Double Stop Podcast - SPENCER PROFFER

Monday, April 20, 2015
This week on The Double Stop is Producer Spencer Proffer.

Spencer Proffer discusses his early days, and how he went from law school to record producer. From his early works with Billy Thorpe and Tina Turner to his number one smash "Metal Health" with Quiet Riot, Spencer covers it all. We also discuss working with WASP on their "The Last Command" album as well as his transition into film, and his current projects with Meteor 17.



W.A.S.P. & DALTON To Play Väsby Rock Festival

Thursday, December 11, 2014
W.A.S.P. to play Väsby Rock Festival
Legendary band W.A.S.P. will headline and end the whole festival Saturday 18th at Väsby Rock Festival.
W.A.S.P. – American band W.A.S.P. and their iconic frontman Blackie Lawless has sold more than twelve million albums. The band has been around the world numerous times and is considered one of the predominant bands in the history of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal. Line-up: Blackie Lawless (vx. gtr) Doug Blair (gtr) Mike Duda (bs) and Mike Dupke (dr).
Dalton – Together with bands like Europe and Treat, for a few years in the late 80´s, Dalton was a force to be reckoned with in Sweden. The band was killed by grunge, a destiny shared by so many other bands, but are back stronger than ever.
Väsby Rock Allstars – our own Allstar band with Bosse Zinny Stagman (Shotgun, Easy Action) as the leader. They will perform a number of classic rock songs and will be joined by a bunch of famous guests. You’d better not miss this since you never know who´s gonna show up on stage.
For further information - www.vasbyrockfestival.se
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