January 26, 2023



SNAKES IN PARADISE – Garden Of Eden (1997)

Garden Of Eden
Bluesy, soulful melodic hard rock at its best
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After a couple of years break the guys are back with a new label after their previous one Long Island Records ceased operation a while back. This album doesn’t really have a lot in common with their debut. It was a good album but was more pop rock AOR with a production that was a long way from the monster sound of their new album Garden Of Eden.

The Snakes have beefed it up big time and have fattened the sound of all instruments and the vocals. Now the guys are more similar to the blues sound of Whitesnake and have the similar moodiness of Gun in their heyday.

After a nice extended intro Seventh Wonder kicks in and serves notice that this is going to be an almighty record!

There can be some comparison to vocalist Stefan Berggren sounding a little David Coverdale-ish, but he also retains a degree of his Swedish accent. The song is big and rocking and has a great hook for a chorus.

Don’t Let Love Turn To Hate has an acoustic base and intro that turns more urgent and leads to rock anthem chorus. A great hook again and some strong vocals.

Voice Inside has a great moody intro and nice guitar lick and big Dave vocals. A moody song throughout with a mid paced chorus.

Child Of Yesterday is one of the best tracks and is a big play on Here I Go Again. Keyboards, moody vocals and the rest! Actually sounds a little like Whitesnake in their Slide It In era.

Gypsy In Your Blood starts and remains funky throughout, but reverts to a moody AOR chorus in between. Different!

Key To Your Heart has an original keyboard intro and is a mid paced ballad with some nice melodic guitars. Good vocal again.

Hard Day Long is moody again. The chorus rises a little, but the pace is maintained throughout.

Vagabond is an uptempo pop rocker with a cool spoken intro and strong chorus with several layers of guitars underneath.

Can’t Let Go is an acoustic driven ballad with a big full band anthem chorus. Good song.

Without Love is another moody uptempo rock track with a big stadium chorus. Strong guitar lead.

I Want It All is a mid paced moody rocker with added keyboards and piano for good measure.

Garden Of Eden ends the record with a funky 90’s influenced number that has some good vocals. It probably ends the record because it is a little different and wouldn’t quite fit in with the rest of the record. OK though.

All I can add to the hype is that it is true! This is on of the best melodic records of the year and should be sought out by all fans of the genre. Especially those that have a particular liking for moody melodic hard rock.

Very good indeed.