Terry Illous


The Right To Rock Podcast - DUANE MORANO

Monday, October 27, 2014
TheRighttoRock.com has issued their latest podcast interview (episode #57), featuring guitarist Duane Morano.  The boys recently caught up with guitarist Duane Morano, to discuss his 80's hard rock tinged release Incognito.  Duane gives us insight on how his debut record came together, as well as how he assembled an all star cast of musicians to give him a hand. 
Duane was able to hook up with Terry Illous (XYZ), Jeff NorthrupDanny Vaughn (Tyketto) as well as Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) to create a kick ass debut.  Even though Duane has has been on the scene for awhile, he is sort of a late bloomer, that never had the opportunity to get his music to the masses, until now.  Tune it to hear Duane's journey and much more. 
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