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Tony Hernando and Roland Grapow
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Melodic Metal
If you attract the attention of Richie Blackmore and subsequently get the gig to front Rainbow in 2016, you must be something pretty special right?
Vocalist Ronnie Romero has done just that. But before hitting the road with the Purple One, his band Lords Of Black must first deal with their business at hand…. The release of their furious, fast and flashy metal opus “II”.
Lords Of Black are a metal band with a modern approach – “catchy, melodic and progressive” in their words. Pretty accurate too. There’s no end of double kick drum here, screaming vocals and truly over the top guitar acrobatics.
But there’s also piano, synth and orchestral passages as well as some softer moments where the true timbre of Ronnie’s voice shines.
But mostly – it’s fast, really fast or overdrive fast as the metal comes in your face and threatens to disintegrate your ears. Did I mention these guys are Spanish? Can’t really tell to be honest….this is old school commercial metal all the way.
All very consistent - as long as your ears can keep up - and one to crank when in need of a shot of adrenaline.

Once again co-produced, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow, this album has the power of a nuclear reactor and the performances of 3 guys with their lives on the line.



LORDS OF BLACK Announce Sophomore Album 'II' on Frontiers

Ronnie Romero – Tony Hernando – Andy C.
Announce the release of the sophomore album “II”
Out Worldwide on Frontiers Music Srl in March!
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated second album from the Melodic Progressive Metal masters LORDS OF BLACK on March 18, 2016.
LORDS OF BLACK is the band formed by world class singer Ronnie Romero, renowned guitarist Tony Hernando and monster drummer Andy C
Their vision was to form a Metal band with a modern approach blended with catchy, melodic and progressive elements. After months of intense and hard work on the songs, the band independently released their acclaimed Self-Titled debut which was co-produced by Roland Grapow. Metal Hammer Spain deemed it “The Best Metal album released in Spain this year.”
The band supported the release with a series of very successful live shows, some of them as “very special guest” for high profile international acts. Then the news of Ronnie Romero joining the new incarnation of RAINBOW broke out. This brought the band to the attention of the international media and in particular the words from Ritchie Blackmore, describing Romero’s voice like “a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury” piqued the curiosity of rock journalists and fans alike.
However, now LORDS OF BLACK are ready to conquer the world with “II”, an album which will blow the minds of fans of Modern Melodic Metal. Once again co-produced, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN), “II” is not only the follow up to their outstanding and acclaimed debut album, but is an album with superbly crafted songs that will instantly become absolute Metal classics.  “The new album, being the follow up to a first record that was so greatly received, had to get to a higher place.“ says Tony Hernando. “After an intense year of writing and producing, along with the live performances, we came up with songs that are still deep and complicated in some arrangements, but have been written with the live performance in mind… The quest was to come up with something that artistically was meaningful for us as musicians and at the same time could catch the attention of the listeners. We really hope you enjoy this new album and come with us for a great ride!”
Tracks like “Merciless”, “Everything You’re Not”, “Insane”, “New World’s Coming” and “Shadows of War” showcase the heavy and complex yet very melodic style of the band. The song “The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland” is the conclusion to the trilogy that commenced on the debut album, while the song “Cry No More” is inspired and dedicated to the late, great, Phil Lynott.
This is a band destined for stardom: get on board now and enjoy the music!
“II” Tracklisting - Malevolently Beautiful (Intro); Merciless; Only One Life Away; Everything You’re Not; New World’s Comin’; Cry No More; Tears I Will Be; Insane; Live by the Lie, Die by the Truth; Ghost of You; The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland; Shadows of War; Lady of the Lake (Rainbow cover, bonus track cd edition) / Innuendo (Queen cover, bonus track digital edition).
Enjoy the new album trailer here:

Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Tony Hernando - Guitars
Andy C. - Drums
Bass played on the album by Tony Hernando – Javi Garcia is the new bass player who has just joined the band.
All Piano and synths played by Andy C.
Additional Pianos and Synths by Tony Hernando and Víctor Díez.
Produced by Tony Hernando and Roland Grapow
Mixed and Mastered by Roland Grapow at Grapow's Studios, Slovakia


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