January 30, 2023



ROCK SUGAR – Reinventinator (2021)

Madness I say! Utter madness!
  • SCORE - 93%
User Review
70.1% (31 votes)

Rock Sugar’s debut was one of the finest records and without doubt the most fun record of its time. It’s taken what seems like a decade for a new album to appear – wow, it really has been a decade and a touch! Yes, 11 years since the debut, the class clowns from the school of rock are back and firing on even more cylinders than ever.

If the debut was an experiment gone right, then Reinventinator is a mad-scientist’s end of year ball.

Why restrict yourself to mashing two or three songs together when you can do five or six or even – holy shit – 10!! This is a sure-fire party favourite and it takes many listens to unweave the madness that is each song and the ultra-complicated structures within.

True genius or utter madness will be up to the individual listener, but I can’t say enough, just how good the band performances are and just how well Jess Harnell is able to inhibit the personality of each vocalist on the many songs featured.

And the production is top shelf-big dollar stuff – clear, crisp and loud.

Where else are you going to hear classic songs by Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Queen alongside (or inside?) others by Survivor, Toto, Adele, Tears For Fears and Stevie Nicks.

We all need a laugh, and this record is funny but it’s no joke. Its just killer classic hard rock in a fun, non-stop party kinda vibe.