New WARLORD Album Underway For 2018 Release

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to welcome legendary U.S. metallers Warlord to the family for the release of a new studio album in 2018!
Long admirers of the band and having gotten to know drummer Mark Zonder through his work with Graham Bonnet Band and the upcoming group, Spirits Of Fire, [which also features Tim Ripper Owens "Official Page" (Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex Iced Earth, Judas Priest), Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), and Steve Di Giorgio (Death (Official), Testament, Sadus)], Frontiers approached Zonder about the prospect of doing a new Warlord album for release in 2018. Luckily for the label, Zonder and co-founder/guitarist William J. Tsamis were very much open to the idea. Says Zonder, "[a]fter all of these years, Warlord is with a "real label". It will be great to have Warlord music shared with a worldwide audience., which is something that has been missing for many years. With my prior working experiences with Frontiers, I know Warlord is in the right place and I am very appreciative of this great opportunity. We thank everyone at the label for their belief in Warlord!"
In September 2013, Tsamis and Zonder announced that they had tapped vocalist Nicholas Leptos of Arrayan Path and Astronomikon to be the new Warlord singer. This line-up, along with bassist Bynoe will be the line-up for the upcoming new album. Adds Zonder, "this Warlord release will be like all of the previous ones, 100% Warlord. No changing of direction to keep up with the current fad, just good ol' school Warlord music. Maybe leaning back a touch to the early days and we promise a high energy album that features the classic Bill Tsamis compositions and his classic guitar melody lines. As I always try to do, I'll give it my all in tandem with my favorite bass player Philip Bynoe, working together to create a solid foundation. This will be the first studio recording with Nicholas Leptos on vocals. We have performed live with him several times and are eagerly awaiting to capture his dynamic performances on tape. A classic Warlord album in the making……"
Founded in in 1980 by guitarist/composer William J. Tsamis and drummer/percussionist Mark Zonder, Warlord is considered a pioneer in power metal thanks to their now classic 1983 6-song EP, "Deliver Us". Kerrang, Sounds, Burrn, and Music Connection all featured the band and praised the release thanks to their outside the norm, semi-progressive style that was inspired by such diverse acts as Rainbow, Scorpions, and Jethro Tull. Adding further intrigue to the Warlord mystique was the band members' use of pseudonyms such as 'Destroyer' (Tsamis), 'Thunderchild' (Zonder), 'Damien King' (vocalist Jack Rucker), and 'Sentinel' (keyboardist Diane Kornarens). The band also refused to become just another L.A. club act and opted to present themselves on a grander scale. They famously rented The Raymond Theater out to stage what would turn out to be the only Warlord live performance in the USA, prior to August 2013. It was filmed and recorded for the group's first full-length release, "And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun...," issued in October 1984, accompanied by a home video release of the same name.
While the band disbanded in 1986, they amassed a cult-like following in Europe despite their inactivity. This was largely due to rave reviews in metal the press, continuous airplay, and the circulation of many demos via "tape trading," as well as positive word-of-mouth promotion among metal fans. With the onset of the internet, the music of Warlord spread worldwide and thus helped secure Warlord a place in the history of heavy metal as one of the great metal forefathers of the '80s.
After the band dissolved, Zonder joined prog metal pioneers Fates Warning and went on to release numerous albums with them as well as others thanks to his skills then and now being in high demand. It was during one of Fates Warning's European tours that Zonder realized that Warlord's following had grown considerably with multiple fans asking him to sign Warlord albums and demanding new music from the band. Zonder contacted Tsamis and, as soon as schedules permitted, Warlord was once again an active band. Vocal duties were assigned to Hammerfall vocalist (and massive Warlord fan) Joacim Cans. Thus, in 2002, a new album, "Rising Out Of The Ashes," was recorded and released worldwide to rave reviews. This was followed by the first ever Warlord live performance in Europe at the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.
A string of mishaps and serious family health issues plagued Warlord after these performances and the band was once again put on a hiatus, which lasted for almost 9 years. Warlord returned to active status formally in March 2012. Vocalist duties would be handled by one of the original 80's Warlord vocalists, Rick Anderson and Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring of Fire) joined the band on bass. That line-up released "The Holy Empire" to much critical and fan acclaim. In the meantime, mounting pressure by promoters and fans bore fruit and Warlord announced that they would headline the April 2013 German "Keep It True XVI" Festival. This announcement was followed by two headlining dates in Greece - Thessaloniki and Athens - which sold out, thus leading to a second headlining show in Athens which sold out as well. Fast forward to 2017 and the band is currently working on their Frontiers Music Srl debut studio album.
Stay tuned for updates as work on the album progresses….


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