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VASBY ROCK FESTIVAL Adds Their Own All-Star Band

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Vasby Rock Allstars is the festival's very own all-star band.
Appearing at the VRF this year, the band will play over 90 minutes, of songs from including Black Sabbath, The Runaways, and more.
Vassby Rock Festival are extremely proud to present Cherie Currie (ex. The Runaways) for the first time ever on a Scandinavian stage.
Vasby Rock Allstars are:
Zinny J. Zan - vocals
Tony Martin - vocals
Cherie Currie - vocals
Thomas Vikström - vocals
Johnny Lima - vocals
Annika Lewin - vocals
Chris Laney - guitar
Martin Sweet - guitar
Allan Sundberg - guitar
Ludvig Turner - guitar and vocals
Nalle Påhlsson - bass
Soufian Ma’Aoui - bass
Björn Höglund - drums
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