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FAITHSEDGE ‘Bleed For Passion’ Details Revealed

Friday, July 26, 2019
‘Bleed for Passion’ is the new album from Melodic Hard Rock group Faithsedge. Produced, mixed and mastered by former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso, ‘Bleed For Passion’ takes the listener back to the days of big guitars and powerful melodic vocal lines of the 80's and early 90's, but keeping an up to date view on the lyrics and subject matter. The band features singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, Mr.Big/Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr, ex-Stryper bassist extraordinaire Timothy Gaines and Alex De Rosso himself. The track listing is as follows:
Back From This
Through The Scars
I know I Need To Let You Go
Girl When
I’ve Changed
Bleeding With The Memories
Reflecting A Voice
The powerful cover artwork was made by Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown/Be The Wolf). The album will be available starting from July 26 on Scarlet Records (and on Spiritual Beast in Japan).

FAITHSEDGE Announce New Album ‘Bleed For Passion’

Faithsedge have signed a new deal with Scarlet Records to follow up the 2016 acclaimed release ‘Restoration’. The band, which is known for their 80's arena rock style mixed with progressive and metal, enriched with soulful lyrics and in your face production, is ready to add a new, impressive chapter to its musical journey.
‘Bleed For Passion’ is the confirmed title of their new album, which marks the return of singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso and Mr.Big/Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr, with the recent addition of ex-Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines.
Singer / Songwriter Giancarlo Floridia states “I'm looking to give people music that moves you like it used to when I was growing up in the mid 80's and early 90's . To bring back a high energy sound with hooks and melody but also have the lyrics connect with what’s going on in the world today.”
The album has been produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Alex De Rosso and will be released this summer. More details will be revealed soon.

FAITHSEDGE Start Album Preparation For 2019 Release

Faithsedge have began recording for their new album slated for an early 2019 release 
Included is a photo of drummer Matt Starr (Mr.Big/Ace Frehley) , singer /songwriter Giancarlo Floridia and bassist Tim Gaines (x-Stryper) a few months ago at Namm 2018 
The album marks the return of X Stryper bassist Tim Gaines which he announced in an interview at KNAC.com last August he was no longer a member of Stryper. Also producing is former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso which will be mixed and mastered the new cube studio in Padova Italy . 
The band will be announcing their new guest keyboard player by the end of the year which will add to the melodic approach and direction of the songs . As confirmed by singer songwriter Giancarlo Floridia  is from a multi platinum selling band from the late 80's early 90's. 
The album is promised to be a return of melodic rock/metal with hooks and melody with elements of progressive . 
The bands previous album Restoration was released on Scarlet Records (e0ne distribution) for US and Europe and Spiritual Beast Japan (Universal music Japan distribution) 
Please check the bands website for further updates and info:

FAITHSEDGE Recruits Stryper Bassist & Mr.Big/Ace Frehley Drummer

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

After back to back albums welcomed by fans and critics alike, Faithsedge featuring lead vocalist/ songwriter Giancarlo Floridia and former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso will enter the studio in 2015 to record the third Faithsedge installment.

Joining the new lineup will feature Tim Gaines (Stryper) on bass and drummer Matt Starr (Mr.Big /Ace Frehley) which will deliver a crushing new rhythm section.

Taking over production and full time keys for the album will be Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline) known for his melodically charged keys and excellent productions.

The album has been written by Floridia and the band will start pre production early 2015 with plans to release by the end of the year.

Faithsedge's current record "The Answer of Insanity" was released in September through Scarlet Records / eOne music. 

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