NIGHT LEGION Is The New Power Metal Project For STU MARSHALL

NIGHT LEGION, the new high energy Australian power metal band led by guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Dungeon / Empires of Eden / Death Dealer / Blasted to Static) has announced the addition of Vo Simpson as their new lead vocalist.
Stu Marshall has checked in with the following comment:
During the writing of our upcoming debut album, the band went through some sudden personnel changes. Moving forward, I am very pleased to announce my amazing friend Vo Simpson, as the new lead vocalist for the band. Just think Halford meets old school Tate and you have an idea of where Vo's vocal abilities can be filed under. We have been long time friends and to have vocals that scream like Vo's is a dream to write heavy riffs for. The band is psyched for the new upcoming debut album and we are currently working toward securing a worldwide release via an as yet determined label during 2017.
Forged from the fires of internationally acclaimed metal acts Empires of Eden, Death Dealer, Blasted To Static, Darker Half and Aussie metal royalty Dungeon, Night Legion unleashes razor-sharp power metal to make your ears bleed.
Night Legion, is the latest creation of guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall, known as the mastermind of the all star metal project Empires of Eden, stage right guitarist in heavy metal super group Death Dealer alongside six string legend and partner Ross the Boss (Manowar co-founder) and the ripping axeman in shred metal newcomers Blasted to Static fronted by iconic vocalist Jeff Martin (the legendary voice of Racer X).
In Night Legion, Marshall reunites with bassist Glenn Williams, a crowd favourite on Dungeon’s large-scale tours and drummer Clay T, of Blasted To Static fame. Joining them front and center is screaming lead vocalist Vo Simpson who also plays in Sydney thrashers Darker Half.
With an uncompromising and aggressive style that echoes Rob Halford's trademark microphone meltdowns, Simpson's voice cuts a blazing trail of destruction that is second to none.
Night Legion has recently begun work on recording their debut, slated for a 2017 release, and is in the early stages of the search for a future label who will offer the most suitable home for the album. This unconquerable touring animal also has its sights on Japan, Europe and possibly Australia in early to mid-2017.
For the latest band news, visit the official Night Legion website and Facebook page:
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