February 1, 2023



HOUSE OF LORDS – New World, New Eyes (2020)

The biggest influence and difference here is the genius of Mark Spiro
HOUSE OF LORDS - New World, New Eyes
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Once you get past the absolutely horrendous “drum” sound and the somewhat muddy mix, the new House Of Lords (or on this occasion, House Of Spiro), offers some of the band’s best tunes in several years. A production budget would have raised the quality of this record to sit alongside some of my favourite HOL records.

I love the return to a more interesting musical landscape, a touch progressive even, much like parts of Sahara and Demon’s Down. The overall energy is similar to Demon’s Down too. But this is a different band again. As suggested earlier, the biggest influence and difference here is the genius of Mark Spiro. He has co-written most of the album, with his influence so strong there are at least 3, maybe 4 songs that are more Spiro than HOL. He is simply all over this record and his vocals can be heard on most tracks. In fact, he could feel unjustly denied a duet credits on We’re All That We Got and Better Off Broken. His influence over Change (What’s it Gonna Take) delivers one of my favourite House Of Lords songs in years, The Both Of Us also impresses. The guys lose the plot a little towards the end, $5 Bucks Of Gasoline is about as catchy as it sounds and The Chase goes nowhere. 

Overall, despite that drum sound and the overall missing production elements, this is a very enjoyable record and their best in a few years. Spiro and James Christian have delivered some great songs for the most part and most of the record runs very smoothly.