November 26, 2022


MRC Shipping & Release Update

Hi folks! A whole range of updates, so please read thru and any questions please shout anytime.

First of all – thank you from the bottom of my (mistiming) heart for the posts and messages over the last week. Still a few tests to run to iron out a few issues, but nothing that will take ‘offline’ permanently!

MRC Business!

In light of the never improving international shipping issues, I plan to restructure my release schedule to hopefully better reflect true delivery times of future releases, direct sales and arrival dates of stock into wholesalers.

Obviously, the MRC label is not the size of label that can prepare, press and distribute titles months in advance with no income coming in, so I hope this will alleviate that ‘when will it arrive’ stress.

To keep it as simple as possible, the Press Release announcement time will state Official CD Release Date and the Expected Delivery Date.

The pre-order announcement will come with instant digital deliver of the full album in MP3, FLAC or WAV format, including the full digital artwork in PDF format.

So everyone will get the full album components to enjoy straight up at the beginning.

I will start with the HEADWAY and STEVEN McCLINTOCK titles in the next week or so.

Additionally – I am now looking at dumping Australia Shit Post for FedEx or DHL, who at least have their own aircraft and are capable of delivering something within 3 months of it being shipped. Just comparing rates now.

MRC Current Titles Status!

MARK BAKER – CD stock ready at the manufacturing, but the slip covers for the Ltd Ed units are still a week away, so delivery expected here for everything around December 13.

Orders will be shipped immediately, but folks will probably not get hard copies until the end of January. I will make the full digital release December 10.

Limited number of the Vol. 1 & 2 Slipcase left.

MARK EDWARDS & ANDY QUNTA – Will be SOLD OUT COMPLTELY in the next 24hrs. I have a wholesale top up order that will wipe out all remaining copies, so if you’d like to buy direct and get an instant download of the album, buy TODAY before I fill the wholesale order tomorrow.


HOLLYRIDGELAND – 100 units left. A full digital release is planned, but maybe later this month to allow hard copies to arrive at their destinations. Speaking of which –

USA buyers – expect your boxes to start arriving next week.

Japanese buyers – delivered

UK, EU and Scandinavia – the boxes containing all orders were posted the same time as USA and Japan and have STILL in Melbourne and have not been loaded onto a fecking plane. 3 weeks awaiting room on limited flights available. Absolute bullshit service based on the Express EMS service paid for. I’m so sorry, but I do check daily, so please await updates.

TIM – About 100 left and no further pressings after sold out.

CHRIS FARREN – Same as above

TOM DeLUCA & LITTLE AMERICA – January announcements and pre-sales.

Plenty more to say, but perhaps this is enough for today.

MR – an announcement on the site status next week – no, it’s not going anywhere.

MRC001 – Hollyridgeland

MRC002 – Chris Farren

MRC003 – Andy Qunta

MRC004 – Tim

MRC005 – Mark Edwards