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One Riff Merchandising Launches New Exclusive Merch Portal

Offering unique, official band merchandise that stands out from the crowd
On July 1, One Riff Merchandising launched its web store offering unique, official band merchandise to fans. Featuring Multi instrumentalist/Producer/Song writer Jean Beauvoir (ex Plasmatics, co-writer KISS/The Ramones), One Riff Merchandising also added to their roster Jean’s other band projects in Voodoo X and Crown of Thorns.
The online retailer offers official merchandise fully endorsed by the artists including T-shirts, posters, and guitar pick sets.
One Riff Merchandising is the brainchild of Tasmanian brothers Darren and Todd Dewis, who saw a niche in the industry and wanted to bridge the gap between band and fan.
“Official band merchandise has always been in our blood. Our first taste of band memorabilia came in 1980 when KISS toured Australia for the first time. The amount of merchandise was overload. The band was larger than life and their merchandise reflected that. It gave us our first taste, and we wanted everything.” – Darren (co-founder)
The brothers decided to bridge the gap that would allow bands to offer unique, official merchandise to their fans.
“Over the years we noticed a lot of bands overseas didn’t offer this type of merchandise on their websites. For fans living outside the U.S or Europe it was hard to get to shows, so you couldn’t even get a basic tour t-shirt. We are all about giving those fans an opportunity to own some cool products.” – Todd (co-founder)
One Riff Merchandising didn’t want to just offer basic band tees to the fans. They wanted to take things to another level. The two brothers came up with the art conception, and then enlisted the help of a design team in Europe to bring their ideas to life. They wanted the designs to be more works of art, just the way old LP covers used to be, offering fans something unique that would stand out from the crowd. They have also included in their merchandise range collectables not offered by artists like Jean Beauvoir before, including signed hand written lyrics, and a 12 track custom logo USB stick with track by track commentary by the artist.
For more information, and to check out the range of official band merchandise at One Riff Merchandising, please head to www.oneriffmerchandising.com and www.facebook.com/oneriffmerchandising
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