January 31, 2023



MelodicRock Classics Announces THE RANDALL ARCHIVES Box Set First Info

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the that lead title for the label, with the catalogue number MRC001, will be The Randall Archives (Title TBA).

Details and pre-orders will be announced in the not too distant future, with a precise release date TBC.

Due to the size of the project and the complexity of the manufacturing process, the release is likely to come after MRC002 and MRC003, but it most definitely deserves the mantle of being the lead title for the new reissue label and will be the first item to be available for pre-order.

And following in traditions, there will be considerable bonus incentives for those that pre-order ALL MRC titles, especially The Randall Archives.

I am aware of the intense interest in this title, so here are some initial details to whet the appetites!

The Randall Archives Box Set – All Unreleased Tracks (Exclusive Unheard Tracks Plus Alt. Mixes & Versions)

Disc 1: Featuring all vocals by Marcie Free

Disc 2: Featuring vocals by Aina & Kristina Nicholls

Disc 3: Featuring all vocals by James Christian

Disc 4: Featuring all vocals by Diana DeWitt (Part 1)

Disc 5: Featuring all vocals by Diana DeWitt (Part 2)

Disc 6: Featuring vocals by Steve Zell & Curt Cuomo

Disc 7: Various Vocal Tracks from Kelly Keagy, Ken Stacey, Robert Tepper, Donna Hurst & Solli

Disc 8: Post 2000 – Robin Randall penned pop, rock & ballad tracks; Various Vocals

Stay tuned for more info…