January 31, 2023



JADED HEART – Stand Your Ground (2020)

Stand Your Ground
Jaded Heart do their name no favours with this
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I really miss the old Jaded Heart. The metal band that has evolved since Michael Bormann left now has next to nothing to offer old fans. This is without doubt their heaviest album to date and without doubt their least melodic, least likable and least memorable.

Its just bombastic riff after riff with a double kickdrum to accompany.

The band seem to have given up any pretence of songwriting, with nothing here standing out at all on first listen. Repeated attempts didn’t make any gains.

I thought Johan Fahlberg was a strong metal vocalist, but his tone here is horrible – more screaming than signing and there is no hint of melody in his singing.

The album’s promo sheet reads “Jaded Heart has always been a melodic band that writes songs with huge sing-along choruses and this album offers many of those!” Give me a break!!!

There is nothing here whatsoever to sing along with. It’s not until track 8, Embrace A Demon, that I can even hear a proper chorus.

Mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson, there is nothing to complain about with the sound, just the style, the songs and the singing. Worst Jaded Heart album ever. Change the name or re-think what you’re doing guys.