January 31, 2023



CHEZ KANE – Chez Kane (2021)

Too Late For Love
It doesn't get much more essential then this.
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I can’t recall the last time I heard a single album so packed with obviously over the top 80s melodic rock anthems. The songs, the production come from Crazy Lixx frontman and key songwriter Danny Rexon and the heavenly vocals come from Chez Kane, the British sensation who wasn’t even born before the glory days of hard rock were fading.

Through her group Kane’d and some attention-grabbing YouTube covers, she was a star on the rise until the inspired pairing with Rexon hit paydirt.

This is a powerhouse album is a throwback to the mid-late 80s where Def Leppard, Winger and Vixen all ruled their airwaves. And taking inspiration from the latter, this album sounds like a natural successor to the amazing Vixen album Rev It Up.

This is 47 minutes unadulterated, hands in the air fun. There’s no attempt here to reinvent the wheel, rather it is a vehicle to steer those wheels right back in time.

To say that Chez Kane can sing is to say yes, Eddie Van Halen can play guitar. I’m a big fan of bands pushing this genre forward and have championed many of the bands that do so. But sometimes you like and need to dive back into the favourites amongst your collection. With this album you can jump back without leaving 2021.

This album is everything that we loved about the stadium rock of the 80s, with all the energy of a big production and a healthy dose of keyboards and guitars, plus a thumping rhythm section.

Great fun songs with big choruses, harmony vocals and some inspired vocal melodies makes this a true 80s album without sounding like it was trying to be an 80s record. It just is, and credit should go to all.

If there was to be one essential female fronted album this year, then here it is folks. Utterly essential!