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SHOOTING STAR Offer New Album For Free Download

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SHOOTING STAR have just recently completed recording a brand new album Into The Night with singer Todd Pettygrove. But in a bold move the band has just announced fans can download it for FREE via their website. A CD / DVD package will be sold at the band's shows.
"Enjoy the bands first studio release since 2006. This release features 10 new songs with new singer Todd Pettygrove. You can down load for free but remember its hip to tip...."
Van McLain posted this message on Facebook: "Hey Manics! Time is here. We have decided to allow the album to be downloaded for free! We will sell a cd/dvd package at the shows but if you want the album now this is the way! IT IS A BRAVE NEW WORLD. We are so proud of this we want people to hear it! WE NEED YOUR HELP IN GETTING THE WORD OUT! PLEASE SHARE!"
Download by going to and using the code "1980".
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