February 2, 2023



MAMMOTH WVH – Distance (Single)(2020)

There’s a lot to absorb here – all of it good

What a way to make your solo debut. Overshadowed by the recent death of his legendary father, Wolfgang Van Halen has to balance shifting focus on to his own long planned career, while still in deep mourning for his dad – his biggest fan. Helping the two worlds connect is a very personal single, clearly written with Eddie in mind.

What pressure it must be to have literally millions of Van Halen fans standing by to critique every second of your first solo offering to the world.

I think some of that angst is wrapped up in this song, which I honestly think is remarkable for all of the above reasons, and for the most important reason – it’s a fucking great song.

‘Distance’ features a warm vocal with Wolf’s own unique tone immediately evident. There’s some space for it to soar towards the close, a very melodic yet powerful sound on offer, mixing acoustic and electric guitars with a modern beat, yet a very classic rock feel. Its modern rock with a huge commercial edge. Great production too.

There’s a lot to absorb here – all of it good. Can’t wait for the full album, I love songs like this.

A nice nod to the past with the name also.