Paul Laine, and of course, Rob Marcello!” says Bruno Ravel, who will also produce the debut album. “The writing process has been a lot of fun. We all trust and respect each other’s instincts so there’s little second guessing and that takes a lot of the usual stress out of the equation, so for me, this has been a blast so far. We will be entering the studio in the next few weeks to start recording, with completion set for the end of the year. So…what should you expect,? Well, expect some straight ahead “in your face” melodic hard rock, that’s what!”
Paul Laine says: “I’m very happy to once again, create something special with Bruno and Rob. Although it’s a brand new release, I feel It's a great opportunity to say thank you and do something for the fans who have followed us through the years. Bruno and Rob are immense talents. I feel honored to be a part of this and have my voice on this album.” Rob Marcello concludes “Beyond psyched to work with my best friend Bruno and Paul on this project! It’s going to be a great one! Can’t wait for you to hear it!"
Check out The DEFIANTS and “Like” their Facebook page at
The band will be documenting the recording process and uploading studio clips and song samples on their FB page as the album takes shape. Expect the album to hit the stores in late Spring / early Summer 2016.
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