January 26, 2023



BON JOVI – Burning Bridges (2015)

Burning fans patience
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So Jon Bon Jovi is all about ‘burning bridges’ in the twilight of his career. He’s burning Richie Sambora and he’s burning Mercury Records. And he’s using big words like integrity…but where is the integrity in throwing together some half-assed compilation of B (more like D) material and expecting fans to lap it up?

And right there is the third factor in the equation. With this album JBJ is so desperate to stick it to the man, he’s also burning fans. Fans that expect and deserve better.

This is supposed to be a contractual obligation album to free JBJ Inc and Irving Azoff to figure out a new paradigm to pillage the fan base, but having been burned by this release, how many will return for another dose in 2016?

The law of bad albums affects an artist in two ways – first word gets out that a turd has been delivered and it subsequently underperforms. But those fans that did purchase will now be far more weary next time around, meaning the following album could be a masterpiece, but no one may be left listening. So Jon, screw the fans if you must, but get ready for return fire.

The other absolutely disgraceful thing about this album is the shitty packaging for the CD. A plain single page cover and bare tray card offering zero information or lyrics or an apology from Jon for taking your money. Disgraceful.

The only remotely interesting track is the uptempo modern rocker We Don’t Run, which frankly is something we have all heard before and is hardly essential.

There are some absolutely dreadful songs on this “release”. Truly self-indulgent, slow, emotionless dross.

It may be fashionable to criticize recent Bon Jovi outings, but this takes it to a new level. This makes The Circle seem like Sgt Peppers.

It starts slow, ends slow and is slow in the middle. This is a record without life. Without energy. Without any artistic integrity.

For many years Bon Jovi shat gold nuggets, but this is without any doubt whatsoever, a giant lump of turgid dog shit. I’m off to play the new Iron Maiden to clear out my ears.