February 2, 2023




Eddie Van Halen has left us.

It hasn’t sunk in. It may never sink in.

Because Eddie will never be gone.

I wanted to sit back and just take this heartbreaking news in. Just feel shitty about it. But here I am writing. Because that’s what I do. It helps to write. It helps to write about how much I love Van Halen the band, and Eddie Van Halen the man behind it all. I met the man once. Just at one of those quick backstage meet and greets for press. Just one of a million for him, but one of a lifetime for me.

Just being in the presence of greatness for a few minutes.

Eddie played, innovated, created, inspired. And we all listened with awe.

It’s just words to say how Eddie will live on in all of us fans forever. I know I’ll be playing his music the week when I too leave this place. How can I say that when that may be decades from now?

Because I’ve played Van Halen music every week of my life since I first discovered the band back in the 80s. It’s always there. There is always a song or an album for the mood. And it will always continue to be there.

What songs I will be playing today and on through this week I don’t know. Probably all of them. But which one first? It has to be the right one.

I’m not ready to acknowledge what has just happened. I’m not ready to be forced to face reality.

Rest In Peace. Riff In Peace.

I’m crying, you’re crying…and no, I’m not going to quote a particular song title now. But you just started playing that riff in your head right? That’s Eddie’s gift to us all. Just one riff of literally hundreds.

It would be impossible to quantify the enormous influence Eddie Van Halen had on the world. How many people can you truly say that about?

I could keep writing for hours and wouldn’t come close to covering what Eddie meant to us all. There is a whole world in pain out there today.

Thank you Eddie. Thank you Alex, Mike, Dave, Sammy and Gary.

My condolences to Wolfgang. To Janie and to Valerie. Steve Lukather too, who I know is hurting.

To all the guys that worked at 5150 over the years and to the producers and engineers that helped capture the magic.

Step outside. I swear I can hear 50 different Van Halen riffs in the air.

Everyone is going to be playing Eddie Van Halen today. And this week…and forever.

Vale Eddie Van Halen. RIP.