January 31, 2023



LEVARA – Levara (2021)

  • SCORE - 99%

Masterpieces don’t come around too often, nor do albums that push the glacial boundaries of what normally defines the AOR/melodic rock genre. This album is everything I love about melodic and heartfelt music, wrapped up into a contemporary package that will appeal to old school devotees and a new generation who appreciate well crafted pop songs with an edge.

In an age where synth-wave is a growing phenomenon, Levara mix the best of a retro meets modern sound, delivering a bright, fresh and uplifting collection of songs, supremely written and crafted and expertly produced like a slick major label release from the 80s.

If you’ve been living under a rock with no internet connection, Levara are Trev Lukather (son of Steve Lukather) on guitars, bass and keys; drummer Josh Devine (son of vocalist Mick Devine) and vocalist Jules Galli. They are an extraordinary trio.

Half of the 10 tracks are already released as videos and if those haven’t convinced you of the brilliance of these guys, then there’s still 5 more chances with the remaining album cuts.

Of those, On For The Night offers listeners a lush mid-tempo melodic rocker before a Toto-esque rhythm sets up the monster ballad Allow.

Towards the end of the 38 minute album is a pleading modern rock song Just A Man that gives way to one of the finest and most gut-wrenching ballads in recent memory. No One Above You is simply wonderful – perfection personified and the bombastic end is majestic.

Chameleon is still on the top of my Best Songs of 2021 list, you just don’t get intelligent, unpredictable songs like this that often.

Oh, and vocal God Steve Perry pops up in amongst the choir of harmony vocals that are all over the record.

It’s a rare occurrence for me to agree wholeheartedly with a band’s own press release, but the words of Trev Lukather to sum up Levara are as good as any I could write. He says Levara is “Anthemic, massive drums, epic fills, loud guitars, soaring solos, huge vocals, unreal high notes, strong melodies and a hook that you can’t get out of your head.”

Amen to that. Get this record pronto.