January 26, 2023



W.E.T. – Retransmission (2021)

Got To Be About Love
Another classic from an experienced crew who know exactly what fans want and deliver it
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Credit where credit is due, this is one of Frontiers Records best project ideas and the fact that the guys are delivering album number 4 shows that it has worked.

And in delivering their forth studio album, the W.E.T guys deliver another powerhouse statement. This is another classic for the genre and features 11 brilliant songs that lay a fresh path for the band without going outside the parameters of what we loved about the first three records.

‘Retransmission’ is melodic hard rock perfection from start to finish. From the glorious Big Boys Don’t Cry to the closing stadium knockout One Final Kiss. The album has a more direct, straightforward approach and is more guitar driven than its predecessors, changes you might think put the sound firmly into Eclipse territory, but no, W.E.T retains its own personality and there are still plenty of Robert Sall delivered keys underneath the layers and Jeff Scott Soto is a joy to listen to.

There are moments where you think this is Eclipse, but the JSS stamp quickly reminds you what you’re listening to. Erik Martensson is of course the chief architect and he has built another impressive 11 track structure here.

There’s two songs that could be described as ballads – but they’re more anthemic AOR songs (Got To Be About Love and What Are You Waiting For) – and the rest are all hands in the air singalong hard rockers with a crunch only matched by the sheer gloriousness of the harmonies.

Not only are there several moments that rival the best songs W.E.T have delivered to date, but there’s a few places where you think, wow, that’s a fresh take for these guys (such as the bombastic rhythm of How Far To Babylon).

And just when you think it just can’t get any bigger or better you get a song like You Better Believe It.

A perfect melodic hard rock record. Sharp production, blindingly good songs, huge vocals and even bigger harmonies and there’s 11 tracks of this where the pace barely take a breath and the quality doesn’t let up for a second.