January 31, 2023



ROULETTE -Now (2019)

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your Swedish melodic rock bands, you aren’t alone. But Roulette are one you must make time for. Their new album Now is a master class of slick melodic rock with an old school sound, but a contemporary production. Despite being around since 1985 and releasing several singles and a ‘best of’ compilation, this is technically their debut album. And what a way to make a splash. I simply love the lower register vocals of Thomas Lundgren – moody, powerful and perfect for the band’s commercial style. Add in an even balance of guitars and keys and a tight rhythm section and you get a must have record. The band seem to effortlessly fly through multi-layered harmonies on tracks like Never Enough, Keep On Dreaming, Better Day and Another Night – pure melodic bliss. Elsewhere its simply more high-standard Scandi-AOR/melodic rock, performed just the way we like it, and beautifully produced I might add. Only with track 3, Soldiers Of Love do the band stumble. Its not a big deal, but its my least liked track the band has recorded and at track 3 it halts the momentum of the album a little.

Another highly recommended, thoroughly professional slice of classic melodic rock right here. Let’s hope the guys keep the momentum flowing now and are back soon with more.